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What’s Up With Liam Neeson?

liam neeson oldLiam Neeson is huge action star so late into his career thanks to the “Taken” films. It looks like he’s taken a few too many meals off though. The Academy Award nominee was recently photographed looking a bit too thin for our liking. These photos of a gaunt and “sucked out” looking Neeson have lead many to believe that the action star has fallen ill. However, according to the man himself, he’s never been healthier. Neeson recently admitted that he feels old as he goes through his sixties, but maintains that he’s doing well. It’s also being claimed that he isn’t dropping weight for a film role. I’m not quite sure that I believe that; maybe he’s got a secret role in the new “Star Wars” or something. Regardless, the weight loss appears drastic, and we all hope that he reverses it soon. liam neeson thinliam neeson too thin

Gisele Bundchen Had Secret Surgery?

gisele bundchen secret surgeryIt’s not really a secret that famed model Gisele Bundchen has had plastic surgery. However, it looks like she’d like to keep her latest procedures as quiet as possible. The photo above is reportedly the Victoria’s Secret model heading into a Paris plastic surgery clinic in a burka. She was doing so in order to hide her identity from paparazzi. She didn’t stay covert very well though, mainly because her driver and sister were by her side. “Oh look, it’s Gisele’s driver and sister and some lady in a burka…going into the same clinic we saw her leaving a couple of weeks ago…wait a sec.”. Yeah folks, she was seen leaving the clinic a couple a weeks before the burka incident, so odds are pretty high that it was her in the body cover. Rumor has it that she dropped $11 thousand on a breast lift and some eye work to youth herself up a bit. Whatever, at least she didn’t cheat at football…oh hi Tom Brady!gisele-secret-surgerygisele bundchen secret plastic surgery

What Are Salma Hayek’s Workout Secrets?

salma hayek workout secretsThere aren’t any! Seriously folks, that’s the answer to the question “How does Selma Hayek keep her body so tight at almost 50?”. As for diet? Well she doesn’t seem to take that too seriously either…salma hayek plastic surgeryWell she must be doing something right to look that good…right? She’s got to be doing something special; some workout, some diet, some plastic surgery. Well folks, according to Hayek, all she does is practice a form of yoga that involves her keeping her muscles tight all day long. She basically attempts to keep herself in a constant state of flex. I’m not totally sure that that’s a real thing, but whatever she’s doing is clearly working…salma hayek bikini bodyI can only hope that I look half that god when I’m that age…and I’m a dude, so that’s a big compliment…or I just made a huge self discovery. Either way, Selma Hayek looks great for her age. Great job on the bikini body Selma!

Kate Hudson’s Implants Are Hard To Find

kate hudson breast implantsWe’ve talked at length in the past about Kate Hudson’s breast implants. The ”Almost Famous” star underwent a breast augmentation a few years back and it showed. Previously nearly flat chested, Hudson’s post-boob-job look had her sporting at least a B-cup. However, recent photos have some people questioning if she’s decided to go back to her old chest.kate hudson plastic surgeryPhotos taken of Hudson laying on the beach show a chest that looks free of implants. Implants don’t disappear when you lay down, and it looks like her chest is nonexistent in the photos. This would possibly jibe with her new holistic approach to life. Maybe she didn’t want plastic parts anymore? Of course, her chest still looks bigger than before she got her boobs done, so maybe they’re just very real looking fakes.What do you think celebrity plastic surgery fans?kate hudson boob job

Amy Dumas: WWE’s Lita Had Some Work Done

wwe lita plastic surgeryAmy Dumas, known to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans as “Lita”, is one of the most famous women in the history of pro wrestling. Strangely enough, despite being the subject of a celebrity plastic surgery article; she’s also one of the least fake. However, she wouldn’t be here if she didn’t have some work done…lita wwe plastic surgeryFrom the looks of it, CM Punk’s ex-girlfriend has clearly undergone a breast augmentation. She’s got some huge breast implants; he boob job is very obvious. Furthermore, it also seems like she’s had some stuff done to her face, as she looks a tiny bit puffy. My guess is that she’s had Botox injections and maybe some other fillers like Juvederm and Restylane. Regardless, she looks pretty darn good, so we’re all impressed. If she can stay away from having more work done, she’ll have won the plastic surgery game. Good job Lita!any dumas now

