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Some Pics Of Celebrities Without Makeup!

Makeup, it’s not plastic surgery, but it’s the most basic cosmetic procedure there is! It’s kind of like the original plastic surgery, the way that regular people and celebrities covered up imperfections and accentuated strong points back before anyone thought of stuffing silicone and breaking cartilage. Obviously it’s still used today by men and woman all over the world, it’s a billion dollar industry, but it’s probably used most by image conscious and camera conscious celebrities. It’s just part of the gig to get all dolled up for public appearances, but what about when the cameras aren’t supposed to be pointed at them? How do celebs look when they don’t have the help of professional stylists and makeup artists? Sometimes they look like Marilyn Manson; when he scrapes off the gallon of man makeup that he usually wears, he looks…well…somehow more creepy. Ugh, let’s look at someone who looks less like the product of cousin hugging…Annalyne McCord! The “Dallas” star cakes it on pretty heavy when she walks the red carpet or shows up on television, but she doesn’t look all that bad without it either. She looks very different, a lot more like the Atlanta girl that she is, but she still looks like someone most men would be proud to bring home to mamma. Emilia Clarke has the same luck…The “Game Of Thrones” star recently posted a Facebook pic without being all dolled up and looked great. She obviously doesn’t look at glamorous, but she very clearly has some great natural features. Faith Hill’s change from spotlight to not-light is a little more drastic…Okay, she doesn’t look “bad”, but when you’re used to seeing her with so much makeup looking so wonderful all the time, the difference is almost shocking. She looks very plain when she doesn’t have her style-war paint on, but we’ll still say that she doesn’t look bad…Kim Kardashian kind of does…She looks a bit like an escaped mental patient in that picture, we’re not going to lie. So maybe that’s not the most fair shot to use, but the woman is paid to be good looking and has an entire career based on her looks, so you’d think that she’s be a little more easy on the eyes in her natural state. She must put on a ton of foundation before she goes out…Sofia Vergara must do the same… That’s got to be just a bad picture, because you can still see that she has a great bone structure even when she’s not done up, but she definitely looks a lot more her age without all that makeup on. Tyra Banks kind of does too…You can see why she became a model right? She’s got good bones! However, she looks like she needs some rest and looks a lot more like she’s in her forties than she does when she has the help of an esthetician. Again, not “bad”, just looks her age and looks like a more normal person. Some of these ladies might want to talk to Rose Byrne about skin care……because aside from some tired eyes, the “Neighbors” and “Bridesmaids” funny lady looks wonderful even without makeup. Like we said, makeup covers-up, but it sometimes just enhances naturally great features. There’s a ton of pictures of celebrities without makeup in our archives folks, so this won’t be the last time we talk about this, but it may be the nicest, because some people look downright scary without there cosmetic kit! Until then, remember: you don’t always need makeup to look good…but sometimes you really do.


Five Celebrities Who Shouldn’t Have Gotten Facelifts

Meant to reverse the signs of aging, facelifts are some of the more popular procedures in the plastic surgery game. With over 150,000 people a year going under the knife, the procedure is one of the more streamlined and safe surgeries that someone can get, but it still get’s screwy from time to time. The procedure involves incisions being made at the edges of the face, the skin literally being pulled tighter, possibly the suctioning out of some fat, and the trimming of now excess skin; so there’s quite a few junctures where mistakes can be made. However, like we said before, the procedure is pretty much perfected, so the plain truth is that sometimes people just shouldn’t get facelifts because the optimal results aren’t going to look right. These five celebrities fall into that category, and the category of “you were probably fine after one, but the second time around screwed you up”. Let’s start our list with The Gambler!Kenny Rogers has undergone at least two facelifts, and while the first one just kind of altered his look, the others made his skin too tight and took too much weight out of his face. Now he looks a bit too much like a skeleton man. Really folks, he doesn’t look like a younger Kenny Rogers, he just looks like a totally different old dude. Meg Ryan doesn’t look like a different person, she just looks like a crazy version of herself…It looks like Sally from “When Harry Met Sally” has met with her plastic surgeon one too many times. Her facelift made her skin too tight and took away the trademark softness and “girl next-door” quality that her facial features were always known for. Now her chin looks way too thin and her face it too v-shaped. Melanie Griffth has the exact opposite problem…Antonie Banderas’ ex-wife has gone under for a facelift more than once, and now her skin isn’t anchored the same way that it once was. Combined with too many Botox injections, her facelifts have left her skin looking too hangy and puffy.Suzanne Somers of ThighMaster, “Step By Step”, and “Three’s Company” fame has also gone under for too many facelifts and now has an overly puffy look. She actually doesn’t look that bad, she just looks very different from how she used to look. She most likely could’ve aged naturally and looked great on her own, but now she looks like every other older rich woman. Speaking of “should’ve aged gracefully”… Wayne Newton is not only a dude, but he’s a dude who wasn’t known for his good looks. He aged into a very handsome man in a rugged way, so when he went under and got his skin tightened, the resulting look made him look too feminine and primped. It’s a shame, because Wayne was a cool looking dude during his Vegas hey-day. He should’ve just let himself age like a crooner! These people all should’ve just let themselves age naturally, but celebrities love plastic surgery, and they really love facelifts! So if you see your favorite famous person and their skin is a little too tight, get scared, because the second facelift might be just around the corner!

