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More Surgery For Tori?

If there are any words that go together like ”peanut butter” and ”jelly”, they are ”Tori Spelling” and ”plastic surgery”; you just can’t think of one without the other. However, if there are any words that go together like ”peanut butter” and ”rat poison”, they would be ”Tori Spelling” and ”more plastic surgery”. The former ”Beverly Hills 90210” starlet needs more work done like a need another hole in my head, but in light of her husband Dean Mcdermott’s recent cheating scandal, she appears to be on the verge of going back under the knife.The teen drama queen turned reality star currently has at least the following hlin her plastic portfolio: a nose job (a rhinoplasty that has left her with a nose far less desirable than the one that she was born with), liposuction (more poorly done surgery that has left her with a somewhat rough looking midsection), a bunch of facial work (at least Botox injections and possibly a facelift that has left her with a bad case of frozen face), and one of the worst boob jobs in history (her breast augmentation is famously bad and was already ”fixed” once). Now, in a move apparently spawned from a lack of confidence after her husband’s one night stand, she’s going to go back to the surgeon to regain her confidence. How’s she going to do this? Well…keep reading…please?Tori’s new plans for surgery reportedly include yet another breast augmentation and more liposuction and nip/tuck work. She seems like she’s trying to cover up her most obvious mistakes from previous plastic surgery, but is it too late? Honestly? Yes, it is, because we all know that plastic surgery is like gambling: when you’re losing big, doubling down tends to just put you further into the hole. To be honest, I don’t look forward to the results of her next round of work. I truly worry that this will be the time when she goes from ”celebrity with bad plastic surgery” to ”plastic disaster”, and that kind of move tends to lead to even more bad cosmetic work. This is how the Jocelyn Wildensteins of the world are created, and although Tori isn’t ny favorite celebrity, I still wouldn’t want her ruining her life with more unnecessary surgery. No one listens to me though, so only time and photographic evidence will tell if she enters the ”oh no!” Phase of her career or just decides to let time take its course.


Woman Gets Breast Reduction…And They Might Be Growing Back?

Most of the time here at celebrity plastic surgery, I’m telling you guys about the great lengths that famous people are going through to make their chests bigger, in fact I often only write about them removing stuff from their bodies when it’s nose-meat, fat, or some piece of plastic that has gone rotten. However, Kerisha Mark is neither famous, nor does she want any part of her getting any bigger, because up until recently, she was the unhappy owner of a set of nearly record breaking 36N breasts! That’s not a typo folks; you know that girl you always stare at on the train with the huge chest? Yeah, she’s probably DD or maybe an E, Kerisha was an N-cup! That is of course until she underwent a breast augmentation to reduce her chest down to a more manageable 36DDD (still bigger than the girl on the train…probably…unless the girl is Kerisha, in which case, send her our best), as her doctor removed over fifteen pounds of flesh from her boobs! She underwent the procedure after her condition (I’ll get back to that later) had given her years of back pain and was beginning to seriously have a negative effect on her life. Now that she has her smaller huge breasts, she’s free of the pain and living a happy life; all is good…right? Well probably, but…They might grow back! Yes folks, that’s a thing that can happen. You see, Kerisha suffers from a condition known as gigantocomastia, is which her breast tissue has continued to grow throughout her entire life, so even after having her chest taken down a whole bunch, her breasts might end up growing back to their old glory. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to that extreme, and Kerisha can live the rest of her life without having to worry about back pain or going under the knife again, because she seems like a really nice lady…I’m basing that solely on her pictures, but look at her sassy hand placement in the “after photo”, doesn’t she look like the kind of spunky go-getter that we all want to root for? Come on Kerisha, beat your chest! I’m not sure how weird that sounds, but whatever, it’s the thought that counts; good luck in your crusade for a smaller bra bill Kerisha.

Mary-Kate Olsen:Twin No More?

