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Woman Spends $200k To Look Like Cartoon Self

Well folks, we’ve got our newest plastic surgery celebrity! For those of you who don’t know, when celebrity plastic surgery deems someone a plastic surgery celebrity, it’s our way of saying that they’re famous only for having had a bunch of work done. There’s always going to be some of them out there too, people who really feel like they want their entire existence defined by going under the knife. Sometimes it’s a desire to look like your favorite celebrity, other times it’s a desire to look like an iconic toy, and sometimes it’s a desire to look like a caricature of yourself that you had drawn while on vacation in Ibiza when you were fifteen years old. Like how I slipped that in there? There was no other way to segue into something that whacky, I had to just go for it. Anyway, the picture above isn’t a “before and after”, it’s a picture of Krystina Butel and the drawing that inspired her to spend over $200 thousand on various cosmetic procedures. In interviews, she’s stated that she fell in love with her cartoon image the moment that she saw it, and she’s made it her life goal to become the girl in the drawing. She’s gone about attaining that goal by undergoing a ton of surgery…

After opening up her own salon in her late teens (she’s actually a very successful woman from what I can gather), she started her plastic odyssey by getting her first breast augmentation. Since then, she’s had four more sets of implants switched in (she’s now a 36K), had a ton of Botox injections, had her lips done, had semi-permanent make-up put on, had her teeth whitened, and even had her nipples tattooed into heart shapes…because that’s how she imagines the cartoon’s chest is adorned…that’s a bit weird even for this site. She’s still not done having work done either, as she plans on getting a brow lift, butt implants, and even bigger breasts! She already had back problems, so I can’t imagine that it’s a good idea to go even bigger, but clearly she’s going to do what she wants no matter what anyone says.

Overall, she looks a little too much like her goal for me to think that she looks good. However, she’s achieving her goal, she likes the way she looks, and her future husband digs her look, so things could be worse. They probably will be worse someday if she doesn’t stop having work done, so hopefully she calls it quits soon. If not, you’ll be the first to know when “Caricature Lady” gets more cartoonish!


Gwen Stefani: No Doubt She’s Had Work Done

Hey baby, hey baby, hey…you look a little plastic. See what I did there? Of course you did, half of the articles on this website are just song lyrics and weird ellipses,,, it’s what we do! Hey, you’re the one reading this stuff, you’re an enabler. Anyhow, in case the first sentence, the picture above, and/or the shear existence of this article didn’t tip you off, we’re here talking about Gwen Stefani’s plastic past. Like we always say around here; our opinions on her cosmetic procedures have nothing to do with her as a person. In fact, she seems like a really cool woman who has her stuff together, so don’t be upset when we tell you that the “Holla Back Girl” singer, No Doubt front-woman, and judge from “The Voice” has had a bunch of work done. Seriously, don’t be upset that she looks…great…still. Wow, she really does have her stuff together; guess it’s time for another ellipse…So for starters, Gwen has always been gorgeous. She’s a natural beauty who has been setting hearts on fire since No Doubt put out their “Tragic Kingdom” album back in the day, but as she’s gotten older (she’s in her forties now) she’s started to seek the help of the surgeon and the dermatologist to stay looking young and hot. She went to the plastic surgeon first, as she looks to have gotten a nose job (rhinoplasty) some years ago. The procedure turned her classic “pug” nose into a more streamlined and less unique sniffer; thinner in the bridge and more pointed at the tip. She followed that up with some breast implants, as she went from having basically no breasts (seriously, she was very flat) to having at least B-cups, maybe even C-cups. Finally, she’s been fighting off wrinkles by having Botox injections in her forehead and possibly her cheeks. That’s way most plastic surgery than we ever though Gwen Stefani would get. Her slim figure is all natural though, as she’s always been into health and fitness.Overall, her surgeons and doctors did a great job and she looks just as good as ever. However, she never needed to have any work done in the first place. We can understand the boob job, but the rest of her should’ve aged gracefully. It’s a shame that she decided not to, because she most likely would’ve still looked amazing. So in closing: she’s not a candidate for “botched”, but she didn’t even need to be a candidate for this site.

What’s Up With Skin Bleaching?

