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So Did Amber Rose Really Get Butt Implants?

amber rose butt implantsWell folks, we’ve been tricked…maybe. I’ve reported in the past that I believe that hip-hop personality Amber Rose earned her trademark butt through genetics and squats. However, if we’re to believe Black Madam (real name Padge-Victoria Windslowe), a back-alley cosmetic enhancement specialist,  then Amber got her large booty from silicone injections. Madam is currently on trial for the accidental death of one of her patients. During her cross examination she’s revealed that Kanye West (Amber’s old boyfriend) once dropped off Amber to have work done. She says that Amber served as a “walking billboard” for her services, bringing in all sorts of business because she was so happy with her results. Of course, this is a woman who is most likely going to go to jail for injecting industrial silicone into someone and accidentally murdering her. Her word might not be golden. I’ll keep you posted folks!amber rose plastic surgery

Iggy Azalea Has More Work Done

iggy azalea plastic surgeryIt looks like 2015 is becoming ”The Year Of Iggy Azalea’‘ here at celebrity plastic surgery. First I posted my speculation that she had undergone a boob job but not a nose job. Then we got to speak about my being proved right on the breast augmentation front. Now we are here to talk about my being wrong about her face.iggy azalea before plastic surgeryIn recent appearances, the ”Fancy” rapper looks to have undergone plastic surgery on both her nose and her chin. Her nose looks thinner and smaller, the obvious results of a rhinoplasty. Her chin looks sharper and more defined, more pointy than it was before when it had a rounded look. She most likely had some sort of chin implant put in.iggy azalea after plastic surgeryOverall, she doesn’t look bad, just very fake. She is dangerously close to overdoing it though, so we’re gonna keep an eye on Iggy.

Ellen DeGeneres Getting More Plastic Surgery?

ellen degeneres faceliftEllen Degeneres has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors for years. In the past, critics have said that she’s most likely undergone various Botox injections, chemical peals, a facelift, a browlift, and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). Now she may be at it again!ellen degeneres before and afterIf the rumors are to be believed, the talk show dynamo has had a repeat surgery. The new smoothness of her facial skin and some suspect marks on her neck have a lot of people crying “facelift!”. It’s entirely possible too folks. Her skin is very smooth for a woman of almost sixty, and she’s recently divorced. Many times, in the wake of a big split, women go to the cosmetic surgeon’s office. This could be one of those times. What do you think folks?ellen degeneres plastic surgery

Kristen Stewart Hates Plastic Surgery

kristen stewart hates plastic surgeryWe’ve chatted at length in the past about the possibility of “Twilight” and “American Ultra” star Kristen Stewart getting plastic surgery. We’re going to put all of that speculation to bed though, because K-Stew hates plastic. In a recent interview, the young actress stated that women who go under the knife are “losing their minds.” She went on to state that she considers plastic surgery to be a form of vandalism. She also said that she hates having nice hair. So, it’s entirely possible that she’s really into being natural, or just has some self image issues that she projects onto others. Whatever her reasons, she doesn’t like to get done up with a hair brush or a scalpel. We’ll see if she changes her opinions as she gets older. Until that day comes though, she shall remain all-natural.kristen stewart plastic surgery comments

Did Kendall Jenner Get Implants?

kendall jenner breast implantsThey’re back again folks. Te Kardashian/ Jenner clans are one of celebrity plastic surgery’s most talked about topics. Whether it’s Kim, Kris, or Bruce; we’re always talking about a member of that family. Today we’re talking about young model Kendall Jenner. If recent rumors are true, the teenager underwent a breast augmentation sometime in late 2014 or early 2015.kendall jenner before implantsPreviously one of the less endowed members of the family, Kendall recently arrived to a red carpet event sporting the kind of side boob that has critics crying “breast implants”. her previously flat-ish chest now seems to be a perfectly round C-cup. This means that she either underwent plastic surgery, or that she bought some new bras. kendall jenner boob jobJudging by the dress above, and her ample amount of side boob, she’s not even wearing a bra while showing off her new chest look. That leaves one option: boob job. It seems pretty cut and dry to me folks. What do you all think?

