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Celebrities Have Weird Body Parts Too!

You see it in the tabloids all the time, headlines that read “Look! Celebrities are just like us!” and “Even famous people use port-o-potties!” followed by pictures of annoyed famous folks doing the same things as the rest of us. We here at celebrity plastic surgery have become board of that stuff though, if we’re going to compare ourselves to the high and mighty, let’s take a look at the parts of them that still aren’t the same as the rest of us, but for weird reasons! You see, celebrities really are just like us, so they’re imperfect just like us, and sometimes they even have strange physical features! Ho-ray for other people’s slight misfortunes! Take former “Friends” star Matthew Perry, who lost the tip of his ring finger in an accident when he was younger. Not quite “off” enough for you? Well try this on for size… Ashton Kutcher of “Punked”, “Jobs”, and “once married a much older woman who we made fun of him for marrying but most men would’ve killed to even have dinner with” fame isn’t known for being the most talented actor in Hollywood. He is however known for having webbed feet…yes, webbed feet like a duck and/or Labrador Retriever. He’s also with Mila Kunis now, so apparently chicks dig swimmy feet. Dan Akroyd also has the toes of a fish man, and he made “Ghostbusters” and “Trading Places”, so it’s apparently a trait that doesn’t hold you back. Another strange trait that doesn’t appear to be holding anyone back is the infamous third nipple, as seen on tv on the chests of Chandler Bing and Krusty The Clown. In real life it’s actually not very exciting and is usually described as something more akin to a mole than an actual nipple. If you’re interested in learning more about the ole’ superfluous third nippy, you should ask Lily Allen, Tilda Swinton, and/or Carrie Underwood.

Speaking of extra parts, if polydactyly (a condition in which one is born with an extra finger on each hand) is your game, than Gemma Arterton (“Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters”) might be your name. Taye Diggs (“Murder In The First”) might also be your name, as both stars were born with extra digits that they had removed early on in life. Speaking of digits, one of the more random and strange fingers in the celebrity business belongs to none other than “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” star Megan Fox. The famed beauty has a condition known as brachydactyly type D (BDD), which is just a fancy way of saying that she has club thumbs. Yeah all you jealous ladies out there, don’t get too jazzed that she’s deformed, it’s just a thumb, guys are still going to be in love with her on sight. Much like our next contestant… Yes, that’s model Karolina Kurkova, and yes…she has no bellybutton. Seriously, she appears to have no bellybutton…that’s kind of awesome, good for her. Oprah Winfrey, of…well…”being Oprah” fame has a bellybutton, but she also has a sixth toe on her left foot. So even The Big O isn’t perfect…or is she? Listen ladies and gentlemen, the truth is that there’s nothing wrong with any of these stars and their extra or lacking body parts, they’re all, and you’re all, perfect in your own way. Except for Kesha, because she was apparently born with a tail and wrote that “Tick Tock” song, so she’s a little off all around.


10 Famous Celebrity Nose Jobs: Before & After

Celebrities love two things: Fame…and nose jobs! Okay, so they probably love a few more different things, like money, awards, and themselves; nose jobs are up there though. With that said, let’s take a step away from reviewing just an individual celebrity’s plastic portfolio and take a gander at ten of the most famous reconstructed beaks in the business. Presented in no particular order, of course, because we not here to rank today, just to appreciate…and make fun of. We begin our list with Ryan Reynolds’ wife and former “Gossip Girl” Blake Lively, who underwent a drastic change in facial features during the early days of her career. Always a cute girl, she decided to make herself more traditionally “hot” by having her nose thinned out from its previously more bulbous incarnation.