Celebrities Improve Teeth With Veneers

Cosmetic dentistry is probably the least crazy of all the cosmetic procedures out there. There’s no real risk to your health when you undergo the initial procedure, if they’re botched they can be redone, and regular not-rich people have them put on all the time. During the procedure, which is usually done to cover up teeth with bad coloring and/or bad alignment, the patient’s real teeth are shaved down a bit and new teeth (usually made from porcelain) are placed over them using a powerful adhesive. Post surgery, the patient is advised to stay away from eating things that need to be bitten into with there front teeth to prevent breaking or loosening of the front veneers. The surgery is pretty popular amongst celebrities, so let’s take a look at some famous people who have gone under the lights of the dental chair to have veneers put on!Let’s start our list with ole’ crazy smile herself: Miley Cyrus. The ‘Wrecking Ball” and “Party in the USA” singer loves to make goofy smiling face at any camera that aims at her, so it’s no surprise that she wanted to cover up her old off-colored teeth with some fancy new pearly whites. Since we’re on the subject of crazy people smiling, let’s talk Tom Cruise!People often forget that Tom Cruise was once completely unassociated with Scientology,and used to have terrible teeth. The ”Edge of Tomorrow” and “Oblivion” star had some seriously jacked up chompers when he was a kid, but he took care of his grill problems by having veneers put on back in the 80s. Now he;s find his stride as an actor again, and his smile is just as handsome and famous as ever! Ready for a bad segway? He probably ate too many dark spices when he was a kid and that gave him his off colored mouth. Speaking of spice, former. Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has veneers too!Sorry about the end of that last paragraph folks. Anyhow, style icon Victoria didn’t have terrible teeth before visiting the dentist, but they weren’t nearly as while and were kind of small. Now she has a great smile! Her smile is almost as nice as Catherine Zeta-Jones’.Famed beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones never had a terrible smile, but rumors have persisted for years that her current teeth aren’t natural. Looking at older pictures, we totally see it, she used to have a less bright-white color to her teeth and used to have some spacing and alignment issues. She looks great now, and her procedure didn’t giver her horse teeth, so that’s awesome…Ben Affleck can’t really say the same thing though.Ben Affleck is a really handsome dude, but his veneers are a bit too larger for his mouth and have always given his mouth a bit of a puffy look. The “Superman Vs Batman: Dawn of Justice” star is still a chiseled looking dude, but he maybe should’ve had less porcelain put in his mouth.Other stars, like “Gravity” star George Clooney, Timothy Olyphant of “Justified” fame and “Dallas Buyers Club” star Jennifer Garner also appear to have had veneers put on in the past to at least slightly alter the appearance of their smiles. Cosmetic dentistry is one of the more popular minor procedures that a celebrity will have done in order to get that little bit of extra star quality. So with that said, this won’t be the last time we chat about cosmetically changed chompers. Until then, keep your eye on everybody’s teeth- because if they are famous; they’re probably fake.

Renee Zellweger is Totally Unrecognizable

We reported back in March that the Bridget Jones’ Diary star Renee Zellweger had plastic surgery which really changed her appearance. Well now it looks like Renee has taken things even further and she is now completely unrecognizable! It’s hard to believe this is even the same woman, but it is! Renee has been out of the spotlight for the last several years but that has all changed with her new appearance. Renee’s new look is so different it’s scary.

Take a look at these before and after pictures of Renee. Are you as shocked as we are?

Jessica Simpson: The Definitive Boob Job Pic?