Penn Jillette: Magician Makes Fat Disappear!

penn jillette before and afterFull disclosure folks: Penn Jilliette didn’t have any plastic surgery. However, this site often times ends up being more about body transformations of any sort than just plastic surgery; so let’s talk about this dude’s diet! penn jillette weight lossAfter a visit to the doctor informed him of dangerously high blood pressure, the famed magician decided to make a change. The star of “Penn & Teller: Bull$hit” undertook a nutritarian diet that yielded almost a pound of weight loss per day. The diet consisted of no meat, cheese, sugar, or grains; he lost a total of 105 pounds in just four months. penn jillette dietNow with his weight in the low two hundreds, Penn is living a much healthier lifestyle. He doesn’t need a single blood pressure medication to manage his condition. He looks great and feels great. Great job Penn!penn jillette and david hasselhoff hang out

Selena Gomez: The 2015 Breast Implant Report!

selena-gomez-breast-implants-2015-bikiniI’ve lost count of how much time I’ve wasted deciding if Selena Gomez has breast implants. The “Heart Wants What It Wants” singer has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors for years already. Now it’s 2015, and I’m just as confused as ever. There’s pictures like the on above where she looks natural. The there’s pictures where she’s either put on a bit of weight or clearly has breast implants…selena gomez bikini 2015That looks like a boob job f I’ve ever seen one, but she also looks thicker overall. It’s especially confusing when you see pictures like the one below…Selena Gomez Plastic SurgeryAll of these- photos are from essentially the same time frame. So I sit here more confused about Selena Gomez’s boob job than I was that time I watched “Downton Abbey”. Has she had a breast augmentation? In the past I’ve said “yes”…and today I’m going to say no! I still think that it’s very possible that she’s had one, but my current evidence can’t let me say it for sure. The appearance of implants may be way more bras and angles than saline or silicone. She’s still young though folks, so we have plenty of time to make a final decision. She has just as much time to flat out get her boobs done too. We’ll have to wait and see.

Kate Middleton Having Plastic Surgery?

kate middleton plastic surgery“Royal Family” and “Rumors” are two phrases that go hand in hand. There’s not a day that goes by where there isn’t someone from the British Royals being made the subject of gossip. The latest bit to hit the rumor mill involves Kate Middleton and some plastic surgery. Prince William’s wife has been surrounded by plastic surgery rumors in the past. People have said that everything from her teeth to her nose are fake (veneers and a rhinoplasty). Now the rumors are less about what she had done, and what she will have done in the future. kate middleton tummy tuckKate’s extended request for maternity time have lead a lot of critics to believe that she’s going to have things tightened up after she has her next child. Rumor has it that she plans on having a tummy tuck to keep her midsection looking good after she gives birth. I guess we have to wait and see on this one. If she has it done well enough, we may never know, but we’ll keep an eye out just in case. kate middleton plastic surgery tummy tuck

Nicole Eggert Visits “Botched” For Reduction

nicole eggert plastic surgery breast reductionBack when I was a little Tommy, there weren’t many women on television hotter than Nicole Eggert. The “Charles In Charge” and “Baywatch” star was smokin’. As a woman in her forties, Eggert is still a great looking lady, but apparently not great enough. The starlet recently went on E!’s “Botched” to have her chest looked at in an effort to improve her look.nicole eggert botchedAccording to Dr. Terry Dubrow (he stars in the plastic surgery show along with Dr. Paul Nassif), Eggert basically had a C-cup implant inside DD breasts. Eggert wanted her chest reduced to a B-cup, but Dubrow feared that that may be too small for her frame. nicole eggert breast reductionDuring the show’s filming, Eggert voiced a desire to get back to her old figure. If she does so, then her new smaller breasts should look just fine. Since the surgery was so recent, there’s not a definitive “after” picture for us to show you. However, we’ll be sure to show you Terry Dubrow’s work when the new breast augmentation settles in.

Sarah Stage Stays Fit During Pregnancy

sarah stage pregnantNever heard of Sarah Stage? You’re not alone, because I had never heard of her either until I came across these pictures of her looking the way she did 8 months pregnant. Following a healthy diet, the admitted gym-nut didn’t let her pregnancy stand in the way of her daily training sessions.sarah stage pregnant workoutAn Elite Model since she was a child, Sarah’s height and hormonal response helped her to stay looking tight while carrying; but there’s no substitute for hard work. sarah stage post pregnancyJust days after giving birth she was showing off her body again. As always, she’s encountered haters, but her son is healthy and so is she. To me; that’s a win. Congrats Sarah! Oh yeah, it’s also possible that she has had some plastic surgery. Her chest looks to be the result of a breast augmentation.  That has no bearing on her post pregnancy looks though; so for once, we don’t care that a celebrity has had plastic surgery. So congrats again to mommy and baby!

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