Megan Fox Before and After Plastic Disaster Part 2

Megan Megan, what did you do? I can see a nose job, chin and Botox are definitely on your plate. Your mouth has gotten a LOT fuller, you’ve gotten breast implants and a lift, and it looks like you have been airbrushed to death. You went from a natural beauty to just another *starlet* who has overdone it with plastic surgery (see Heidi Montag).

Here the nose work is most obvious

And the 2 pictures above conclude the horrible saga for me. Here, what once was gold has been rendered ordinary. The rest of the “work” I am not concerned about one way or another but the chin and more so the cheeks have delivered a fatal blow to her looks. She has crossed the border into the badlands of plastic surgery and there may not be a road home. I can no longer say that I find this face attractive.

Now that she looks *just like everyone else* she’ll have to rely on her talent for jobs. When has she last worked anyway? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

What will we see after the next round?

Future Megan?

52 thoughts on “Megan Fox Before and After Plastic Disaster Part 2”

  1. Why let a Plastic Surgeon with a God complex take from you what God has created Megan…This Surgeon robbed you or God’s gift

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