She’s back folks! Jessica Simpson, she of “Newlyweds”, “Price of Beauty”, and all sorts of chicken and tuna jokes fame, has finally made her return to celebrity plastic surgery! The famed singer (she’s sold over 20 million album), model, actress, and fashion designer is no stranger to our pages because of somewhat extensive plastic surgery portfolio, but we haven’t heard from her in quite some time. In the past, we’ve reported on the possibilities, and often realities, of her having undergone a nose job (a rhinoplasty that changed her nose from a very unique flat look to a smaller, thinner, and more generic sniffer), a chin re-sculpting (she used to have a little bit of a butt chin that she either grew out of or had surgically altered), Restylane and Juvederm injections in her lips (her lips were pretty puffy for a while), and of course a breast augmentation or two. Her seemingly perfect breasts have always been a point of contention amongst plastic surgery critics, and rumors have ranged from her having had implants put in, to her have her natural breasts reduced. Well now we may finally have proof that there’s something rotten in Denmark…or fresh in Simpson, depends how you look at it…Jessica recently threw a Hawaiian themed bachelorette party for her sister Ashlee (Ashlee with the nose job and the lip syncing scandal), and in a picture from the event, her chest is looking a bit suspect. Now we’re not saying that this proves of disproves any previous rumors, but we’re saying that it looks like Jessica currently has implants. She’s lost a lot of weight recently (on purpose) and looks great, but we can’t help but notice that her breasts are a little uneven and look a bit too round, like implant round. She doesn’t look bad at all, and we really can’t get over how great she looks, but her breasts just seem a little too round and perky when you consider that she’s a mom and just dropped a bunch of pounds. Take a close look at the picture, she’s got a good amount of space in her cleavage too, another tell tale sign. What do you think folks: is Jess showing off some new assets? Or is she just pushing up what nature gave her?

Facial Transplants: How Do They Work?

No folks, that rabbit isn’t starring in a Muppet version of “Phantom of the Opera”, it’s a great idea and I plan on writing the script first thing tomorrow, but it’s still not the case. Nope, that fuzzy little ball of bunny is the proud recipient of a face transplant. You see, Chinese doctors originally practiced the procedure on rabbit before moving onto humans, so the rabbit in the pictures on this page was one of those test subjects (as far as we know, the rabbit went on to live a pretty standard life…for a rabbit…they kind of just sit around a lot). Now they didn’t just go straight for the big time with this procedure, surgeon’s originally only did facial reattachment procedures, like the one that a doctor performed in 1994 on Sandeep Kaur after then 9-year-old Sandeep had her face ripped off by a thresher. The successful surgery was the first of its kind, and even though she never regained full mobility in her face, Sandeep is living a happy life twenty years later, However, the idea of a full transplant from someone else was still a bit scary. Facial transplant surgery involves a lot of reattaching of arteries and nerves, and doctors feared the patients bodies rejecting their new skin; in organ transplants, that’s always a huge concern. Medical science braced on though, and the first successful partial face transplant from a donor was performed on France’s Isabelle Dinoire in 2005. She had lost a large part of the lower half of her face during an animal attack, but the surgery left her with a fully functioning and pretty face, and more importantly, with an unaltered quality of life. The first full transplant wouldn’t take place for another five years, as a man in Spain was given someone else’s grill after being injured in a shooting accident. So now face transplants are a thing, but how do they work?

Isabelle Dinoire a few months, and then a year after her transplant

Okay, so for starters, the donor in a face transplant has to be a perfect genetic match and be alive but brain dead with no hope of recovery. If the blood and tissue don’t match up with the recipient, the procedure will fail, so doctors use a test called HLA typing; they look for antigens on the surface of the tissue. Each person as his/her own individual pattern of these proteins, but their are similarities between individuals. The close the antigen pattern on the skin, the more likely the match between donor and recipient. During the actual procedure, surgeons remove everything from just skin, to skin, fat, muscle, cartilage, nerves, arteries, veins, and bones. Once the removal is complete, the donor tissue is transported to another operating room where the patient is waiting with the replaced area already prepped (damaged skin removed etc.). At this point, microscopic needle and thread are used to first connect arteries and veins, then nerves and muscles. The the face is fitted and placed on the new “pallet”. Afterwards, th recipient must take immunosuppresant drugs the rest of his/her life to insure prevention of tissue rejection. There’s obviously a lot of room for error, and it’s still an imperfect process, as oftentimes recipients are still left fairly disfigured from the procedure. However, the results almost always represent an improvement in the person’s condition, and the hope generated by it is enough on its own to make the surgery a worthwhile risk for most of those in need of it. It still has a long way to go, but facial transplant surgery is a modern marvel that I’m happy to write about!