Undergoing a similar, but far less drastic, change was “Glee” star Diana Agron. The television singing sensation shrunk down her breathing apparatus a few years back and actually looks a little better than before. The rhinoplasty was pretty unnecessary though, as she looked great before. Another woman known for her pipes more than her nostrils is Lady Gaga, who had a huge nose before going under the knife. Her nose now is actually still fairly large, but has a very natural and imperfect look to it. It does however, negate the meaning of her song “Born This Way”. Speaking of being full of bull… Kim Kardashian! Yeah! What? Did you think that we’d get through a compilation without mentioning one of the reality star Kardashians? Kanye’s wife was born with a way bigger nose than the one that she’s working with now, but she chose to have it thinned our, pinched, and made “less ethnic” by her surgeon in order to further her modeling career. Maybe she can talk about her nose next time she’s on the E! Network, because one of its hosts has undergone a similar procedure. Superstar radio and television host and MC Ryan Seacrest is the new Casey Kasem, but he went out of his way and under the knife to make sure that he didn’t look like the next Howard Stern. Seacrest had his nose straightened out and reduced in size before he hit it big as host of “American Idol”. Nene Leakes is another reality star who’s had her nose changed. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” starhad her nose reduced and straightened out. It resulted in a complete cange in her look, for the better by most people’s accounts. She kept her nose fairly large with the procedure and managed to maintain a very real look afterwards. Megan Fox went the opposite way, and changed her entire look from “Girl Next Door” to “Who is that!?”. The new facial feature jump-started the adult (age wise, she’s not doing nude work) portion of her career and has contributed to her almost cartoonish good looks. Judging by her work in the new Ninja Turtles movie, that cartoon hotness works. Speaking of ridiculously good looking people, “Greys Anatomy” star Patrick Dempsey actually isn’t as naturally handsome as most of you would think, as McDreamy actually had a McNosejob when he was younger. It shrug hos honker down a bit and streamlined the overall look of his face. His work was nothing compared to our next guest though. LaToya Jackson…just…uhhhhh…just look at the pictures. Seriously, there’s no words. Now this last one might be a bit of a surprise, as very few people realize that screen legend Marilyn Monroe most likely had a rhinoplasty to shrink the bridge of her nose and complete her transition from Norma Jean to Marilyn. She was gorgeous before and gorgeous after, but she seems to have definitely had work done. See folks, celebrities have been having work done since before there were idiots like us to report on it, and they’ll probably keep having work long after this site goes p to the big cache in the sky.

Bree Walker Has Walked Into Surgeon’s Office Too Many Times

Bree Walker started her life in the public eye as an inspiring figure; she was the first woman with ectrodactyly (a condition in which the afflicted is born with some of their smaller appendages fused together) to get a position as a network news anchor. However, the former CBS New York anchorwoman left her famed job in 1994, and she’s since then become known for some less inspirational things: her drunk driving arrest, and her bad plastic surgery. When Bree left the public eye back in the day, she was still a fresh faced natural beauty, but when she was recently arrested, her mugshots showed everyone just how bad her plastic portfolio is. I’m not going to lie, an unfortunate part of her current look is the result of alcohol abuse; her super thin and drawn out facial appearance is more from the bottle than it is from the needle. This isn’t to say that her cosmetic procedures aren’t making things way worse though. From the looks of her, she’s had at least lip injections, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and a possible nose job (rhinoplasty). Her lips, especially when compared to her ultra-thin face, are way too inflated from all of the Juvederm she’s most likely had stuff in. Her eyes also pop way too much for her face, as they are somehow both set back in her head (because of her weight loss) and too wide. She almost definitely has had an eyelid procedure; I can’t say if it’s truly “botched”, or if it just looks bad because she looks a little rough, but it’s not yielding its intended results, that’s for sure. Her nose is kind of up in the air for me too, as it has a somewhat “thin and pinched” look to it as many post-rhinoplasty noses look, but she’s always had a small beak, so it’s entirely possible that her weight loss is just accentuating this trait and making it look worse than it is. There’s also been rumors that she’s had a breast augmentation done, if so, then her boob job actually might not be that bad, so that’s a plus for her. Even though she’s extremly thin, her breasts still seem to sit fairly nice on her chest. They might be nightmares when she’s not wearing a bra, but they at least look okay when she’s wearing clothes. It’s also very possible that she’s had a facelift and some Botox injections in her cheeks, but that part of her look is most likely from her poor physical condition.Overall, Bree Walker isn’t looking her best these days, but I can’t decide whether it’s because her plastic surgery went so bad, or because she has done so much damage to her liver. I can say this much: she needs to stop having work done right now, because she looks a bit disastrous, and she should focus on cleaning up her life rather than having more work done. She was once a very nice looking lady (Fun Fact: she was also once married to boxing commentator Jim Lampley) , and it would be a shame to see her get even further away from that.