Am I shocked by the idea that one of the Olsen Twins (the “Full House” kids) has most likely had work done before their thirtieth birthday? No folks, not at all; what I am shocked by is the fact that the twins aren’t actually identical! While researching today’s article (i.e. using wikipedia), I happened to find out that the famous twins have natural slight differences, making them fraternal! I know, it’s been obvious to most of you for their entire adult lives, and I’ve noticed it to a degree myself in the past, but it never really sunk in until I saw it in writing on a more reputable website; consider my mind blown. Consider my mind less blown that one of them looks to have gone under the knife though, because that’s just some “former child star 101″ stuff right there. Which Olsen Twin decided to further the gap in their twinlyness? Mary-Kate of course, she was always the rebel!After suffering from a severe eating disorder earlier in her life (a battle with anorexia that found her in rehab at one point), it’s likely that Mary-Kate has some issues with her self image, so when she showed up to a recent charity even looking vastly different from her twin Ashley, and far more like her younger sister (“Avengers: Age Of Ultron” star Elizabeth Olsen), I was far more disappointed than surprised. From the looks of it, Mary-Kate has either undergone a nose job (a rhinoplasty that changed both the bridge of her nose and the overall contour of her mid-face), some sort of chin procedure (to sharpen her jawline), Botox injections (to alter her nose and cheekbones), or all of the above. Her face just looks longer overall, and to honest, it’s a very drastic change. It’s not necessarily bad, she doesn’t look like a disaster or anything, it’s just that she was a nice looking girl in the prime of her life, so any drastic change like this is going to seem unneeded and upsetting. Some critics have already gone against the plastic surgery idea and stated that she may in fact just be pregnant (she is engaged after all), but in my opinion, plastic surgery is much more likely culprit. I know that pregnancy can alter the look of someone’s face, but I have to imagine that the change in look would also extend to at least a little bit of weight gain. I hope this is it for Mary-Kate and plastic surgery too, because as nice as it’s been to see her succeed post-stardom as a designer and business woman, it would be equally upsetting to see her become a plastic disaster. Stay strong Mary-Kate, you’re great just the way you are!

The “Kim Kardashian Look” No Longer Just For Ladies

So this is a thing now? Like in the nineties when everyone’s mom was going to the salon to get “The Rachel” haircut from “Friends”? Now it’s twenty years later and people are going to the plastic surgeon to get “The Kim Kardashian”? Wowsers, it may be time to move to Mars, hopefully things will be a little less whacky over there. After reporting on the girl who spent thirty grand to look like Kanye’s wife, I figured I’d be done having to write about people going under the knife in the name of Kim, at least for a while. Well I was not only wrong, I was really really wrong…like so wrong…like this is all wrong, because the latest person to have work done to “resemble” Kim Kardashian is British make-up artist, and full fledged guy Jordan Parke. Yep, we’re there now folks.Parke is a well-off professional make-up artist in his home country and recently decided to use his hard-earned money to have $150 thousand worth of cosmetic procedures to look like his idol from “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. His procedures so far include extreme lip augmentations, tattooed eyebrows, Botox injections, and laser hair removal; he’s not done yet either. He’s told interviewers that he loves the stares he gets from people, loves all the hate he gets from people on the street, and is seeking the most plastic look possible. This all leads to his plan to have even more work done in the future.  He seems to pulling in the dough with his make-up gig, so he should have no problem funding his further surgeries either (the checks he’ll get from his inevitable reality show run shouldn’t hurt his cause too much either). So it’s pretty obvious by now that I’m not a fan of Parke’s new look, but if it makes him happy, I guess that’s his business and not any of ours. Honestly, I only worry that someday he’ll regret what he’s done, and perhaps realize that this big attention grab was more the result of some sort of body dysmorphia (which is a shame since he was a good looking man before all of this) and not the confident and committed act that he’s making it seem to be. Time will tell if he ends up regretting his extreme fan surgery, or if he just keeps on going with it until he’s got his own Kardashian-level empire…I hope for his sake it’s the latter, but we all already kind of know where this is probably going to go. Best of luck dude. 

