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Megan Fox Before and After Plastic Disaster Part 1

Holy Cow! I can’t believe we let this story go without posting an update, because this is headline news for a celebrity plastic surgery site. This is one of the utter tragedies of the glamour world. We posted a single before after photo in January (although the surgeries started long before that) and then forgot to look closely and follow the terrible progression of a plastic disaster. This will be the first in a series documenting the sad story.

You all know I am speaking of Megan Fox right? She went from a natural beauty to a platicized version of herself. With all the work she, and some of these Hollywood people are doing, Madame Tussaud will no longer NEED to create wax figures. They’ll be able to just snap a picture and hang it!

So, what happens when you’re told over and over and over again that you are one of the most beautiful women in the world, that your body and face are close to perfect? Why, you get plastic surgery of course!

And the story needs little commentary about the specifics because the pictures make it quite clear and you can see what has been happening. Let’s start with some of young to middle transformation period comparison pictures. This part is fairly tame but you can see the changes beginning and it just looks like a slightly different face, for the shameful conclusion, see Megan Fox Before and After II

megan before after

Click here to see Megan Fox Before and After II


100 comments on “Megan Fox Before and After Plastic Disaster Part 1

  1. I had to look this up because of the news about transformers.
    I really cannot tell if she had plastic surgery or not. If it was surgery she wasted her time, all the differences could be just makeup and lighting.
    I don’t think she is a good actress, but I wouldn’t mind a roll in the hay with her.

  2. she looks better before, because she is fresh faced, whereas after she has turned herself into looking like a slut. I’m pretty sure she has had some work done on her eyes too, when you look at her before pictures her eyes appear wider

  3. She was already beautiful the way she was. she just wasted her money and time. Her eyes look wider now. She was beautiful before and after ♥
    I think a woman is more beautiful when there all natural from top to bottom ! No surgeries, No fake anything. I still love her [: shes so beautiful. I love her movies especially “Jennifer’s Body”
    M E G A N ♥ F O X

  4. No, her eyes do not look wider AFTER. They were wider and rounder before. Now they look like slits and her nose is not as round at the end. Now it is a cookie cutter Hollywood nose. It is a horrible time when people change everything about themselves that makes them unique as a human being. I knew she looked different and had a weird, tighter looking face…like her eyes were pulled back. It looks strange to me. She shouldn’t have messed with herself but oh well.

  5. You guys are noobs. The only difference I see is that she’s wearing different make up. And don’t be pricks expecting someone to look the same EVERY photo. Just because she smiled a little more or narrowed her eyes more DOESN’T mean she got plastic surgery. Stop over-dramatizing simple things such as facial expressions. Seriously. Do you guys expect someone to look the SAME EVERY DAY in EVERY PHOTO?? I AM DISAPPOINT. THIS SITE IS A CLEAR WASTE OF SPACE!!

  6. Its the same woman… its just the make up that makes her eyes look more sultry. Plus she has aged and dropped body fat. If any of you would drop body fat via exercise you can see a vast difference in your face, then add make up, viola!!

  7. All she did was loose body fat guys and her expression is different. Not everyone has plastic surgery. I lost 20 pounds my face looks different and I didn’t have plastic surgery. Give her a break

  8. LOOOOL idiots people GROW every single year! You can’t take pictures from like 2005 and compare it with a recent picture! I look different almost every 2 years, there is NO definite sign whatsoever that she had any kind of plastic surgery, and I’m sure if she did, she’s confident enough to tell.

  9. Her nose is definately different. It was more rounded and wider at the tip before, you can clearly see that if you compare her now (and at similar angles) with the first & 2nd before pics, but especially the last picture … that isn’t lighting or make up…. I wouldn’t have to get a nose job if that’s all it took for a nose to look different.

    And she’s clearly had work done to get rid of her freckles to even her skin tone.

    The eyes do look smaller too but thats the only one I’m not sure about.

  10. …… aging and losing weight???? How the hell does that change the shape of someones nose and make freckles disappear? Was her nose fat before???? Why didn’t the rest of her face lose weight??? And if anything she should have MORE freckles because she’s older. The 4th picture you can tell she had started to do procedures to get rid of the freckles. Thats the most recent picture where you can see any freckles still (notice how she still has make up on too in case you think it’s only because of make up..)

  11. #%$@#$ Oh and did the weight go from her nose to her lips then? She got older so her lips got fat? Just #@$@$ face it she wasn’t natural like you thought

  12. *Oh and did the weight go from her nose to her lips then? She got older so her lips got fat? Just face it she wasn’t what you thought she was. Is that so bad to admit?