Brenda Dickson: Soap Star To Plastic Princess

Alright folks, we’re digging a little bit deep into the vault on this one, but it’s about time we talk about former “The Young and the Restless” star Brenda Dickson.  After a big run on the popular daytime soap opera, a starring role on “Falcon Crest” and a couple of weeks in jail, Dickson has started a career as an author and all around “random celebrity” (think of Andy Dick, the guy hasn’t been in a real movie in like a decade, but he still manages to be rich and famous). She also has a gig as one of those aging stars that just looks too darn fake to be normal. Yeah, she’s pretty plastic fantastic, so let’s take a look at her surgical past…Okay, so from the looks of it, Brenda Dickson has had at least five different cosmetic procedures done throughout her life. Starting below the neck, I can pretty much guarantee that she’s has some sort of breast augmentation to keep her chest looking so large and in charge; the woman is a senior citizen and appears to have better boobs than she did when she was in her youth, so I’m saying that she’s had both implants and a lift. Above the neck is where the real action is, as Dickson has almost definitely had a brow lift, a full facelift, a nose job, and eyelid surgery (a blepharoplasty). That’s a ton of pulling of the skin and breaking of the cartilage; combine that with a healthy dose of Botox and you end up with a woman who isn’t really “bad” looking, but who looks way more puffy than anyone looks naturally. Her nose looks pretty good, but her eyes look a tad too bulgy for my tastes. One positive though, the surgeries succeeded in making her look younger. So she looks very plastic, but she looks like new plastic.Overall, Brenda Dickson has had a bit too much work done, but not enough that she looks like a full on horror show like some people think she does. She needs to stop with the Botox before it gets our of hand, but otherwise she’s not nearly as bad as has been reported. So stop now Brenda, before I have to write another article about you!

Ashley Greene: Bitten By Vampires? Or The Plastic Bug?

Yes folks, vampires can get plastic surgery too…or at least the people who play vampires can go under the knife. Take Ashley Greene for example, the “Twilight” star has been the subject of various plastic surgery rumors for years. Of course, not all of them are true, maybe none of them are true actually, but that’s what I’m here for ladies and gentlemen: to separate the real truth from the plastic lies…or the plastic truth from the real lies. Either way, let’s talk about Ashley’s Greene cosmetic procedures!

The “Burying The Ex” and “Random” starlet is considered by most critics to be one of the more attractive young talents in Hollywood, but the question has always come up as to whether she’s a natural beauty, or whether she’s had the help of a plastic surgeon. The two main rumors that come up about her are in regards to whether she’s had a nose job (rhinoplasty) and whether she’s had a boob job (breast augmentation). Let’s start with the nose job, which a lot of people think she had within the last few years, it reportedly thinned out her nose and made it a little more pointy. I can agree that her nose looks a little different than it did a few years back, but I’m not really on board with the idea that she’s had any sort of procedure done on it. Instead, I’m going to say that she’s just lost weight and grown into her features; same nose, just a more mature version of it. The alledged boob job pretty much falls under the same category, as we here at celebrity plastic surgery are pretty sure that her ultra-perfect breasts are more about youth than they are about any sort of breast augmentation procedure. We can admit that they sometimes look fake, but it’s from the types of bras that she wears and because she’s an in-shape girl in her twenties. So when it’s all said and done, we understand that Ashley Greene looks like she’s had plastic surgery, but we don’t think that that means that she’s actually had any work done. So folks, we’re going to say it: Ashley Greene is real! We think…don’t quote us on that.

