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Bad Celebrity Boob Jobs

Here’s the straight poop folks: boob jobs don’t always turn out the way that you want them too; just ask Courtney Love. You may want them new puppies for the most noble of reasons, like you just spent the last fifteen years nursing you five children and now you want your breasts to look good for your loving husband, but that doesn’t mean that your surgeon is going to be good. You could even do all of your research and spend your darn life savings on breast implants, and even then your surgeon might just have a bad day or your body might not take to implants the way he/she thought it would. Point is, boob jobs can go bad, and that’s even true when you’re a celebrity; let’s look at some examples…“Foolish Games” and “I Do” singer Jewel may have sold millions of albums, been nominated for a Grammy, and still be getting work as a judge on reality shows like “The Sing-Off”, but that doesn’t mean that her breast augmentation turned out well. The implants just don’t sit right under her skin, and it’s caused her breasts to look lumpy. We can’t blame her for going under the knife in the first place though, as she seems to have had a very small chest; Vivica Fox can’t say the same though…As far as we know, the “Independence Day” star was always fairly well endowed, so we’re not totally sure why she went under the knife in the first place. Maybe they were always fake and she just had them redone with poor results, but regardless of how many boob jobs she’s had, the end results look pretty bad, There’s a very clear separation between her real flesh and the implant, and it makes for some bad cleavage; reminds us of Janet JacksonShe’s pop music royalty, no doubt about that, but her implants look terrible. They have that weird “flapped over” look to them, and it’s pretty rough to look at. It’s a shame too, because she’s a gorgeous woman; maybe it’s an 80s singer thing to get bad implants, because Paula Abdul also has them…Another case of implants just not sitting well in the natural pocket, Paula’s girls seem to have moved all over her chest. This has caused her to have various bad cleavage moments. Somehow she still looks better than Tori Spelling though…One of the Queens of bad boob jobs, Tori Spelling‘s breasts are epically bad. They alternate between looking bolted-on and just plain not sitting well. She must’ve been extremely flat before she had them done, because they just seem to be floating under her skin. She’s truly one of celebrity plastic surgery’s worst boob jobs, but she’s not the master of the “bolt-on” look, that honor goes to…Victoria Beckham! Yup, she’s one of the most gorgeous women in the world, but she should’ve chosen different sized implants because they don’t make breasts more fake than hers. In her defense, she eventually chose to have them taken out and/reduced, so she rectified her mistake. Everyone else on this list should take a cue from her and try their best to reverse their mistakes, because they don’t want to live the rest of their lives in regret. Bad boobs jobs are a strong creature folks, avoid them at all costs!


Chloe Lattanzi: Olivia’s Daughter Is Getting Plastical

Chloe Lattanzi has had a pretty rough go of it so far in her life as she’s battled addictions to drugs and alcohol, and struggled with the spotlight put on her because of her famous mother. Lattanzi is the daughter of “Grease” star and “Let’s Get Physical” singer Olivia Newton-John, and by her own admittance, she’s had trouble properly handling the expectations put on her because of her famous genes. Unfortunately, part of her struggle has included plastic surgery, which although it didn’t go wrong, was done for all the wrong reasons. She had work done most likely to combat her emotional issues and that’s always a sad reason to go under the knife. Regardless of why she did it though, it’s our job to take a look at her and see how things turned out. From the looks of it, it seems like Chloe Lattanzi has had at least three cosmetic procedures done in the last ten to fifteen years. She almost definitely had had a nose job (rhinoplasty) that reduced the bridge of her nose slightly, it’s possible that the difference in her look is a result of how she does her make-up, but we’re leaning towards a rhinoplasty or nothing at all. There’s not a ton of difference in her look, but we just can’t shake the feeling that something has changed the middle of her face and we doubt that it’s any type of facelift. She’s also apparently had quite a few syringes of Botox injected into her skin, which account for the ultra smooth look of her forehead. Finally, the most obvious bit of work that she’s had done comes in the form of the Restylane or Juvederm that she’s had pumped into her lips. Her formerly thin smile is now extremely plump and puckered, which is a smoking gun for lip injections. She also might’ve had something done to her cheeks, but we can’t make any promises about that. Overall, Chloe Lattanzi doesn’t look all that bad after all the work that she’s had done. She looks very fake, but she isn’t a disaster. However, with our knowledge of her past addictions, we’re worried that she’s always one bad week away from going back under the knife and becoming a plastic surgery disaster. We feel for Chloe and hope that she stays clean, stays happy, and stays away from the surgeon’s office from now on. Good luck Chloe, we hope this is the last we hear from you.

