Kat Dennings: In Depth

Hey there Celebrity Plastic Surgery Surveyors, we’ve got a pretty light one foryou today…at least we think we do. Today’s plastic surgery profile is Kat Dennings, the cute young lady from The 40 Year Old Virgin who grew up to be the smart mouthed star of Two Broke Girls. The upcoming comedy starlet appears to be bucking the plastic surgery trends of her Hollywood generation, but as with just about anyone you see on television or in the movies, there’s always room for questions about just how natural she is.



Let’s start with Kat Denning’s most… ummm…obvious of assets; her giant breasts. Breasts of that size on any girl are always going to become the object of breast augmentation rumors. However, we’re about totally sure that her chest is totally really; no saline, no silicone, no surgeons. For starters, she’s always had them; even when she was playing roles almost ten years ago, she had an insanely large chest. Now this isn’t to say that it’s impossible for her to have gotten  breast implants at a very young age, but seeing as how she already had them when she was nineteen, and most girls don’t just randomly go for 38 DD-cups on their first plastic surgery when they’re teenagers, we highly doubt that they’re not natural. Next, we have their shape, which is very natural. Her breasts aren’t perfectly round, and don’t have any sort of fake contour to them. Instead, they have the hang that large natural breasts have, and her cleavage doesn’t round out at the topor bulge upward (it slopes down when not in a push-up bra actually). So her breasts are real, but is everything?



The only other point of contention when it comes to kat Dennings having cosmetic surgery is her lips, which appear to be a different story than her breasts. In recent years, as the Thor star has gotten more famous, her lips have developed more of a trout pout. They’ve gotten thicker and more full, and have also changed shaped. It appears that her lips have been augmented in some way; with rumors swirling that she’s had an upper lip implant. However, we think that she’s just had injectables (most likely Juvederm or Restylane) put into her pucker in order to get her desired volume. Unfortunately, we can’t approve of this procedure for her, as it has changed the entire shape of her lips and in turn made her face look a bit different. Kat’s good looks are based in their imperfection, so for her to add a plastic-looking pout into the mix, it throws off the entire balance of her face. Assuming that we’re right, and she hasn’t had a permanent implant put in, we hope that she stays away from the injections in the future; instead allowing her natural good looks to act on their own.



There’s really nothing else about Kat Dennings that says “plastic surgery” to us; other than the lips, her looks are very natural. As for future plastic surgeries, we don’t see a lot there either. She’s known for being a full figured girl, so any sort of liposuction or a tummy tuck would be out of the question. She’s also, as we said, known for having somewhat unconventional good looks, so for her to have any sort of facial procedures would seem a bit ridiculous too. She’s not the kind of girl who would benefit from a nose job (rhinoplasty) or even a procedure to “fix” her teeth, as both are cute and part of her charm. The only surgery we could see her getting in the future would be a breast augmentation. No, she’s not going to get breast implants; instead, we could see her getting a breast reduction. As her career and age both advance, she could run into two problems: being typecast because of her chest, and back pain. Both could be big hits to her career and quality of life, so we wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years she goes in for a reduction and reshaping procedure. This would especially be unsurprising if she were to lose a lot of weight or have kids, as both could possibly wreak havoc on her naturally impressive chest. So we don’t expect to be talking about any additons to Kat Dennings’ body in the future, but we wouldn’t be surprised to find ourselves talking about some subtractions.




2 thoughts on “Kat Dennings: In Depth”

  1. I really hope she will never get into the weight loosing-madness of Hollywood and stay away from further plastic surgery to “enhance her features”, she’s so beautiful, and part of that beauty is her not so perfect nose and teeth and how her face is set, and also her figure. In my opinion she’s more beautiful than most of the try-too-hard-to-look-good plastic hollywood stars.

  2. just seen the new show, maybe im wrong but kat has trimed down in the
    breast size did she have reduction surge?

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