Ashley Massaro: Fake Former Diva

Former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Diva Ashley Massaro didn’t have the most decorated career inside the squared-circle, but she hold the distinction of being one of the more fake looking women to even jump into a WWE ring. Massaro entered pro wrestling’s biggest promotion through a “Diva Search” competition (for those of you who have lives, I don’t, and don’t watch fake-fighting, that means that she was hired because fans thought she was hot), and is actually more famous because she posed for Playboy than she is for her abilities as a wrestler. Big shock right? She posed for a nude magazine and she’s had plastic surgery! Consider me stunned folks. Anyhow, she actually might not be as fake as you think, but she’s definitely fake.Let’s get the obvious parts out of the way first: her boobs. Simply put: they don’t come like that naturally. Her breasts are huge for her frame, overly round, very shiny (that’s the implant stretching the skin), and if you’ve seen her “modeling’ spreads, you’ll know that they defy gravity like it’s nobodies business. There’s zero chance that she hasn’t had at least one breast augmentation, and I’m sure she wouldn’t deny it if asked…she might slap you for bothering her about it, but she’d probably admit that she has implants. Other than her breasts, the main rumors about Ashley would involve her having filler injections to keep her skin smooth, but I really don’t think that she’s full of Botox. Instead, I’m pretty sure that she just used to have stage make-up caked on whenever she was on television. I won’t deny that her face is a little puffy, but I’m not ready to commit to saying that she’s gone under the needle…in more ways than one. During her wrestling days, I wouldn’t be shocked if she was on some type of steroid (possibly clenbuterol to keep her ripped), whether it was oral or injectable, I can’t say. However, it’s hard to stay in the shape she stayed in without being on something, and her jaw looked a little wide towards the end of her WWE stint. Enlarged features like that are often a sign of steroid use. Oh yeah, her lips are full of Juvederm too. Almost forgot about those bad boys, they’re filled to the brim and way more puffy than just about anyone’s are naturally.Overall, she’s a pretty girl, she just looks very fake. There’s nothing wrong with it, and if her career was built on plastic surgery, then good for her for finding a way to the top. Sometimes, for some people, fake is the only way to succeed.

Prince Frederic Von Anhalt’s Melting Face

When we think of class, we think of royalty; it’s just how we’re conditioned. We think of king and queens, we think of princes and princesses, and how regal they all must be. However, when most people think of Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband Prince Frederic Von Anhalt,the first thing they think about is “Does that creep have a reality show yet?”. Well folks, the man who once claimed to be the father of the late Anna Nicole Smith’s son, the man who threw a party for his sickly wife and didn’t really let her out for it, the man who isn’t an actual prince (he got the title when he was adopted…at age 36…no really), is one step closer to being a reality star, because he’s latest foray into the plastic surgery game has left him ready for an appearance on “Botched”! What did he have done? We’re not really sure, so let’s take a look…

The prince is currently all about admitting that he went under the knife, mainly because he wants to sue his plastic surgeon, but he’s not telling anyone what he meant to have done when he hopped onto the operating table. What’s very clear though, is that the result of the procedure is a man who looks like his face is melting off. When we first saw the “after” picture of the ole’ Freddy, we thought that he had a ton of botched Botox injection that caused his skin to droop all over his face and give him his sagging skin look. However, he’s claiming that the mistake was made during surgery, so we’re going with a combination botched facelift and messed up eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) that has left the famous party-er with his unfortunate new look. He’s claiming that if the results are not reversed he’s going to take the surgeon to court, so we hope that it all gets resolved before we get stuck watching this guy weep on a witness stand. However, at his advanced age, it’s possible that he’s stuck looking the way he is…which is a bad thing.This isn’t the prince’s first dance with the plastic dragon either folks; he’s clearly had at least injections in the past. You can tell by how smooth his skin looks in some of the more recent, but still pre-surgical, photos of him. The former candidate for Governor of California isn’t our favorite person in the world, but we don’t like to see anyone get hacked like he did. We wish him the best…at least in regards to his face.

Janice Dickinson Fixes Botched Boobs

Well folks, it looks like the celebrity surgery crew of Doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow (of “Real Housewives” fame) had their first famous patient on their show “Botched”, and it’s plastic surgery legend Janice Dickinson! Known for having undergone multiple procedures during and after her modeling career, the almost sixty year old Dickinson has a plastic portfolio that includes a facelift and brow lift (they’re what gives her that “pulled back face” look), a tummy tuck (which actually went well enough that she looks pretty solid in a bikini), a ton of filler injections (Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm have kept her skin looking a little too smooth to be natural in her later years), and a breast augmentation that went well at first…but uhhhhhhh…yeah, just keep reading. So here’s the thing about boob jobs ladies and gentlemen: they have a shelf life. Not everyone realizes it, but you don’t just get your boobs done and then call it a day; they have to get re-done eventually. So with that said, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Janice’s first, but not only breast augmentation procedure, which was done in the early 1980s, was causing her chest to look pretty terrible in recent years. The subsequent surgeries that she underwent had left her silicone implants sagging severely, and  her chest had a very rippled look. By her own account, she was otherwise perfect when she went to visit the good doctors. This is obviously debatable, but we can all agree that her implants were not a high mark on her plastic surgery record. The doctors aimed to fix what ailed her by putting her under for another breast augmentation, and according to Dr. Dubrow, she was the most difficult patient that he’d ever dealt with. He said that she was her breasts own worst enemy, but he and Dr. Nassif were able to combat all of the damage that other surgeons and time had done, and the results are pretty impressive. Her breasts went from an absolute horror show to pretty nice fakes, so the new surgery can be considered a success. Janice is still crazy, but her boobs look a lot better! Hey, you got to take victories anywhere you can get them. For the record, “Botched” has been getting big ratings, so expect to be seeing a lot of the celebrity doctors for the next few years. There’s no shortage of crazy  rich people with bad plastic surgery, so there should be no shortage of work for the two of them.

