Jeremy Jackson Post-Baywatch Plastic Surgery

In the long standing tradition of getting plastic surgery to revitalize your career after a stint as a child star, we bring you the story of Jeremy Jackson. Growing up in front of the world’s eyes as “Hobie Buchanan” on the insanely popular, yet terrible, hour-long “drama” Baywatch, Jackson achieved the kind of fame that few children will ever know, and responded by becoming a drug addict and ruining his life. In an effort to rectify his mistakes and remain relevant (a move which seems to have kind of worked, or at least gotten him on “Celebrity Rehab”), he got at least one nose job (rhinoplasty), and had some sort of work done on his chin and cheeks. His nose, which is naturally wide and bulbous, has been shaved down to an almost feminine level of thinness, and his chin and cheeks are overly sharp and defined, so it looks like he probably has implants put in them both, if not complete reconstruction on the areas. The results of his hard hours under the knife are a man who looks…basically like the most annoying person ever, seriously, just look at his pictures, it looks like Jersey Shore ate Real Housewives and then threw him up.

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