Steven Tyler’s Jacked Up Feet

Okay Celebrity Plastic Surgery Lovers; this one isn’t cosmetic surgery, but it still falls into the abnormal, need to fix it with surgery category. This story features former American Idol Steven Tyler and his gnarled-up toes. Now normally we wouldn’t make fun of someone for having a health problem, but it’s on his feet and it’s not deadly, so bear with us. The Aerosmith singer is stricken with a particularly bad case of Morton’s Nueroma, which causes swelling of the nerves in his feet and  eventually leads to the toes curling over each other. This affliction can normally be cured by surgically removing the affected nerve tissue, but in Tyler’s case  surgery has been ineffective, and he’s left with his toes all piled up on top of each other, and a lot of pain. Podiatrists beleive that the “Dream On” singer ended up with such badly barking dogs after years of wearing ill fitting shoes and jumping around on stage in them. Yes folks, Steven Tyler’s Morton’s Nueroma comes from his wearing lady-looking shoes and hoping around like a mad man. Now just so you know, we’re not against anyone hoping around like a madman, especially our rock stars, but we do think that even the most rock and roll of rockers should wear comfy shoes if  they’re going to “wild out”. Think about it kids; after all the  hard-partying and plastic surgery rumors; after touring the world and dating every woman he could find in it; after spending years living on  the edge; Steven Tyler is a cautionary tail about…arch support.

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