Katie Holmes Isn’t Afraid Of The Dark…Or Plastic Surgery

There was a time when Katie Holmes was considered one of Hollywood’s most promising young starlets. Soon after, there was a time when Katie Holmes was considered crazy for marrying Tom Cruise and doing the whole scientology thing. Now, all that has passed, and she’s just Katie Holmes, and she’s starring in Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. However, somewhere in all the confusion, it looks like Katie went and got a nose job (rhinoplasty). Her once flat and stubby, but very cute nose has given way to a new nose with a built up bridge and a thinner, more pointy look. She still looks pretty, but it kind of makes her face look too hard and aged. Her old nose was so cute that it kept her looking very young and fresh faced, but the new one makes her look more like a middle-aged rich woman. We guess her plastic surgery makes sense though, since she is a middle-aged rich woman now; Dawson would be so dissapointed.

3 thoughts on “Katie Holmes Isn’t Afraid Of The Dark…Or Plastic Surgery”

  1. The most glaring, shocking difference to me is how all the light has left her eyes. Before and after is also before and after Cruise entered her life. No wonder so many think he turned her into a robot zombie.

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