Make no mistake about it folks: black is beautiful. However, due to some unfortunate cultural prejudices, and sometimes due to some legitimate skin issues, some African Americans, Black people, and Hispanics find it necessary to undergo skin bleaching procedures. A skin bleaching is a type of cosmetic procedure that aims to reduce the amount of melanin (darker pigment) in one’s skin, therefore creating a lighter appearance. These procedures fall into multiple categories: combination, laser treatments, and cryosurgery; and they’ve been performed on a number of celebrities.Combination skin bleaching treatments are meant to block melanin production by inhibiting the function of tyrosinase (an enzyme that is involved in melanin production…obviously). They do so through the usage of topical creams that contain things like tretinoin, hydroquinone, arbutin, kojic acid, azeliac acid, vitamin c, glutathione, cinnamomum subavenium, alpha hydroxy acids, and niacinamide; some of which have been shown to be unhealthy for skin, and even carconagenic. Combination treatments are the most popular and affordable methods of skin lightening, and have been effective in many cases.Laser treatments of both the ablative and nonablative varieties have been shown to have effects on skin that’s suffering from melasma (a condition that basically breaks down to be “dark or darker skin spots”). Laser treatment can be very expensive though, and has been shown to sometimes cause hyper-pigmentation and do more damage than good.Cryosurgery is usually used as an alternative to laser treatment, and although the idea of having liquid nitrogen freeze and destroy you skin cells in an attempt to cause melanin to rise up and peel off sounds scary…forget the “although”, that is scary. Anyhow, it works on freckles too, and hasn’t been shown to have major horrible side effects, so that’s a good thing.Celebrities, as well as regular people, have all sorts of reasons for undergoing skin whitening and skin bleaching procedures. Sometime it’s to even out the effects of vitaligo (a skin condition that causes ultra-white spots), sometimes it’s just because they think they’re “too dark”, but the results are almost always the same: very noticeable. Stars like former Major League Baseball home-run hitter Sammy Sosa, rapper and plastic addict Lil’ Kim, Tempest Bledsoe (“Cosby Show” star sighting!), Lark Voorhies (Lisa Turtle from “Saved By The Bell”), and of course Michael Jackson all seem to have undergone some sort of skin whitening at some point. It’s really a shame too, because none of them seemed to be suffering from any sort of disorder…at least physically, mentally is a whole other story. It’s very likely that they all either suffer from some sort of body dysmorphia, or that they had an adverse reaction to some sort of treatment meant to just equal out their complexion. Regardless of the reasoning, it always kind of stinks to see someone flat out change the color of their skin. Plastic surgery can be crazy on it’s own, but changing a fundamental characteristic of one’s self is a bit much for our liking. Like we said, black is beautiful…and so is white…and so is whatever skin color you were born with; be yourselves at least a little bit people.

Kristian Alfonso: Anti-Plastic

For those of you who don’t know, Kristian Alfonso is former figure skater and fashion model who has spent the over thirty years playing Hope Williams Brady on “Days of Our Lives”. She’s also never undergone any plastic surgery…we know, the terms “soap opera star” and “no plastic surgery” are like oxymorons, but it seems to be true. It also seems that this isn’t going to change, ever. In a recent interview, she told reporters that she wants her grandchildren to recognize her and that she’s told her husband that she’s too afraid to have any cosmetic procedures done. She fears surgeons botching a procedure and ruining all of the work that she’s done on her own to remain looking youthful into her fifties. She really does look great…almost too great, do we believe her? Let’s take a closer look…Closer look has been taken folks, and we have to say: she’s for real. The daytime television celebrity looks great for age, but she does have some signs of aging evident in the neck area. She’s got some banding around her neck, and her eyes look a tiny bit “experienced”. However, she looks great otherwise, and that’s most likely a combination of her staying out of the sun (she’s been on a television set almost every day for three decades), the great skin care products that a woman of her means can afford, and some great makeup work (you don’t go into hair and makeup everyday for that many years and not pick up a few tips from the professional stylists that are paid to fawn over you). She really seems to be practicing what she’s preaching, and we’re proud of her. When celebrities take public stands against plastic surgery instead of going under the knife for face lifts, eyelid surgeries (blepharoplasty), neck lifts, and every other lift and/or dermal injection under the sun, it sets a good example for not just the public, but for future stars. Women like Kristian Alfonso, when they’re being honest (which she is) about their plastic free pasts, let everyone know that there’s just as much and many times more beauty and dignity in aging gracefully than there is in going to the surgeon’s office. It’s especially impressive when they come from industries as in love with cosmetic enhancement as the soap opera world. Plastic surgery works for some people, but it’s not for everyone, and it’s nice of Kristian to remind us of that.