Celebrities Who Are Aging Better Than The Rest Of Us

Ready to feel bad about yourselves? I know I am! Christie Brinkley is in her sixties. Yes, the girl from “National Lampoon’s Vacation”, the “Uptown Girl” video, and that poster that you or your brother spent way too much time looking at in 1985 is almost a senior citizen…and she still looks like that. She’s probably had some Botox injections, and maybe she’s had a breast augmentation or a facelift to keep herself looking fresh, but who cares at this point; look at her! She’s defeating the aging process by a margin that’s pretty much unprecedented…and I’m sitting here balding in my thirties, so yeah, like I said, let’s feel bad about ourselves. Who else is out aging the rest of us…Okay, so Richard Gere doesn’t look like he’s in his twenties, but he certainly doesn’t look his age either! The Golden Globe winner is almost 70 years old and is a box of hair-dye away from 40! The actor-turned-restauranteur is aging gracefully, with no apparent cosmetic procedures in his past, and is aging better than anyone we know. His ex-wife must’ve drank from the same fountain of youth as he did too, because take a look at Cindy CrawfordYeah, that’s a woman just shy of 50. She’s maybe has some light Botox work and some chemical peels done, but seriously, who looks that good into their fifties? We know that we’re jumping the gun technically, but unless she gets a botched everything-surgery, she’s still going to look great in a few years. So yeah, who looks that good into the- wait, George Clooney does…That man is 53 years old as of this writing, and he looks almost exactly the same as he did when he was in his twenties. In fact, he’s gotten better with age! He’s the reason salt & pepper is a popular look, and he continues to age with class and a level of suave that almost no one has ever possessed. He’s no Halle Berry though…no one beats the queen…Yup, that’s a mother in her late 40s. That’s also an Academy Award winner and one of the most gorgeous women in the history of the world. She’s had some work done (a rhinoplasty earlier in life and probably some dermal injections in more recent years), but she’s really looking great these days. her eyes show a tiny bit of of age, but she could pass for a girl in her twenties who stayed out too late the night before any day of the week. She’s impressive on so many levels, but she can’t out-lift Sly…Who cares if he’s on all of the steroids ever? Who cares that he’s had some cosmetic work done? Sylvester Stallone of “Rocky” and “The Expendables” is almost 70 and looks like that. He’s a little roidy for a dude in his 30s, but he’s a dude almost in his twilight years! He’s winning at life folks, end of story. He looks better than anyone I know, that’s for sure! Whatever he’s on, and whatever the rest of these celebrities are eating, I want it when I’m their age, because they are all aging wonderfully. Good job folks, keep winning the war against time!

Celebrity Body Transformations!