  13. she looks way better before .. infact her face looks unique and different.. now she looks like something squeezed her face together.. basically looks stupid..she definitley.. looked truly beautiful and natural and better before… she is a true beauty who messed up her beauty… disappointed

  14. Nah, just a combo of lighting, make-up and some aging from teen years into 20′s.

  15. you girls are just sooo jealous,you jealous fools and will never become as hot as Megan fox..

  16. So many people rave about how beautiful she is yet she’s fake. She has had plastic surgery. I think it is a joke. Her nose has been thinned and it looks okay but I liked her old look better.

  17. the after surgery pictures of her eyes is much dreamy looking eyes..i like her mouth because it’s much pouter..looks much sexier when its glossy..i like megan fox..and she was pretty before..much sexier now..

  18. Surgical hairdo. That’s a real “permanent”, not a fake one, that hair stylists do. You got to have surgery to do it properly.

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  21. The girl has alot of surgery done all in an attempt to look like Angelina Jolie or at least it came out that way. She has lower and upper eye lifts and some kind of filler, fat transfer or implant in her cheeks as well as an upper lip lift and more than one nose job…such is Hollywood

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  24. I do believe she had plastic surgery. I loved the Transformers movies. You could tell there was an extreme change in her appearance to the cute girl next door, to the sexy sex symbol that came in the second Transformers trilogy. I’d have to say, she looks very good right now. Do not know why this website pans her transformation as a tragedy?

  25. Can’t tell the difference. Makeup, lighting, hairdo, facial expression, water retention, BMI – all things that can vary and make a person look different from a picture taken today to one taken a month ago.

  26. “Just take a look towards the causes of anorexia, bulimia, nymphomania, depression,cutting etc… Women have the most potent and powerful intuitive and empathetic gift that can cure the world…Yet it’s wasted on a new pair of shoes, or that look that she wants so bad, she’ll starve herself for it!”

    okay, I agree with you that women can be extremely petty and stupid (and are much of the time; our society saying it’s okay to be stupid, vapid, and useless as long as you look good doing it can’t help much…) but how does that translate into “woman are SOOOO dumb and petty that they develop severe mental illnesses! what a bunch of dumb cunts!” there are so many different causes of these illnesses, and they are SO devestating, seems like you just want to judge more people for more shit. which is all fun and games until between 5% and 20% of people afflicted die of related causes (just talking bout anorexia here, not the others). do some more research, asshole, or try having a friend or family member with a mental illness. maybe you’ll see it’s not so petty afterall.

  27. Also wanted to say, why do people have such a problem with freckles? I think they’re cute and add a unique flare.

  28. Did you guys have seen her RECENT photos? these are from 2005-2007, now her face is DESTROYED, seriously, shes almost looking like another person

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  30. Like Jolie, Megan made ​​a number of plastic surgery and became more beautiful.

    Megan was normal, just beautiful.

    Today, with nose surgery, chin implant and increased lips she was prettier, but only because they were well done surgeries. Otherwise, a tragedy could have been much stir in the face ….

  31. The fourth picture, really? Your jealous. She looked much better after her nose- and lipjob, however she did wreck her face in 2010 by overdoing her lips and getting her cheeks filled.

  32. She looked better after her nose surgery, and yeah..

    Very nice post I will bookmarked it & I carry your all suggestions hope so they all are good for my blog.Thanks a lot for sharing.

  33. This is the most stupid article ever. Who is the quack writing this?! Get your eyes checked brah. THERES NO CHANGE! She is way younger and she had a higher body fat percentage in the befores. Thats it. No change anywhere. I don’t know what you think you see but you are pathetic. Get some glasses.

  34. plastic surgery or not, she is still beatiful compared to any one who gave negative comment. and she is still more popular and more richer.

  35. Oh Jesus… And now she goes and says she wouldnt trade places with an ugly girl. Of course not! She’s have to go through surgery all over again….

    I bet she went to the doctor and said “make me look as close to angelina jolie and monica belucci as possible”

  36. she is as fake as Nicki minaj lmbo stop being disappointed cause she got work done we all know they all do it and thats the only reason they look as good as they do for as long as they do she should have spent that money on acting classes lol

  37. Well, I don’t see any differences other than makeup and ageing. If this author is so CONVINCED beyond doubt that she has had plastic surgery, then why doesn’t he tell us in each picture what to look for? Here’s why: because she hasn’t had any surgery, that’s why.

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