Calvin Harris: DJ Changing The Music Scene…And Himself

What else can be said about Calvin Harris’ current look other than: when we met him in the summer…he didn’t look like this! See that, I put the name of the song in the first line of the article about the guy…have fun with your opinions on that one comments section. Anyhow, Calvin Harris is a guy who is known stateside for his voice far more than he is for his face, but that’s rapidly changing. The DJ/singer/songwriter behind hits like the aforementioned “Summer”, “I Need Your Love”, and “We Found Love” (if he needed it so bad, I’m glad he found it!), has started to look less like the real life DJs we often see (sweaty dudes with Mac Books), and more like the DJ from an episode of “C.S.I.”…he’s really good looking, that’s the point.  The sparkly-eyed blonde dude with muscle who’s been showing up on red carpets and club openings is a sharp contrast to the shaggy haired and leather jacket wearing stereotype he used to be, so the question has to come up: Has Calvin Harris had plastic surgery?Well folks, this looks like another in our current streak of “plastic free” celebrity articles, because it looks to me like Calvin Harris is the product of a stylist and a gym membership, and not the walking results of a plastic surgeon. The DJ, who is now in his thirties, started his life in the public eye with dyed hair and a doughy body, but since moving to California from his native Scotland, he’s changed his eating habits, changed his wardrobe, started a hardcore workout regiment, and has stopped covering up his naturally blonde locks with Just For Men. The result is the stud you see before you. He was never “ugly” mind you, but he’s basically a real life version of one of those movies where they give the nerd a makeover and all of a sudden they’re hot, or like the last scene in one of those teen flicks where the “he’s just a friend” guy shows up to take the girl to prom and is suddenly gorgeous. Point is, dude’s game is tight these days, and he did it without going under the knife!So no surgery yet for Calvin, but does that mean I’m ruling it out for the future? Yeah, probably, he doesn’t seem like the plastic surgery type, but who knows, maybe he’ll get some Botox injections when he gets a little older and goes through he reality show phase. Time will tell, and Calvin seems like a nice guy, so hopefully he never has that phase and let’s himself enter his forties and fifties with grace and style. Whatever he does, I will be here to make bad jokes about it, so until next time, I remain yours truly, Tommy Tuck. Plastic on folks!

Rosie Perez: What’s Her “View” On Plastic Surgery?

Rosie Perez has had a pretty solid career. Coming from a broken home and a childhood filled with both emotional and physical abuse, Perez found herself a Bio-Chemistry Major at City College in Los Angeles before she had even considered going into entertainment. However, a few trips to local dance club found the Puerto Rican beauty discovered and dancing in the background on “Soul Train” before her twentieth birthday, and from there her career took off. She ended up getting her big break starring in Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing” and also found herself getting nominated for multiple Emmy Award for her gig choreographing the dancers in the show “In Living Color”. She went on to star in “White Men Can’t Jump” and “Fearless”, receiving an Academy Award nomination for her work in the latter, before settling into a couple of decades of character work on film and starring roles on stage. These days she’s paying her bills by starring on the panel-show “The View”, and she’s looking great doing it, which raises the question: are some of those bills for plastic surgery? To answer the previous paragraph’s main question: nope, probably not… not yet at least. From the looks of it, Rosie hasn’t had any major work done to her face; no nose jobs (even though her nose looks a little different than it used to, I don’t suspect a rhinoplasty, rather just natural aging and make-up application) or facelifts, or even eyelid surgeries (people have suspected a blepharoplasty in the past, but it think she just knows how to get dermal injections in the right spots). She doesn’t seem to have done anything to her torso either…she didn’t need to, one of Rosie’s most famous assets is the naturally large size of her chest; so no boob jobs or breast augmentations either. That last one may change eventually though, as Rosie has said in interviews that she wouldn’t rule out helping her old girls when she gets a little bit older and gravity really starts to take hold.  She doesn’t look like she’s ready to change her face anytime soon though, at least with major surgery; it looks like she’s probably already had some chemical peals (hence her skin being a little lighter these days, but that could also just be because she’s staying out of the sun to avoid aging) and Botox injections to keep her skin looking so great as she enters her fifties. Speaking of her skin and plastic surgery…epic segue time…Rosie revealed in a recent interview that an aide tried to convince her to go under the knife early in her career to look less ethnic…skin wise…someone told her to have surgery to look white! Yeah folks, that’s a real thing that happened. Wow, so she obviously fired whoever that was and has gone on to have a great career as a Latina actress and a proud representative of her culture. Good job Rosie, now keep making me proud by staying away from the surgeon’s office!

Iggy Azalea: Fancy? Fake? Or Both?