What? Did you think that we’d put up an article about celebrity body transformations and not talk about Christian Bale first? Forget about Ed Norton in “American History X”, it was one time and he put on all of his weight from the waist up, we’re not even going to justify it with a picture. We’re proud of the guy, but we’re talking about transformations, and Bale is the king. He went from a normal dude in real life, to an ultra shredded dude in “American Psycho”, to a horrifyingly skinny dude in “The Machinist” (he survived off of literally an apple a day), to a jacked up Bruce Wayne for the “Batman” movies, to a fat guy for “American Hustle”. That’s just the overview too folks, he’s lost and gained body mass for other rolls along the way too. Bale is the best in the game folks, but we’re not just talking about one person here today, that would involve way too much concentration. We’re talking about transformations, with an “s”! Who else has turned their bodies around?If Bale is The King, then Pratt might be The Prince, because “Parks & Recreation” star Chris Pratt made his name in comedy by playing a loveable chubster, but “Guardians Of The Galaxy” star Chris Pratt is a ripped up hunk. He originally lost  a bunch of weight for his role as a Navy Seal in “Zero Dark Thirty”, before putting some of it back on for his comedic television gig, but then lost even more fat and put on a bunch of muscle to play Peter Quill in 2014′s top grossing film. His dedication to his craft and to the weight room has turned him from a chubby character actor into a buff superstar, but sometimes celebrities decide to transform themselves for their health over their casting chances.Making her name as a plus-sized woman, Academy Award winner Mo’Nique already had her statues on the shelf for her work in “Precious” when she decided that her body fat was too high to be healthy. She has since put herself through a vigorous workout regime and totally revamped her diet in order to transform her body. Since we’re talking about working out a lot, let’s look at Taylor Lautner…He may be a terrible actor, but “Twilight Saga” star Taylor Lautner really knows how to put on mass…talking about him reminds us how annoying his screen presence is, so let’s talk about someone more likeable…Kelly Osbourne! Yay! The “Fashion Police” star lost 70 pounds though diet and exercise. She says that her regimen includes half an hour a day of interval training and either weights, pilates, or yoga. She also loves to hula-hoop, and uses the activity as a combination workout/party-time on a weekly basis. She’s really come a long way, and she looks great; it’s nice to be able to write about it…so let’s upset ourselves again by talking about Perez Hilton!That dude almost definitely had liposuction and/or a tummy tuck, and he looks great, but just writing about him annoys us, so let’s close it out with one more awesome transformation…although it’s not really one for the better…Rob Mcelhenney, star and creator of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” decided that it would be funny for his character (“Mac”) to get fat, so he did. That’s it, he thought it would be funny if Mac was fat, so he put on about forty pounds between seasons. That’s awesome on so many levels. On that smile inducing note, let’s call it a day. Congrats to all of you celebrities who lost weight, and congrats to those who gained it on purpose! Everybody loves a good body transformation!

Chris Evert: Former Tennies Star Resurfaces Her Court?

Chris Evert straight up dominated Professional Women’s Tennis during the 1970s and early 1980s, she was at the top of not just her game, but everyone’s game; finishing each year with the world’s number one ranking for about a decade. Now she spends her time teaching kids how to play the game that she made her name in, but she still seems to be dominating in at least one aspect: she’s kicking age’s butt! How’s she doing it though? Is she going natural? Or is she using “performance enhancers”?Here’s the truth folks: Chris Evert hasn’t that much work done. Some people think that she’s had every plastic surgery under the sun; counting a breast augmentation, a facelift, a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), and dermal injections amongst her many cosmetic procedures. We don’t agree though, we think that she’s been under the knife and to the dermatologist’s office, but we don’t think that she’s had as many visits as everyone else thinks. Here’s how we see it: she’s probably had a breast lift procedure done to keep her girls looking perky, she’s probably had some Botox injected into her skin to keep her face from looking too wrinkled, and she’s most likely a big fan of laser skin peels to keep her face looking fresh. Other than that, we can’t really see her as having had any other work done. She most likely just takes really good care of herself and has great genetics. Sorry to disappoint everyone, but Chris Evert as a plastic surgery nightmare isn’t going to happen. Like we always say, we’re here just as much to disprove plastic surgery theories and show you who’s natural as we are here to throw around rumors about who had what done. Chris Evert is using a smart combination of cosmetic procedures and personal upkeep to drastically slow down the signs of aging that most women her age normally show. She looks great ad we’re really impressed with the way she’s entering her sixties. Plastic surgery should never be your best friend, but it also doesn’t always have to be your worst enemy. Just be buds with it ladies.

Housewife Of The Week: Lizzie Rovsek

Another week, another housewife; this time it’s Lizzie Rovsek. The “Real Housewives of Orange County” star had a pretty successful modeling career before her days as she appeared in countless pictorials and won Miss Kentucky USA in 2002, but that apparently hasn’t stopped her from having work done. Sometimes natural beauty just isn’t enough; let’s take a look at Lizzie… Lizzie parlayed her original time in the spotlight into a relationship with 98 Degrees singer and former “Newlyweds” star Nick Lachey, but she also apparently parlayed it into a nice little bank account. We say this because she’s found a way to pay for quite a few procedures at her young age (she’s still in her early thirties). For starters, she’s had at least one nose job (rhinoplasty), maybe even two, as her bridge had gone from bulbous to less bulbous, to almost thin over the years. She still has a fairly large tip, but the rest of her sniffer is very thinned out compared to how it was in the old days. What hasn’t thinned out though, is her bustline, because she appears to have some pretty huge implants. We lean towards her having had a breast augmentation because even though she’s always had a large chest (which may have also always been fake), her breasts are still pretty perfect and very large for someone who has had two children. Finally we have her skin, which was again, always nice, but she has a little bit of a frozen look; this leads us to believe that she’s had Botox injections performed on her forehead and around her eyes. We can’t guarentee that last one, but standard Bravo Television rules say that if it looks plastic, it probably is. Overall, Lizzie Rovsek is still looking great, she just looks very fake. “Fake Pretty” has kind of become it’s own thing these days, so we have to judge her by those standards. We hope that she doesn’t have anymore work done though, because she’s not too far off from going overboard with her cosmetic procedures. So she looks good now, but we hope that she doesn’t try to do anything else to herself. Call it quits Lizzie!