How Did Khloe Shrink Her Waist?

khloe kardashian plastic surgery picturesWe’ve told you before about Khloe Kardashian’s butt laser. Well now it’s time to address something that is more rumor than reality show topic. Recently, Khloe has been looking a lot more trim lately, and it’s prompted plastic surgery rumors. A lot of critics are saying that Khloe attained her new figure through liposuction rather than exercise. khloe kardashian liposuctionWe don’t buy it folks. We hate to take the side of a Kardashian, but we honestly don’t think that Lamar Odom’s ex had lipo. There’s a ton of pictures of the reality star leaving the gym out there, and Khloe herself responded to rumors about plastic surgery by pointing out that she’s been living in the fitness room. We believe her, we think Khloe earned her trim waist and abs. We hate to admit it, but this time, Khloe is plastic free. khloe kardashian liposuction

Rumor Mill: Michelle Obama Had Plastic Surgery?

michelle obama plastic surgeryWe’ve reported on Michelle Obama before folks. We’ve questioned whether she has undergone plastic surgery in the past and decided that she didn’t. Well now the rumor mills are on fire and forcing us to look at the first lady’s plastic past again.michelle obama youngComparing older photos of Barack’s wife shows us a woman who definitely looks different, but not so much someone who has undergone plastic surgery. The rumors of her having a nose job (rhinoplasty) are unfounded, and the rumors of her having a skin bleaching are insane. The only rumors that might be true are the one’s about her possibly having had Botox injections. Her skin looks a little too smooth to be natural, but that’s about all we can see. michelle obama plastic surgery before & afterOverall, we think that the first lady is still pretty natural, but she may have gone in front of the needle a few times. We’ll keep you posted if the rumors become true though folks!

Khloe Kardashian Had Her Butt Lasered!

khloe kardashian laser treatment buttNo one ever really knows what the deal is between Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. However, everyone knows one thing for sure. That is that the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star is doing some serious work on her figure. It started with just simple trips to the gym and a diet change. Now she’s moving onto cosmetic procedures. khloe kardashian plastic surgeryWhile Khloe didn’t undergo full on plastic surgery, the reality starlet did have work done recently. Visiting a plastic surgeon’s office with her sisters Kim and Kendall, Khloe had the cellulite lasered off of her butt. The laser treatment is extremely expensive, but cellulite is one of the few body conditions that the gym can’t cure. khloe kardashian butt laser treatment picturesKhloe looked very uncomfortable during the treatment, but she seemed more than willing to pay the price for a nicer bottom. I don’t really have an opinion about the results, but if she’s happy, then good for her. Enjoy your laser bum Khloe!

George Clooney Jumps On Anti-Plastic Surgery Bandwagon

george clooney plastic surgeryWe’ve told you in the past that George Clooney looks young for his age. Other than some veneers, he seems to be free of plastic surgery too. Why is he aging so well? Probably because he looked kind of older even when he was young…george clooney young…also: Money. It’s easier to fight off aging when you can afford the best in life. However, despite being able to afford it all, the member of the Hollywood royal class won’t be getting any plastic surgery. In fact, he’s against it for all men. In a recent interview, George stated that he feels like plastic surgery makes men actually look older. He went on to state that he rather look good for his age than try to look a different age altogether. George Clooney is a class act folks, and a plastic free one at that. No cosmetic surgery for George! Ever!

Butt Implants Are Big!

butt implants explainedButt implants are often forgotten during conversations about plastic surgery. However, some new stats are showing that butt implants might be the new hotness in cosmetic procedures. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nicole “Coco” Austin have long been rumored to have undergone butt augmentations. Now regular folk are joining in on the fad. kim kardashian butt implantAccording to search stats, people are looking for “butt implants” on the internet almost twice as much in 2015 as they did in 2014. This is kind of surprising when you think about it. The gluteal area can be improved through hard work more than just about any other body part. It also can be an extremely expensive plastic surgery, as some people have paid upwards of $35 thousand on their bums. That makes the procedure seem kind of unneeded. Also, like all surgeries, it can go really wrong…butt implants gone wrongStill though, women are flocking to surgeons to have their butts done. With that said, look for us to be throwing out more articles about celebrity butt implants in the future.

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