Erin Andrews: Loves Sports…Loves Plastic?

Erin Andrews, the blonde who set a million college football fans’ hearts aflutter. Since she entered the national spotlight with her gig at ESPN in 2004, the sports reporter as gone through the full spectrum of “hot girl celebrity” life: she’s had a stalker (that was terrible, seriously), she’s had a “sex tape” scandal (she was actually spied on by some d-bag, even we find that deplorable), she’s dated famous people (like Los Angeles Kings’ Center Jarret Stoll), and she’s been the subject of every type of rumor that you can think of. Crazy thing is, unlike most other women who seem to be famous for just their looks, Erin is really talented; she’s a really good reporter (she gets it from her dad, he’s won a ton of Emmys) and a legit asset to whatever news crew she’s put on. The other crazy thing is that the rumors aren’t true, whatever they may be, she seems to be a legitimately good person, and she even…gasp…seems to be all natural!Maybe that shouldn’t have been the first picture we put up after saying that she hasn’t had any plastic surgery, but seriously, we think that Erin Andrew’s breasts are real and seem to be magnificent! If you look at the way they sit in her halter-esque bikini, you can see some spillage on the sides, but it’s not rounded implant bulge, it’s fat. No, we’re not calling Erin Andrews fat, but breasts are sacks of fat, so when you stuff real breasts into a small bathing suit, some fat should spill out, and that’s what’s happening here. We can confidently say that she hasn’t had any work done from the neck down, but what about above the shoulders?Wow, she seems to have aged very well since high school, but she seems to have aged naturally. The “now” picture looks like a the “then” picture aged well, but that’s it. No Botox, no facelift, no Juvederm or Restylane in the lips, just a difference of a very healthy and well off seventeen or so years. So if you want to love Erin Andrews, lover her even more because she’s letting herself age naturally and doing a great job of it. However, if you want to hate her, you have plenty of fuel for jealousy, because she’s beating the rest of us at life. Good job Erin! We’re in the “love ya” camp!

Lauren Goodger Might End Up Looking Bad…Ger

For those of you readers who think that Great Britain’s greatest exports are bad teeth and The Beatles, we’ve got some news for you: you’re wrong, they also have an overabundance of fake breasted reality stars! Today’s example of unreal reality is “The Only Way Is Essex” and “Celebrity Big Brother” star Lauren Goodger, a woman who thus far has lived up to her namesake and looks pretty solid after having her work done, but a woman who at the same time is dangerously close to ruining her looks with plastic surgery. Let’s take a look at her!For starters, we’ll address the two 34E-lephants in the room; Lauren’s breasts are clearly and admittedly fake. She’s been open in the past about having had a ten thousand dollar breast augmentation that re-inflated her chest after years of yo-yo dieting had left her breasts “lacking volume”. To be honest, her new chest actually looks great on her curvy frame, so good for her. Her chest really isn’t the problem though, it’s her face that she’s in danger of ruining. She’s a naturally pretty girl, but she’s recently had permanent eyebrow work done (they’re basically tattooed on), semi-permanent lip gloss applied (not even sure what that is), countless laser skin peals, lip injections (those things are filled with either Restylane or Juvederm), and Botox injections in her forehead and cheeks. That’s a lot of work for a girl who isn’t even thirty. She currently still looks pretty good, but she’s starting to get that weird glossy look that women get when they’ve had too much minor facial work done, and it’s only a matter of time before she crosses the line and ends up a disaster.Lauren Goodger needs to quit while she’s ahead, she is currently walking the plastic surgery tightrope and doesn’t seem to have a net under her. If she stumbles, she’s going to land face first and end up looking like every other plastic disaster on British television. So our advice is to quit now Lauren, be happy that nature and the surgeon’s have taken you this far, and don’t ruin yourself.

Some Pics Of Celebrities Without Makeup!

