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Christina Hendricks Might Not Be All Woman

Christina Hendricks, the buxom red-headed beauty famous for her role on AMC’s Mad Men, has become one of Celebrity Plastic Surgery’s greatest mysteries. For quite some time, everyone believed that her huge chest was merely a result of her being full figured. However, a recently re-printed bikini shoot for Playboy from a few years back is starting to make us all wonder whether her breasts are all hers, or the work of a plastic surgeon. Looking at the pictures, it’s clear that her breasts have gotten a lot bigger in the last few years, but that’s not all. Whenever Hendricks wears any sort of push-up bra, there’s a clear separation between her breast and her chest plate, a sign that usually points to a boob job. There’s also almost no space between her breasts from a cleavage standpoint, another sign that usually points to a breast augmentation. As always though, we must point out that Christina Hendricks has put a bot of weight on since that photo shoot, making it possible that her breasts just grew accordingly. So take a look folks, whadaya think?