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Megan Fox Before and After Plastic Disaster Part 1

Holy Cow! I can’t believe we let this story go without posting an update, because this is headline news for a celebrity plastic surgery site. This is one of the utter tragedies of the glamour world. We posted a single before after photo in January (although the surgeries started long before that) and then forgot to look closely and follow the terrible progression of a plastic disaster. This will be the first in a series documenting the sad story.

You all know I am speaking of Megan Fox right? She went from a natural beauty to a platicized version of herself. With all the work she, and some of these Hollywood people are doing, Madame Tussaud will no longer NEED to create wax figures. They’ll be able to just snap a picture and hang it!

So, what happens when you’re told over and over and over again that you are one of the most beautiful women in the world, that your body and face are close to perfect? Why, you get plastic surgery of course!

And the story needs little commentary about the specifics because the pictures make it quite clear and you can see what has been happening. Let’s start with some of young to middle transformation period comparison pictures. This part is fairly tame but you can see the changes beginning and it just looks like a slightly different face, for the shameful conclusion, see Megan Fox Before and After II

megan before after

Click here to see Megan Fox Before and After II


103 comments on “Megan Fox Before and After Plastic Disaster Part 1

  1. she is as fake as Nicki minaj lmbo stop being disappointed cause she got work done we all know they all do it and thats the only reason they look as good as they do for as long as they do she should have spent that money on acting classes lol

  2. Well, I don’t see any differences other than makeup and ageing. If this author is so CONVINCED beyond doubt that she has had plastic surgery, then why doesn’t he tell us in each picture what to look for? Here’s why: because she hasn’t had any surgery, that’s why.

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