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Megan Fox Before and After Plastic Disaster Part 2

Megan Megan, what did you do? I can see a nose job, chin and Botox are definitely on your plate. Your mouth has gotten a LOT fuller, you’ve gotten breast implants and a lift, and it looks like you have been airbrushed to death. You went from a natural beauty to just another *starlet* who has overdone it with plastic surgery (see Heidi Montag).

Here the nose work is most obvious

And the 2 pictures above conclude the horrible saga for me. Here, what once was gold has been rendered ordinary. The rest of the “work” I am not concerned about one way or another but the chin and more so the cheeks have delivered a fatal blow to her looks. She has crossed the border into the badlands of plastic surgery and there may not be a road home. I can no longer say that I find this face attractive.

Now that she looks *just like everyone else* she’ll have to rely on her talent for jobs. When has she last worked anyway? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

What will we see after the next round?

Future Megan?


48 comments on “Megan Fox Before and After Plastic Disaster Part 2

  1. She completely destroyed her face. That is pretty sad, because she used to be pretty. Now, all I see is a big mess.

  2. Wat the freakk she look like an basss nasty and she was the hottest young actor she beat leandsy Madelin Monroe is disappointed

  3. Okay, I have looked these photos and have tried to figure out what makes her look so different than she looked before. Obviously she’s had her lips done, and it looks like she had the tip of her nose refined, but that’s not it. It’s her eyes–I realize that she’s let her eye-brows get a lot thicker, but if you compare the before and after photos, you’ll also notice that her eyes are a LOT smaller now. Not beedy, but it looks as if she had a procedure to create a “bedroom eyes” effect, much like her desired template, Marilyn Monroe. Sounds far-fetched, but there’s no way that she’s going to go around squinting constantly. This is permanent.

  4. you can especially see a pronounced difference in the earliest photos of her present in the part 1 of this post.

  5. I agree with Ora she did some surgery or something with her eyes. Although I understand why she did the brest plates and nose surgery, I mean most people would do that if their breast where that small and if their nose had a bump and the media would probably say she was ugly because of that since they are such critics to every little detail about celebrities, but the rest of the surgery she did was just out of hand and TOO MUCH!!!! She was already was beautiful before all the cheek and chin surgery.

  6. ORA – I was thinking the same thing! I think she’s had her eyes done. I know it’s possible to create that effect (see cindy jackson), but I don’t know whether it’s a facelift or a blepharoplasty or what.

    The last photos are really awful. Getting filler for her cheeks was ill-advised as she is starting to get the look of aging starlets, and she’s what? 25? She looks like a well-maintained 45 year old, not a fresh-faced young actress.

  7. I dont know why she did that to herself.. She was beautiful before the surgery, now she just looks like another Hollywood freak. Sad.

  8. This makes me so upset. She was so so gorgeous before and now she looks like a strange cat woman. She definitely had her eyes made smaller and it looks like she pulled her face back if thats possible. her hair line looks further back too. She never needed plastic surgery in the first place

  9. Oh yes, she “needed” plastic surgery — they ALL “need” plastic surgery — they can’t resist the knife, they have to mess themselves up. It’s part of being a Hollywood star. Heck, it’s all of being a Hollywood star.

  10. She looks like a look-a-like of herself. Like a Megan Fox drag queen in some podunk town. Wow. How’s it feel to sell your soul to the devil? Dead inside? That’s what you look like.

  11. She was sooooooooooo beautiful but I guess they need to look perfect… it doesnt last anyone… just take care of urself and attain peace within urself…. looks fade ;)

  12. I’m not sure I believe it – she might have had minor things done like Restylane, but if you see other recent pictures of her, she looks a lot more normal and natural than in some of these pictures where she looks extremely gaunt or tired.

  13. In the last two pictures she looks like Faye Dunaway. The arching eyebrows, the squinty eyes, wide mouth…Her face looks pulled back. Did she get a facelift at 25???

  14. Yeah, just look at her…HIDEOUS!! Small children just scamper in fear when they see her! Gotta be an extra from “The Walking Dead”, right?? Nobody looks that freaking TERRIFYING without a good reason! She makes “Shrek” look like Brad Pitt…poor homely thing! Oh wait…my bad! I just realized, it’s not her…it’s all of YOU TROLLS taking RIDICULOUS potshots at her!
    Someone said it right years ago, beauty is indeed a curse…ON THOSE WHO ARE ANGRY THAT THEY ARE NOT!

    Tell ya what, though…I know something that will make you feel better about her, um, “condition”. See those millions of bottles of pills in your medicine cabinet? Pop the lids off and empty ALL of the contents into the biggest bowl you have. Then, grab one of those nice full plastic bottles from underneath the sink. Take those goodies and pop in a copy of “Jennifer’s Body” from Netflix, and have a seat in front of the TV. Grab handfuls of those “M&M’s” from the bowl and wash it right down with that tasty “beverage”(don’t worry about that little “harmful if swallowed” message on the back…just a HUGE misunderstanding, I promise ya!)

