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Melanie Iglesias: Her Girl Code Is “34C”

Being what we like to call a “professional hot girl” looks like a pretty solid gig. Yes, it must be occasionally annoying to always have to make sure that you look your best, and we have to imagine that you have to skip a few more “ice cream Tuesdays” than the rest of us, However, the upside seems a whole lot higher; you never really have to work very hard outside of personal upkeep, you get a ton of free stuff, and all of your plastic surgeries are looked at as just par for the course. This brings us to “Guy Code” and “Girl Code” star Melanie Iglesias, a girl who literally gained her celebrity status for being hot; she wasn’t “discovered on the street because of her runway qualities”, she entered a contest from Maxim Magazine actually called the “Hometown Hottie” competition and won, thus catapulting her into a modeling and acting career. We are by no means poo-pooing on the girl for her path to stardom, we’re just saying that there’s no doubt about the roots of her fame…we’re also saying that she has fake boobs, but you all must’ve known that that was coming. During some of her original photo shoots, the New York native had what appeared to be an A-cup bust, she looked great still, but her chest was apparently a little small for her liking. Opting to size up for what we can assume were not only personal, but professional reasons (the sad truth is that girls in her line of work often do better for themselves if they have larger chests), Melanie underwent a breast augmentation procedure that took her into small C-cup territory. Her new chest looks good, and isn’t too big for her body, but it’s very clearly fake. Aside from the fact that they randomly appeared from out of thin air, her breasts appear to be implants because of their “too perfectly round” shape and high-hang. To be honest, it’s not the best boob job that we’ve ever seen, but it’s also not the worst. They look a little bit like bolt-ons, but they can live in the weird space where they might be fake but look real enough that no one wants to ask. Basically, if she had them before she was famous, we’d have trouble flat-out declaring that’s she’s visited a plastic surgeon. The rest of her is looking good, so we don’t see much, if any further cosmetic enhancements in her future, maybe some Botox someday, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. For now, looking good Melanie!


Kaley Cuoco’s Big Boob Theory: They’re Fake

Kaley Cuoco seems like a real down to earth girl, especially for a celebrity, and she seems like an even cooler person when consider the fact that she’s taking an all honesty stance on her plastic surgery past. Saying that it was the “best decision I ever made.” in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, the “Big Bang Theory” style officially laid it all on the table and admitted that she’s had a breast augmentation procedure. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Cuoco got breast implants when she was eighteen for multiple reasons, chiefly among them being that her breasts got big out of nowhere. Most critics like us chalked the growth up to her getting older, but now that we look at them from a place of knowledge, it’s pretty obvious that her chest is store bought, and we’re proud of her for being proud of them! With that said, let’s take a closer look…well not literally…well you can look closer, but we’re just going discuss them…and probably look closer for the sake of the discussion…just skip to the next paragraph please. Kaley first gained recognition for her work on “8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter” and was rocking an unsurprisingly small chest as a teenager. During her time on the show, she once mentioned in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” that she couldn’t see getting plastic surgery at her age, but understood the mindset of those who did. Well a couple of years later her show was off the air and she was looking to be seen as more of an adult to casting directors (this part is speculation, but we have to imagine that the words “I don’t want to be looked at as a little girl anymore.” or some iteration of them came up during her decision making process), so she went out and got a very adult chest. She was most likely a small A-cup before the surgery, with the procedure taking her up to what looks like a big C-Cup, but what’s most interesting about her surgery was how real her breasts still looked afterwards. She most likely spent big money on her procedure, and her choice to not go too big allowed for a more natural look. Since her implants, she’s found herself staring in one of the biggest hits on television this century, and her chest is often featured prominently on it! Kaley’s good results and honest approach to the plastic game make her a winner in our book, so congrats Ms. Cuoco…Mrs. Sweeting…whatever, congrats Kaley.

Jennifer Lawrence Fan Really Wants To Look Like J-Law

The internet loves Jennifer Lawrence. People love Jennifer Lawrence. Some people…well…at least one person really…really loves J-Law. How much does she love the “American Hustle” and “Hunger Games” star? She loves her enough to spend over $25 thousand on plastic surgery just to look more like her…yeah folks, this is one of those stories. Okay, in actuality, Kitty (the J-Law fan in question) isn’t your standard psycho fan who wanted facial reconstruction to start assuming the identity of her favorite star and/or become his or her best friend. She’s just a mother of a five year old who’s been having body image issues since the birth of her daughter. People have always told her that she looks like the Academy Award winner, and she admires Jennifer’s confidence and free spirit, so she decided to try and look more like her idol. It’s not the least weird thing ever, but it’s also far from the strangest story we’re ever going to bring you. Her twenty-five grand investment bought her six different cosmetic procedures, including: liposuction on her face and body, a breast augmentation (we’re assuming a lift, because she seemed to have a fairly large bust already), a rhinoplasty (the nose job thinned out the bridge a bit), and fat grafts in her cheeks and butt. The surgeries made her look less like her hero and more like her own younger sister, but she didn’t turn out to be a freak show or anything. She kind of has a Lawrence-esque quality, but she’s far from looking like the “Silver Linings Playbook” starlet. She looks like she’s happy with her results, so we’re hard-pressed to poo-poo her too hard, but we can’t lie, we don’t get why she wanted the surgeries in the first place. She was a nice looking girl before, so any sort of cosmetic procedures other than a post-pregnancy breast lift wouldn’t have made sense if you asked us, but if she’s happy and doesn’t look like a mutant, we’re happy for her. We hope she stops now though, while she’s still pretty, because the only thing worse than a celebrity with bad plastic surgery, is a bad plastic surgery celebrity…and war is worse…and world hunger…oh screw it, you know what we meant.