Makeup, it’s not plastic surgery, but it’s the most basic cosmetic procedure there is! It’s kind of like the original plastic surgery, the way that regular people and celebrities covered up imperfections and accentuated strong points back before anyone thought of stuffing silicone and breaking cartilage. Obviously it’s still used today by men and woman all over the world, it’s a billion dollar industry, but it’s probably used most by image conscious and camera conscious celebrities. It’s just part of the gig to get all dolled up for public appearances, but what about when the cameras aren’t supposed to be pointed at them? How do celebs look when they don’t have the help of professional stylists and makeup artists? Sometimes they look like Marilyn Manson; when he scrapes off the gallon of man makeup that he usually wears, he looks…well…somehow more creepy. Ugh, let’s look at someone who looks less like the product of cousin hugging…Annalyne McCord! The “Dallas” star cakes it on pretty heavy when she walks the red carpet or shows up on television, but she doesn’t look all that bad without it either. She looks very different, a lot more like the Atlanta girl that she is, but she still looks like someone most men would be proud to bring home to mamma. Emilia Clarke has the same luck…The “Game Of Thrones” star recently posted a Facebook pic without being all dolled up and looked great. She obviously doesn’t look at glamorous, but she very clearly has some great natural features. Faith Hill’s change from spotlight to not-light is a little more drastic…Okay, she doesn’t look “bad”, but when you’re used to seeing her with so much makeup looking so wonderful all the time, the difference is almost shocking. She looks very plain when she doesn’t have her style-war paint on, but we’ll still say that she doesn’t look bad…Kim Kardashian kind of does…She looks a bit like an escaped mental patient in that picture, we’re not going to lie. So maybe that’s not the most fair shot to use, but the woman is paid to be good looking and has an entire career based on her looks, so you’d think that she’s be a little more easy on the eyes in her natural state. She must put on a ton of foundation before she goes out…Sofia Vergara must do the same… That’s got to be just a bad picture, because you can still see that she has a great bone structure even when she’s not done up, but she definitely looks a lot more her age without all that makeup on. Tyra Banks kind of does too…You can see why she became a model right? She’s got good bones! However, she looks like she needs some rest and looks a lot more like she’s in her forties than she does when she has the help of an esthetician. Again, not “bad”, just looks her age and looks like a more normal person. Some of these ladies might want to talk to Rose Byrne about skin care……because aside from some tired eyes, the “Neighbors” and “Bridesmaids” funny lady looks wonderful even without makeup. Like we said, makeup covers-up, but it sometimes just enhances naturally great features. There’s a ton of pictures of celebrities without makeup in our archives folks, so this won’t be the last time we talk about this, but it may be the nicest, because some people look downright scary without there cosmetic kit! Until then, remember: you don’t always need makeup to look good…but sometimes you really do.

Five Celebrities Who Shouldn’t Have Gotten Facelifts

Meant to reverse the signs of aging, facelifts are some of the more popular procedures in the plastic surgery game. With over 150,000 people a year going under the knife, the procedure is one of the more streamlined and safe surgeries that someone can get, but it still get’s screwy from time to time. The procedure involves incisions being made at the edges of the face, the skin literally being pulled tighter, possibly the suctioning out of some fat, and the trimming of now excess skin; so there’s quite a few junctures where mistakes can be made. However, like we said before, the procedure is pretty much perfected, so the plain truth is that sometimes people just shouldn’t get facelifts because the optimal results aren’t going to look right. These five celebrities fall into that category, and the category of “you were probably fine after one, but the second time around screwed you up”. Let’s start our list with The Gambler!Kenny Rogers has undergone at least two facelifts, and while the first one just kind of altered his look, the others made his skin too tight and took too much weight out of his face. Now he looks a bit too much like a skeleton man. Really folks, he doesn’t look like a younger Kenny Rogers, he just looks like a totally different old dude. Meg Ryan doesn’t look like a different person, she just looks like a crazy version of herself…It looks like Sally from “When Harry Met Sally” has met with her plastic surgeon one too many times. Her facelift made her skin too tight and took away the trademark softness and “girl next-door” quality that her facial features were always known for. Now her chin looks way too thin and her face it too v-shaped. Melanie Griffth has the exact opposite problem…Antonie Banderas’ ex-wife has gone under for a facelift more than once, and now her skin isn’t anchored the same way that it once was. Combined with too many Botox injections, her facelifts have left her skin looking too hangy and puffy.Suzanne Somers of ThighMaster, “Step By Step”, and “Three’s Company” fame has also gone under for too many facelifts and now has an overly puffy look. She actually doesn’t look that bad, she just looks very different from how she used to look. She most likely could’ve aged naturally and looked great on her own, but now she looks like every other older rich woman. Speaking of “should’ve aged gracefully”… Wayne Newton is not only a dude, but he’s a dude who wasn’t known for his good looks. He aged into a very handsome man in a rugged way, so when he went under and got his skin tightened, the resulting look made him look too feminine and primped. It’s a shame, because Wayne was a cool looking dude during his Vegas hey-day. He should’ve just let himself age like a crooner! These people all should’ve just let themselves age naturally, but celebrities love plastic surgery, and they really love facelifts! So if you see your favorite famous person and their skin is a little too tight, get scared, because the second facelift might be just around the corner!