    Now, stare at that OGRE Megan for as long as you can(I know…PAINFUL!!)…and before you know it, PRESTO!! You’ll see her just melt away…along with all of your troubles! Isn’t that AWESOME?!!
    You HATERS have loathed celebrities and your own lives for so long…that you’ve CLEARLY developed a case of schizophrenic astigmatism if you consider this woman’s appearance to be a “disaster”! Lay off the Cheetos, and push your belly AWAY from your face! There…NOW you can see.
    Meh…who am I kidding. This is probably the same crowd that thinks that if Michele Bachmann doesn’t become president…she’d make a great historian!

  15. omg what has she done to herself i mean why!? she was so preetty why did she do that.. im so disapponited.

  16. I think she is trying to go for the Angelina Jolie look but she is ending up as Octomom.

  17. Am I the only one here who thinks that she looks more hotter after the surgeries than before? Also, why is the author so critical of her? Weird.

  18. I am a big fan of Megan, I think she was really insecure about her appearance which is why she had surgery to look like maybe Angelina Jolie or Marilyn Monroe – I don’t know. She was absolutely beautiful; the most beautiful face ever I’ve seen and it’s not there anymore. I wish she didn’t have any surgery. Her nose was so cute before, now it’s just normal. Her real sized lips were so sexy now they’re too fat. Her face shape was just pure gold now it’s messed up. But I am a loyal fan and I understand that she was insecure, I still love her.

  19. She doesn’t look any different to me. I think everyone is commenting on the last picture on the right. Which is NOT Megan Fox but an example of what the author thinks “might” happen to her.

    Obviously, many of the after photos are photoshopped. With PhotoShop you can increase the size of eyes,shave off bumps on noses, and smooth out skin.

  20. See, this is what happens when you get too much money. You piss it away on stupid crap like this. She was almost perfect with the way she used to look. Now? Well, now she looks like Jocelyn Wildenstein, or will by 2014. Sad. So she was insecure, but other than her breasts she had nothing to be insecure about! Society today wtf

  21. I don’t think it looks like she’s really done as much as the author claims. Google “Megan Fox High School” and look at her old yearbook pictures. She really doesn’t look that different. Leave Megan alone. She is actually a very nice, shy, smart girl. She is NOT just like everyone else. She actually stays home most of the time when she is not working because she doesn’t want to get into the whole alcoholic/druggie thing like all of the other young female celebrities are. She is a good person and should be recognized for that instead of being ridiculed for stupid things.

  22. I don’t know bout other surgeries, but she DEF. did not get botox :D D
    just check out her wrinkly pics on facebook, and her making overstretched faces :)

  23. She looked so much better before. Now she looks like a 50-year-old woman who is trying to look younger and she really doesn’t need that. She was gorgeous before… However, a BAD actress.

  24. I love OhPleese…right on the money. Megan Fox is a beautiful young woman. Better looking than that stick figure Olivia While. Get a grip, folks. She is doing fine. Please, just chillax.

  25. I had to re-read OhpuLees again! Funny, smart and right on the money! I love it when someone with true wit and can actually spell, puts together a smart retort that keeps on giving.

    Going to read it again! Thanks, OhPlezze…keep on keeping on!

  26. I had those looks at her age, dark hair, full red lips and a slim figure. I made the most of it while i could and it is rare to see a natural beauty who has not been redone in any way. She was fine the way she was before anything was done, she has tried to improve the look, but it was not necessary.

  27. she did her plastic surgery to look like aneglina jolie.. look the second last pic i think her face kinda looks wide.. like a.J.

  28. megan is great artis and so gergous is no nesccery to do plastic surgery??? why….i really so despointed to know this…

  29. sigh.. why did she become so insecure? she’s a real beauty back then.. anyways there is no so much difference right? can someone pls tell me if she had already the surgery on the movie jonah hex and jennifer’s body?

  30. Take a look at Ann-Margret! 70 years old and looks better than Megan. Ann M obv had the right plastic surgeon. It’s horrible that a P S can be allowed to practice when they make irreparable harm to the stars faces who’s livelihood depends on the dr skill. I will never ever let a PS near my face unless it’s for a medical reason. I feel sorry for people who it’s gone wrong for.

  31. The only imperfections I could see in megan was her skin. Her original looks were gorgeous! I loved her in Jennifer’s body! She was perfect in that role.

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  34. Do you ever notice that they always look better in the before pictures… it seems like plastic surgery just ages you

  35. I’d love to improve her looks with a good soccer kick to the face. consider it a late wedding present to her.

  36. The last pic of the post op Megan is really horrifying . She looks like an Angelina knock off , not herself. I love her nose job and that’s it. Boob job… That’s fine too, everyone in Hollywood has implants. But the rest of…. THAT…ewww. She must have had some sort of facelift to get that pinched look. A blephoplasty would have made her eyes look more “open”- the wide , doe-eyed look. The creepy cat look is nasty. I am curious is to how you achieve that. Also the cheeks, idk if there’s an implant or part of a face lift w/ filler? She really should have stopped at the nose/boob job.

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