Cosmetic Surgery: Which Procedures Are Overrated?

There’s no arguing with it folks: sometimes plastic surgery works. Actually, for a lot of people who aren’t famous, plastic surgery works pretty darn often. When you just have regular rich person money, you’re less likely to overdo it  in the surgeon’s office and you’re therefore less likely to end up with a botched cosmetic procedure. You’re also less likely to be able to afford or get in contact with the best surgeons, but there’s still plenty of solid options out there for you. However, no matter who does it, there’s some procedures that we here at celebrity plastic surgery just feel are a waste of time. So let’s take a look at five of the most overrated cosmetic procedures that are being done these days…Let’s start with Sculptra and its crazy cousin Artefill, two products that have seen success as collagen producing fillers used for dermal injections into the temples, cheeks, and dimples. However, Sculptra (originally used to help HIV patients with facial wasting) and Artefill (a mixture of plexiglass-like beads and cow collagen) don’t do well when injected in the lips and often result in a lumpy appearance. What’s worse, the injected materials then need to be cut out of the patient! Any benefit that one could hope for from these two injection options doesn’t even come close to outweighing the risks, and their desired results can be safely attained with Juvederm or Restylane injections, making them super overrated…but not as overrated as cheek implants.Botox works, so do other facial fillers, so with that said, the questions becomes: why would anyone still want to go under the knife to get silicone cheek implants? Even when anchored below the skin, these implants have a nasty habit of migrating, causing infections, and creating a permanently over-plumped look. If you want proof, look no further than famed plastic disaster Jocelyn Wildenstein. She has cheek implants…how’d that go for her?Speaking of injections being a better option, that’s not the case at all when it comes to breasts. Fat injections as a form of breast enlargement not only yield at most a single cup size worth of growth, but the results often disappear within months of the procedure when the fat is re-absorbed into the body. Just get breast implants if you want a bigger chest, that’s your best option.While fat injections may not last, the scars from brachioplasty procedures sure do! The procedure that people use to reduce the appearance of flab on the back of their arms can only be done well if the patient has a minimal amount of excess skin and perfect skin elasticity. The more common result is an arm with a giant a scar down the back of it. This surgery seems especially overrated when you consider that people could just workout and see a reduction in their “bat wings”. Brachioplasty may be an overrated surgical procedure, but it’s a friggin’ kidney transplant when compared to the last procedure on our list…the foot-lift!Yup, people get surgery to improve the appearance of their feet. There’s a ton of painful side effects, recovery takes forever, and no one ever really sees the results…also…it’s surgery to make your feet look good! That’s like putting expensive rims on a ’89 Civic, it’s unnecessary and it makes you look dumb. That makes the foot-lift the most overrated cosmetic procedure there is! So folks, stop wasting money on these surgeries, they’re not doing you any favors!

Shannon Beador: A Real “Real Housewife”?

Shannon Beador is new to the “Real Housewives of Orange County”, so maybe she doesn’t know this yet, but: if you’re a star of any of the hit Bravo Housewives series, you have to have plastic surgery! We’re not sure if it’s a legit requirement, that doesn’t really sound legal, but we’re pretty sure that when you sign your contract they at least give you some coupons and a free consult with a surgeon. Anyhow, in a recent interview with Bravo Czar Andy Cohen, Shannon was asked about how she feels about going under the knife, and she responded “You know, I’m 50, which is a frightening number, and I am trying to do whatever I can in the natural way to stop the aging process, so, as far as going under the knife. I want to try and avoid that.”.  She was actually asked specifically if she’d be willing to let castmate Terry Dubrow work on her, so her denial will probably ruffle some feathers. Now the question becomes: do we believe her?Yes folks, we do in fact believe that Shannon Beador  hasn’t had any plastic surgery. She seems to be really into healthy eating and healthy living overall, so we doubt that she’s ready to go under the knife. Also, when you look at her body, you can tell that even though she looks good for her age, she’s doesn’t look “good enough” to have had any sort of liposuction or breast augmentation. We’re not going to rule it out in the future though, because she’s admitted before that she’s unhappy with her chest, and she said that she’s trying to avoid plastic surgery, which doesn’t exactly completely rule out cosmetic surgery in her future. It’s very possible the plastic surgery bug will jump off of one of her fellow housewives and nip her in the chest. Also, it’s worth pointing out that she’s never denied having Botox injections, and her skin looks pretty solid for a woman in her fifties, so we wouldn’t be totally shocked to find out that she’s gone in front of the needle. Otherwise though, it’s probably safe to say that she’s certified plastic free!