Another Jenner Set To Go Under The Knife

Okay folks, so we’re back with yet another bit of plastic surgery news coming out of the Kardashian/Jenner clan (is it still a “clan” post divorce?); this time it’s young Kyle Jenner who’s making news because of her future plastic plans. In what is apparently an effort to keep up with her sister Kendall (we’ve told about her possible plastic past in the uhhh…past), the teenage reality star is reportedly ready to spend upwards of $85 thousand on cosmetic procedures after her seventeenth birthday.The work that she plans on having done will most likely include a boob job (a breast augmentation that will give her implants most likely in the C-cup to D-Cup range), a nose job (a rhinoplasty to fix her…really nice and natural nose, ugh) and some sort of chin work (perhaps she’ll have her chin shaved down because of how pretty her face is naturally…see where we’re going with this?). The various plastic surgeries will most likely be done by the top surgeons in Los Angeles, and they’ve already been approved by her mother/agent/all-around-bad-person Kris Jenner. The obviously very pretty and perfect just the way she is Kylie is said to be getting the surgery in order to “keep up” with her born-to-be-a-model sister Kendall and her born-be-mildy-attractive-but-wear-a-ton-of-makeup big sister Kim Kardashian (Kanye West’s wife has had a ton of work done in her own right). The whole thing is really unfortunate, because she’s so natural pretty already, but we’re sure the results will look good. However, unnecessary results never feel like good results to us. Some people can justify a “need” to go under the knife, but Kylie Jenner isn’t one of them. We really hope that she doesn’t follow in any of her family’s footsteps (unless she goes to the Olympics like Bruce) and decides to let it ride with her current stunning looks. She’s already been the subject of plastic surgery rumors in the past, but those were all proven wrong; she called the previous stories about her “insulting”, but these new ones seem like the real deal. We’ll keep you updated, and if her face changes, we’ll show you the new Kylie!


Real Or Fake: Iliza Shlesinger

First off, let’s all give a big round of applause to the “copy and paste” function on the laptop used in the writing of this article, because we’re a stay of idiots who can’t spell and ”Iliza Shlesinger” isn’t the easiest name to repeatedly type. Now that we’ve all clapped at a keyboard, let’s talk about a stranger’s chest! Schlesinger became a celebrity when she won season six of the “Last Comic Standing” reality show competition thing; making her the first woman and the youngest person overall to do so. She used the fame gained from that win to become one of the few comediennes in history to be both a sex symbol and a respected funny person. She’s appeared in her undies on web shows and on Howard Stern, but has also release a successful comedy album; she’s a duel threat. The host of syndicated dating show “Excused”, Iliza has a very girl-next-door kind of thing going for her, if the girl who lives one house over from you happens to spend a lot of time in the gym. Aside from being in great shape and being a cutey, she also has gravity defying breasts that seem to never shrink despite her getting in better and better shape. Usually, when a woman starts to tone and muscle-up, her chest suffers for it, but not Iliza. This would normally be a smoking gun for breast implants. However, the above picture makes her look like a girl who just has a naturally great chest, making us question whether or not she’s had a breast augmentation…it’s not a question that takes very long to answer though. If you look at the picture below, you’ll notice that she has both the cleavage, separation between breasts, and flesh to implant differential (the spot where her real breast ends and the fake one takes over) of someone who’s had a boob job. If you look at the somewhat risque cover of her “War Paint” release, you’ll see that her chest is just too perky and rounded to be real. However, just because we can tell they’re fake doesn’t mean that her plastic surgeon didn’t do a great job, because she looks awesome. We’re here to settle a debate, not crap on a good looking and very talented lady. Sorry folks, we’ll be sure to poo-poo on a celebrity next week to make up for it, but Iliza is okay in our book!