Kristen Taekman: New York Houswife’s New Chest

Well we can’t really settle the argument about whether bigger really is better, but we can definitely say this: silicone is probably better. Don’t believe us, just ask “Real Housewives Of New York” star Kristen Taekman, because she recently upgraded her breasts and they really look great. The former model is on her second breast augmentation, as the results of her first boob job were made null and void by her breast feeding her two children, and she’s decided that silicone is way to go. We can’t argue with her either, as we had no idea that she had undergone a breast augmentation until we heard her admit to it in an interview. She says that the implants were a gift from her husband for their ninth wedding anniversary, and he’s apparently a big fan of them. Overall, she really looks great for her age, which makes us ask ourselves if her boobs aren’t the only part of her body that a surgeon has gotten his hands on. Let’s take a look…Looking at an older picture of her face, it seems to us like she’s probably had some Botox injections around the upper portion of her face, but that’s really about it. Her nose is slightly different than it used to be, but that’s most likely a result of age and/or how she does her makeup; her smooth skin is the only thing that we can see being the result of anything unnatural. It’s entirely possible that her skin is just the result of a good regimen of creams and face-wash, but her status as a Bravo Television reality star makes us suspect that she’s gone in front of the needle at the dermatologist’s office. Regardless of her she got to where she is, she looks wonderful. At the end of the day, we’re impressed with the shape that she keeps herself in and impressed with the work that her cosmetic surgeons have done on her. Kristen Taekman looks great and we hope that she doesn’t go nuts with the plastic surgery, because we’d hate to see her ruin her looks by trying to hard to keep them. Stay strong Kristen!

Stars Who Regret Having Work Done

Celebrities make a lot of bad decisions, it’s kind of their thing. However, most of their decisions can be reversed by going to rehab, or by giving a good interview, or by taking a role in some independent film to prove your street cred; not plastic surgery though, that mistake is a little bit harder to take back. So when someone like “Sharknado” star Tara Reid goes out and gets a bad boob job and some botched liposuction, she’s way more stuck with these bad procedures than she was with her old drug problem and her dead end career (she’s drug free and relevant these days!). She’s admitted that “There’s not a day that goes by that my stomach doesn’t bother me.”, but that’s really all that she can do; have regret. She’s not alone though, other stars share her pain, stars like Patti LabelleThe soul singing legend decided to get a nose job (rhinoplasty) a few years back, and she’s still upset about the results. Her nose doesn’t look terrible, but when asked about her decision to go under the knife she’s said  “I would tell my younger self not to have problems with the way I looked … not to worry about that nose.”. Those are the words of someone who isn’t happy with their cosmetic procedures. That happens fairly often with nose jobs, just ask Jennifer Grey…We’ve talked before about the “Dirty Dancing” star, but it never can be said too much: plastic surgery can ruin your career. She’s referred to her rhinoplasty as “the nose job from hell” on more than one occasion, and openly admits that it changed her face so much that it completely killed her recognition factor and kept her from getting work for years.  Bad plastic surgery doesn’t have to stop you from getting work to be regrettable though, check out Tori SpellingThe former “Beverly Hills: 90210″ star and “Mystery Girls” actress has had some terrible work done; her chest is a disaster. She knows it too, as she’s admitted before that her boob job was so terrible that it affected her ability to nurse her children. Courtney Love nursed her daughter just fine, but she’s  still unhappy about her lips…Saying “I just want the mouth God gave me back.” is a pretty powerful statement, she should probably ask for her old nose back too…and maybe her old career. Anyhow, let’s finish strong with Heidi Montag-PrattWe’ve all seen the interviews, and we’ve written about it a ton: Heidi underwent over ten procedures in one day t completely change everything about her, and she’s been upset about it ever since. Unfortunately for her and the rest of. the people on this list, plastic surgery is like a tattoo: you can cover it up, but it’s hell to reverse. So folks, if you want to have work done, be sure about it, because even if it isn’t botched, it doesn’t always go the way that you want it to.