Celebrities Improve Teeth With Veneers

Cosmetic dentistry is probably the least crazy of all the cosmetic procedures out there. There’s no real risk to your health when you undergo the initial procedure, if they’re botched they can be redone, and regular not-rich people have them put on all the time. During the procedure, which is usually done to cover up teeth with bad coloring and/or bad alignment, the patient’s real teeth are shaved down a bit and new teeth (usually made from porcelain) are placed over them using a powerful adhesive. Post surgery, the patient is advised to stay away from eating things that need to be bitten into with there front teeth to prevent breaking or loosening of the front veneers. The surgery is pretty popular amongst celebrities, so let’s take a look at some famous people who have gone under the lights of the dental chair to have veneers put on!Let’s start our list with ole’ crazy smile herself: Miley Cyrus. The ‘Wrecking Ball” and “Party in the USA” singer loves to make goofy smiling face at any camera that aims at her, so it’s no surprise that she wanted to cover up her old off-colored teeth with some fancy new pearly whites. Since we’re on the subject of crazy people smiling, let’s talk Tom Cruise!People often forget that Tom Cruise was once completely unassociated with Scientology,and used to have terrible teeth. The ”Edge of Tomorrow” and “Oblivion” star had some seriously jacked up chompers when he was a kid, but he took care of his grill problems by having veneers put on back in the 80s. Now he;s find his stride as an actor again, and his smile is just as handsome and famous as ever! Ready for a bad segway? He probably ate too many dark spices when he was a kid and that gave him his off colored mouth. Speaking of spice, former. Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has veneers too!Sorry about the end of that last paragraph folks. Anyhow, style icon Victoria didn’t have terrible teeth before visiting the dentist, but they weren’t nearly as while and were kind of small. Now she has a great smile! Her smile is almost as nice as Catherine Zeta-Jones’.Famed beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones never had a terrible smile, but rumors have persisted for years that her current teeth aren’t natural. Looking at older pictures, we totally see it, she used to have a less bright-white color to her teeth and used to have some spacing and alignment issues. She looks great now, and her procedure didn’t giver her horse teeth, so that’s awesome…Ben Affleck can’t really say the same thing though.Ben Affleck is a really handsome dude, but his veneers are a bit too larger for his mouth and have always given his mouth a bit of a puffy look. The “Superman Vs Batman: Dawn of Justice” star is still a chiseled looking dude, but he maybe should’ve had less porcelain put in his mouth.Other stars, like “Gravity” star George Clooney, Timothy Olyphant of “Justified” fame and “Dallas Buyers Club” star Jennifer Garner also appear to have had veneers put on in the past to at least slightly alter the appearance of their smiles. Cosmetic dentistry is one of the more popular minor procedures that a celebrity will have done in order to get that little bit of extra star quality. So with that said, this won’t be the last time we chat about cosmetically changed chompers. Until then, keep your eye on everybody’s teeth- because if they are famous; they’re probably fake.

Renee Zellweger is Totally Unrecognizable

We reported back in March that the Bridget Jones’ Diary star Renee Zellweger had plastic surgery which really changed her appearance. Well now it looks like Renee has taken things even further and she is now completely unrecognizable! It’s hard to believe this is even the same woman, but it is! Renee has been out of the spotlight for the last several years but that has all changed with her new appearance. Renee’s new look is so different it’s scary.

Take a look at these before and after pictures of Renee. Are you as shocked as we are?