Iggy Azalea is a pretty big deal these days; between her record-breaking dominance of the rap charts, her oodles of cash made for recording songs like “Fancy” and “Problem” (that annoying-yet-great song with Ariana Grande), and her countless public appearances, it would seem that she doesn’t have a spare second for anything anymore. However, she apparently has time to date her boyfriend (Nick Young of Los Angeles Lakers fame), crotch flash entire Bar Mitzvahs (it was accidental, but it happened and we can’t show you without losing some serious Google-points), and if you’re to believe some people: get some plastic surgery! Do I think that she’s had work done? Well I’m not going to tell you now, then you’d stop reading. I will however tell you that her real name is friggin’ Amethyst, which makes you wonder why she changed it to “Iggy”, and I’ll also tell you to just scroll to the next paragraph and pay me the attention that I don’t deserve…See that folks, you scrolled down and were rewarded with a fancy “then & now” image that either shows  Iggy Azalea before and after her nose job…or just shows a girl who came into some money and was able to pay for an esthetician who’s good enough to cover up the bump in the bridge of her nose. I’m going to go with the latter, because even though her nose looks different now than it used to, I don’t think that it’s different enough to show evidence of a nose job (rhinoplasty), and she just doesn’t seem like the type of girl who would be having facial work done at such a young age (she’s only in her early twenties as of this writing). “Welsh female gangsta rapper who considers Tupac to be her idol” and “nose job patient” aren’t two terms that often get brought up in the same breath. So that’s a big “NO” for nose job, but what about the rest of her? Iggy is known for her bulbous bottom, her “big butt” if you will, and as always with a famous celebrity asset, people are going to cry “Plastic surgery! Plastic surgery!” at the first chance they get. If you look her older photos, it definitely seems like she’s put on some mass from the waste down, so does that mean that she’s gone under the surgeon’s scalpel for butt implants? No…again, it doesn’t….I just don’t see it. I can see the difference, but I don’t chalk it up to butt implants as much as the girl probably discovered squats and got older. She’s more of a late bloomer than she is a plastic surgery story. Her obvious love of fitness also explains her flat stomach that people have chalked up to liposuction; the girl probably just likes to work out, and now that she’s rich she probably has an awesome diet, so she looks great…it’s really simple math.I hate to admit it folks, because I love to sling me some mud, but Iggy Azalea appears to be plastic free. She might not be forever, and if she slips up I will be the first person to point it out, but for right now, she’s a natural woman (please sing those last words  like they’re the old song, because that’s how they sounded in my head).



Okay, so before I could even post this article, Iggy went out and had some work done. From the looks of the latest pictures of ole’ Iggs, it looks like she’s undergone a breast augmentation to go from flat to phat…is that still a thing people say? Anyhow, I left up the previous paragraph and slapped on this update about her boob job to show you all how quickly things can change in the celebrity plastic surgery game. So yeah folks, she’s not plastic free anymore, and her chest is definitely full of something!

Linda Evangelista: From Famous To Fake?

Linda Evangelista looks pretty rough for twenty-five…which is okay because she’s almost fifty! The famed model has been getting paid to be good looking for about thirty years, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down, because she may not look like she used to, but she still looks darn good for her age. Does she naturally look this good though? Or has she had the help of a plastic surgeon? Let’s take a look…In the past, Linda has admitted to having Botox injections done in order to keep her skin looking smooth, but she’s also started looking a little more puffy in the face and pinched in the eyes recently, which has lead to speculation that she’s had more done than simple needle work. The puffy face could be a combination of Botox and a facelift, and the slight change in her eyes combined with her lack of aging signs in the area could be point towards eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). There’s also some speculation about her lips, which actually look a little bit more pouty than they did back in the day; this could be the result of Juvederm injections. Do we think that she’s actually gone through with any of these cosmetic procedures though? No we do not! Instead, we’re going to give her the benefit of the doubt and chalk up her look to her Botox and her crazy skin regime. Her new age skincare treatments include facial massages with a rose quartz butterfly stone. The usage of this massage is said to reduce the signs of aging and eliminate toxins from the skin. She’s been getting them done for years, so it’s no surprise that she looks so young. Overall, Linda Evangelista is totally natural, but she’s pretty darn close. She can never again look the way that she did in her youth, but she looks pretty friggin’ wonderful for a woman her age, and she should continue to look way better than everyone else for years to come. Do we see plastic surgery in her future? Well, Botox is kind of a gateway procedure, so we wouldn’t be shocked if she decided to go under the knife for real someday, but we wouldn’t be surprised if we were writing about her natural beauty at seventy in twenty years either! We’d be way more surprised if we were still writing about anyone in twenty years. Happy New Year!