Claire Stansfield’s Lips Are Out Of Control

Claire Stansfield isn’t the most famous celebrity we’ve ever reported on here at the ole’ plastic surgery shop, but she’s still had a pretty impressive career as an actress (she’s appeared on episodes of shows like “Frasier” and “Xena: Warrior Princess”), model, and fashion designer. What she hasn’t had an impressive career in is getting cosmetic surgery. She’s one of our least favorite types of celebrities; she’s a woman who was born with natural good looks, and she decided to go under the knife and ruin it in instead of allowing herself to age gracefully. Let’s take a look at her failed efforts at dodging father time.For starters, let’s address the elephant in the room: her lips; those things are out of control! She appears to have had multiple lip injections, as Restylane or Juvederm have pumped her lips up to astronomical levels, and then it appears as if she’s tried to ween off the lip sauce, but it’s ;eft her looking deflated in the mouthpiece. Her other surgeries and procedures are less guaranteed to have occurred, but we’ll speculate on them because that’s just how we do things around here. It’s very possible that she’s undergone a facelift that has left her skin looking overly tight and a bit shiny. She’s also most likely had a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) that’s completely changed the shape of her eyes; the procedure took away the smokey look that she once had and left her with a look that’s too wide-eyed for our liking and for her face. Finally, we think that she’s dabbled in Botox injections; they’re contributing to her skin’s smoothness and making her look a bit too puffy. That’s about all we’ve noticed in regards to her plastic portfolio.At the end of the day, Claire Stansfield really blew it. She was dealt a great hand in life and threw it away by going under the knife and in front of the needle way too much. She’s gone from model to a puffy face, and it’s a darn shame. She needs to quit having work done before things get worse, because she’s on her way to becoming a plastic surgery nightmare.

Nothing Real About Reality Stars

Plastic Surgery and reality television go together like peanut butter and jelly…if PB & J tasted horrible but was still always kept together. It’s come full circle too, as the plastic surgeon husbands of some of the fake reality stars have their own show where they do plastic surgery. Yup, my head just exploded too, but people like Doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow (pictured above, they’re the stars of “Botched”, the show that made my head explode)  have been making money off of reality television stars hand over fist for years. Here’s a few of the “celebrities” that we’ve seen have a ton of work done in recent years…Former “The Hills” star Heidi Montag-Pratt is basically the queen of. plastic surgery when it comes to reality show stars, and that’s a lofty title when you consider how much work all of these people have done! She famously went in for ten plastic surgeries in one day; including a brow lift, a nose job (rhinoplasty), having her ears pinned, her chin shaved , two breast enlargements (these were at different times), her back scooped out , fat injected into her cheekbones, and liposuction on her inner and outer thighs. However, that wasn’t the craziest thing that she had done; that honor belongs to her marrying Spencer friggin’ Pratt.

Not content with just being in the news for a teen pregnancy and her mother running for office, Bristol Palin went under the knife to have the whole lower half of her face redone. The procedures completely changed her look, and while she’s a bit better looking now, she still didn’t need to have anything done at such a young age (she was still a teen). J…Wow that’s a big change. Jenni “Jwoww” Farley of “Jersey Shore” fame went from punky looking kid to bombshell when she had both a nose job and huge breast implants added to her list of cosmetic improvements. She also seems to have had Juvederm or Restylane injected into her lips and in recent years has started to look like she’s falling in love with Botox dermal injections.She’s got nothing on Kris Jenner though, as the “Keeping Up With Kardashians” star and all around horrible human being has had a nose job, multiple breast augmentations, lip injections, a facelift, dermal injections, and most likely some cheek work done in the last few decades. She looks nothing like she used to, but one thing has never changed: she’s still a crazy person.Speaking of crazy, the “Real Housewives” franchise on Bravo is crazy popular and is filled with crazy people with crazy amounts of plastic surgery. Two of the lesser talked about stars Vicki Gunvalson (from Orange County) and Kathy Wakile (from New Jersey) have had a lot of work done. Vicki recently had a breast lift done, as well as a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and some sort of chin work, while Kathy underwent a drastic nose job that changed her entire look.Reality stars love to have work done, you can tell just by checking out this website. Given the nature of the reality television game, I can’t see this ever changing, but I do see these celebrities changing faces and bodies over and over again. This isn’t the first time I’ve written about them, and it won’t be the last folks.