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Bruce Jenner: Plastic Surgery Gone Bad

When Bruce Jenner’s name came across my desk I knew I would be busy. The 1976 gold medal winner is one of the first celebrities to start altering his looks in the spotlight. He has definitely had some major plastic surgery done on his entire face. He claims that his procedures are often compared to those of Michael Jackson. I have to agree. He admitted to having a nose job procedure done first and the tabloids have been brutal ever since. Bruce has since just gone buck wild on his face. His plastic surgeon must be doing these procedures blind folded. The before and after pictures really show a striking difference between what Bruce once looked like and the plastic mess he looks like today. Bruce has had not one but two facelifts. After 25 years of looking crazy from the first face lift he decided to get a second facelift to correct his bizarre features. Bruce step daughter Kim Kardashian loves the results that her step dad has gotten. She admits that the first face lift was a total mistake. Looking at Bruce now, it’s really sad, funny too, but sad that this guy had it all. Great looks, fame, it’s hard to believe this gold medal winner didn’t feel like one. I wonder if he looks in the mirror anymore.


Bruce has had numerous cosmetic procedures done to his face.

It started with a nose job and some eye work.

Facelift. eye lift, nose job, cheeks, Botox... You name Bruce has done it.


21 comments on “Bruce Jenner: Plastic Surgery Gone Bad

  1. I always wonder why the hell this guy (Bruce Jenner)had his perfect natural beautiful nose changed?? What is wromg with these people? His nose was fine looking.. it was straight with a narrow bridge and a nice point at the end, Why would he go and have it changed to an ugly curve noise that resembles the nouse of an owl??? it’s beyond me really..!!

  2. Despite the facelifts etc – I like Bruce – he is lovely! He is one of my favourites on KUWTK. He didn’t need to have it done but I guess wanted to look better. You do get used to the way someone looks and obviously his family love him and have no problems with his face. Go Brucie!

  3. We used to see her 15 years ago in Gold’s Venice – with her own personal trainer – and she was literally SALIVATING over the hot numbers in there. We rarely have seen such a pathetic closet case,,,,but considering all the $$$$ she has, we are saving our sympathy for someone who deserves it.

    BTW, in person she looks like dog poo-poo.

  4. It is amazing that someone who HAD a skinny nose would even consider going under the knife to have someone change it. He REALLY needs to get a man’s haircut though, the 80′s are long gone.

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  6. Bruce looked GREAT before surgery. He had a great nose and chisled good looks. WTF happened?

  7. His face is starting to look like Michael Jackson’s. He doesn’t seem to have any bone structure in his nose anymore. And the face has more lard or cement pumped into it than Joan Rivers has.

  8. My son and I were at LAX, taking my father to board his plane for a flight back home. This was during the time the Lockerbie plane crash so security was tightened and everyone had to be screened. While waiting in line I noticed the person ahead of us had an “NBC Sports” bag. I looked up and it was Bruce Jenner. We spoke to him briefly, my son at the time was 5 and Bruce mentioned he also had a son about my sons age, but he was very cordial and pleasant. Looking back on the plastic surgery he had. He was a good looking guy, didn’t need any of the procedures he had.

  9. He doesn’t look real anymore. He looked so handsome and everything before the plastic surgery. He aged gracefully before the plastic surgery, and folks, don’t you agree, he looks more like Nicholae Ceausescu of Romania now? He looks like a Romanian dictator than he does himself back in the good old days of Olympic stardom and being on the Wheaties cover! Plastic surgery can ruin your life.

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  11. Bruce, back in the day, looked like a rugged, masculine young man. Whatever surgery he’s undergone has feminized his features, making the skin look very smooth–almost like a burn victim. Also, take note of his ears in the pix. As his looks become more bizarre, his ear lobes become “pixie-like,” as if they’ve been cut away, pulled tighter, and resewn to his face. In the earlier photos, his ear lobes are normal. A direct giveaway.

  12. He looks like a girl now. I guess it’s from being married to that greedy, controlling ego maniac of 20 years, Kris. Poor guy

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  14. I feel so bad for the guy. How could he ended up with the Kardashians?? Ruined his reputation completely.

  15. What’s with the eyebrows? I saw one show about his daughter’s 16th birthday and he had shaved or plucked his eyebrows. He looks like one of the weirdos that pop up on Chelsea Nightly, or something like that. Is this guy a trans dresser or what? The eyebrows don’t get smaller when you do a face lift, do they?

  16. This guy is a freaking Olympic gold medalist – in the DECATHLON. I mean, he earned the title of the world’s best athlete. Then he goes and does this to his face? I think however he would have aged naturally would have looked better than what he has become. A previous poster said he looks feminine and he really does. What scares me is that if people who are wealthy and famous and presumably have access to the best doctors and plastic surgeons, can eff up their faces so badly, what chance does a simple civilian like me have?

  17. Wow, some of you are pretty mean. He does not look THAT bad. And don’t forget, he is 62 years old. He even has a full head of hair.

  18. Bruce Jenner looks like a cross between Ms. Hathaway from the Beverly Hillbillies and Chucky. WTF???

  19. I’ve got to say that when I was a young girl I had a mad crush on the handsome Gold winner. When I’d run track in school I would imagine him waiting for me at the finish line. Lol! I’d kiss his poster every night, along with Scott Baio, David Cassidy, Greg Evegan and all the other teen heart throbs that were on the my wall, all meticulously removed from the centerfolds of my Teen Beat Magazines. Well, I grew up and left my teen crushes behind me, but when I seen Bruce Jenner on the Kardashian show for the first time, i nearly flew off My chair in disbelief!!! I stil cant believe it’s him. It has got to’ be’ some android someone has slipped in his place as some sort of elaborate govt experiment. He’ll always be’ that handsome Jenner to me- I refuse to watch the implanted android that appears in the Kardashians. If Brad Pitt gets Surgery, I will have lost my hope for all mankind…..*sigh*

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