Woman Spends $200k To Look Like Cartoon Self

Well folks, we’ve got our newest plastic surgery celebrity! For those of you who don’t know, when celebrity plastic surgery deems someone a plastic surgery celebrity, it’s our way of saying that they’re famous only for having had a bunch of work done. There’s always going to be some of them out there too, people who really feel like they want their entire existence defined by going under the knife. Sometimes it’s a desire to look like your favorite celebrity, other times it’s a desire to look like an iconic toy, and sometimes it’s a desire to look like a caricature of yourself that you had drawn while on vacation in Ibiza when you were fifteen years old. Like how I slipped that in there? There was no other way to segue into something that whacky, I had to just go for it. Anyway, the picture above isn’t a “before and after”, it’s a picture of Krystina Butel and the drawing that inspired her to spend over $200 thousand on various cosmetic procedures. In interviews, she’s stated that she fell in love with her cartoon image the moment that she saw it, and she’s made it her life goal to become the girl in the drawing. She’s gone about attaining that goal by undergoing a ton of surgery…

After opening up her own salon in her late teens (she’s actually a very successful woman from what I can gather), she started her plastic odyssey by getting her first breast augmentation. Since then, she’s had four more sets of implants switched in (she’s now a 36K), had a ton of Botox injections, had her lips done, had semi-permanent make-up put on, had her teeth whitened, and even had her nipples tattooed into heart shapes…because that’s how she imagines the cartoon’s chest is adorned…that’s a bit weird even for this site. She’s still not done having work done either, as she plans on getting a brow lift, butt implants, and even bigger breasts! She already had back problems, so I can’t imagine that it’s a good idea to go even bigger, but clearly she’s going to do what she wants no matter what anyone says.

Overall, she looks a little too much like her goal for me to think that she looks good. However, she’s achieving her goal, she likes the way she looks, and her future husband digs her look, so things could be worse. They probably will be worse someday if she doesn’t stop having work done, so hopefully she calls it quits soon. If not, you’ll be the first to know when “Caricature Lady” gets more cartoonish!

Gwen Stefani: No Doubt She’s Had Work Done

Hey baby, hey baby, hey…you look a little plastic. See what I did there? Of course you did, half of the articles on this website are just song lyrics and weird ellipses,,, it’s what we do! Hey, you’re the one reading this stuff, you’re an enabler. Anyhow, in case the first sentence, the picture above, and/or the shear existence of this article didn’t tip you off, we’re here talking about Gwen Stefani’s plastic past. Like we always say around here; our opinions on her cosmetic procedures have nothing to do with her as a person. In fact, she seems like a really cool woman who has her stuff together, so don’t be upset when we tell you that the “Holla Back Girl” singer, No Doubt front-woman, and judge from “The Voice” has had a bunch of work done. Seriously, don’t be upset that she looks…great…still. Wow, she really does have her stuff together; guess it’s time for another ellipse…So for starters, Gwen has always been gorgeous. She’s a natural beauty who has been setting hearts on fire since No Doubt put out their “Tragic Kingdom” album back in the day, but as she’s gotten older (she’s in her forties now) she’s started to seek the help of the surgeon and the dermatologist to stay looking young and hot. She went to the plastic surgeon first, as she looks to have gotten a nose job (rhinoplasty) some years ago. The procedure turned her classic “pug” nose into a more streamlined and less unique sniffer; thinner in the bridge and more pointed at the tip. She followed that up with some breast implants, as she went from having basically no breasts (seriously, she was very flat) to having at least B-cups, maybe even C-cups. Finally, she’s been fighting off wrinkles by having Botox injections in her forehead and possibly her cheeks. That’s way most plastic surgery than we ever though Gwen Stefani would get. Her slim figure is all natural though, as she’s always been into health and fitness.Overall, her surgeons and doctors did a great job and she looks just as good as ever. However, she never needed to have any work done in the first place. We can understand the boob job, but the rest of her should’ve aged gracefully. It’s a shame that she decided not to, because she most likely would’ve still looked amazing. So in closing: she’s not a candidate for “botched”, but she didn’t even need to be a candidate for this site.