Sofia Vergara Still Not Ruling Out Surgery

In a relatively short time in the spotlight, Sofia Vergara has turned herself into Hollywood royalty; finding herself as one of the highest paid actresses on television. She’s living the life; winning awards, dating the dude from “True Blood”, and rolling in cash. However, unlike other highly paid actresses, she’s not spending any of that money on plastic surgery…at least not yet. We’ve talked about her in the past and came to the conclusion that she hasn’t had any work done.  Even her famously large chest appears to be natural and has always been part of her physical repertoire. Yes folks, they’re real and they’re spectacular, and so is her exotic face, but she admitted in a recent interview that that might not be the case someday. In an interview with “Redbook” magazine, the “Modern Family” star was asked about whether she saw plastic surgery in her future, and her response was “Why not? I mean, not yet, but maybe [I’ll do] my under-eye bags in my 50s. We’ll see what I need, but I’m not saying no.”. That’s an extremely honest answer, and leads us to believe that there’s an eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) in her future. We’re not sure how far into her future though, because she currently admits to spending a ton of money on skin-care products, facials, and non-surgical procedures. This investment should stave off the surgeon’s scalpel for at least a while, and she’ll always have the money to keep up with “cosmetic science”, so she should be able to keep getting simple stuff done forever. So even though she’s not ruling surgery out in her future, we wouldn’t be surprised if she ages gracefully for the next thirty or forty years. Sofia Vergara is someday going to be listed as one of the all-time most gorgeous celebrities to ever grace the entertainment world with her presence. She also might go down as one of the only all-natural celebrities ever. We could see her maybe getting some Botox injections to keep her skin looking smooth in a couple of years, but we don’t see her ever actually going under the knife. Time will tell though, and we’ll let you know if and when Sofia Vergara finally gets plastic surgery!

Bad Celebrity Boob Jobs

Here’s the straight poop folks: boob jobs don’t always turn out the way that you want them too; just ask Courtney Love. You may want them new puppies for the most noble of reasons, like you just spent the last fifteen years nursing you five children and now you want your breasts to look good for your loving husband, but that doesn’t mean that your surgeon is going to be good. You could even do all of your research and spend your darn life savings on breast implants, and even then your surgeon might just have a bad day or your body might not take to implants the way he/she thought it would. Point is, boob jobs can go bad, and that’s even true when you’re a celebrity; let’s look at some examples…“Foolish Games” and “I Do” singer Jewel may have sold millions of albums, been nominated for a Grammy, and still be getting work as a judge on reality shows like “The Sing-Off”, but that doesn’t mean that her breast augmentation turned out well. The implants just don’t sit right under her skin, and it’s caused her breasts to look lumpy. We can’t blame her for going under the knife in the first place though, as she seems to have had a very small chest; Vivica Fox can’t say the same though…As far as we know, the “Independence Day” star was always fairly well endowed, so we’re not totally sure why she went under the knife in the first place. Maybe they were always fake and she just had them redone with poor results, but regardless of how many boob jobs she’s had, the end results look pretty bad, There’s a very clear separation between her real flesh and the implant, and it makes for some bad cleavage; reminds us of Janet JacksonShe’s pop music royalty, no doubt about that, but her implants look terrible. They have that weird “flapped over” look to them, and it’s pretty rough to look at. It’s a shame too, because she’s a gorgeous woman; maybe it’s an 80s singer thing to get bad implants, because Paula Abdul also has them…Another case of implants just not sitting well in the natural pocket, Paula’s girls seem to have moved all over her chest. This has caused her to have various bad cleavage moments. Somehow she still looks better than Tori Spelling though…One of the Queens of bad boob jobs, Tori Spelling‘s breasts are epically bad. They alternate between looking bolted-on and just plain not sitting well. She must’ve been extremely flat before she had them done, because they just seem to be floating under her skin. She’s truly one of celebrity plastic surgery’s worst boob jobs, but she’s not the master of the “bolt-on” look, that honor goes to…Victoria Beckham! Yup, she’s one of the most gorgeous women in the world, but she should’ve chosen different sized implants because they don’t make breasts more fake than hers. In her defense, she eventually chose to have them taken out and/reduced, so she rectified her mistake. Everyone else on this list should take a cue from her and try their best to reverse their mistakes, because they don’t want to live the rest of their lives in regret. Bad boobs jobs are a strong creature folks, avoid them at all costs!