Jen Selter: Real Butt; Fake Nose

It’s not often that we get to put out an article about a plastic surgery success story. Sure, not every piece of news about cosmetic procedures starts off with “She thought she was getting new boobs, but she ended up with actual basketballs stapled to her…back!”, but usually the nicest thing we get to report is when a celebrity has work done and it doesn’t look terrible. Today though, we’re here to talk about Instagram superstar Jen Selter, a girl whose butt has become so famous (rightfully so, the girl must do about a million squats a day) that people often forget that she originally made news for getting her nose done when she was only fifteen years old! Some of you may remember this, but most of you probably don’t, so let’s take a look back in time (cue sound effects and swirly video graphic wipe)…

Jen as always been a very cute girl, but during her youth she had a nose that, to put it nicely, was very big for her face. It was large and blunt looking, and while it wasn’t the worst schnoz we’ve ever seen, it was the least attractive feature on an otherwise gorgeous girl and it was enough fuel for her fellow Long Island, New York teens to make her life a living hell. She was picked on to the point that she thought it was necessary to get a rhinoplasty and a new nose. Her nose job had its desired effect, changing the whole look of her face and making her once big sniffer into a smaller, but not unnatural looking nose. It fits her face perfectly actually, and it’s done wonders for her. With her new confidence, she was able to turn to her next goal: getting the world’s most famous butt…mission accomplished Jen. Her and her new nose and her new butt are a big deal now, appearing all over television, internet media, and print media. We’re sure that there’s plenty of people who think that Jen Selter had a Brazilian butt lift, but we really think that she worked hard in the gym for it, so we’re going to just praise her for not going nuts after her early foray into plastic surgery and call her a success. We have a feeling that she’s only a few years and internet comments away from getting a breast augmentation, but until she gets implants, she’s safe from us. Good job Jen!

Renee Zellweger: Me, Myself, And I’ve Had Work Done

Okay, so we previously had our suspicions that “Jerry Mcguire” and “Bridget Jones’ Diary” star Renee Zellwegger had undergone plastic surgery. Well, it looks like even in the unlikely event that we were wrong before, we’re right now, because Renee has been showing up to public event s lately looking like an entirely different person! In her immediate defense, this new person is a very good looking one, as was the previous person we saw her as, but the proof is in the pictures on this one folks: Renee Zellwegger has 100 percent had some cosmetic procedures done. What did she have done? We’ll let you decide folks…just kidding kids! We’ll hold your hands through the plastic police inspection as usual. Rather than going over what we think is just her latest round of cosmetic work, we’re just going to look at her transformation as whole, is that okay? Of course it is! She’s really changed a lot since she first hit screens in flicks like “Empire Records”, as the old Renee had a much softer look. Once again, we have to say that the new Renee looks absolutely wonderful, but she’s definitely got a harder look to her. For one thing, her once trademark squinty eyes are a complete thing of the past, as an eyelid procedure (almost definitely a blepharoplasty) has given her a much more wide and bright eyed look. Her old physical charm was almost completely rooted in this part of her look, so we’re really surprised that she’s gone to such lengths to get rid of it. By our count, she’s had at least two procedures done on her eyes, so she must not have liked what everyone else liked so much about her! She also appears to have gone and gotten herself a Botox fueled facial re-shaping process done to her, as her cheeks look full and shiny while her the rest of her face looks thinner than it used to. This could be anything from a facelift, to fat removal, to just plain old weight loss combined with injectables, but something has definitely been done to her. Overall she looks great, just like we said: different. We approve of her surgery, we just don’t think that she needed it, so we hope that she quits while she’s ahead and still pretty.

Kim Novak’s Oscar Worthy Face

Kim Novak is Hollywood royalty. That statement needs to live by itself before we say anything else about the famed “Vertigo” and “Picnic” star. Her recent appearance at the Academy Awards left a lot of people shocked by the overly plastic look of the Golden Globe winning actress, known for bailing on the celebrity lifestyle while her career was still relatively strong in order to enjoy her life and only take projects she felt strongly about. She’s been pretty much out of the spotlight for the last couple of decades, but has been making appearances at award shows and art exhibits (she’s a very accomplished artist in her own right); so to some people, ourselves included, her cosmetic procedure results weren’t so shocking because we’ve been talking about them for years already. We have no proof that we’ve been talking about them for years because the internet is a crazy place filled with server purges and lost webpages, but take our word for it: we were upset that Kim Novak was taking it too far long before it was cool. With that bit of “I told you so” out of the way, let’s take a look at the changes that Kim has gone through. During her younger years, Kim was a straight-up knockout whose natural good looks and talent made her perfect for playing believable beauties on the big screen. Now at 81 years old, Kim’s efforts to maintain that beauty appear to have led to her having a number of cosmetic procedures. From what we can tell, she’s had at least one facelift (this contributes to the overly tight look of her skin), an eyelid procedure (a blepharoplasty that actually appears to have done well in its goal of keeping her eyes looking young), a neck lift (she has almost no turkey neck and her chin looks very sharp), and a ton of Botox (hence her skin being so plump and overly smooth for her age). It’s also possible that the puffy appearance of her cheeks is only partial Botox and is more the result of actual cheek implants, because the line across her face under them indicates that they’re very stuffed, but we can’t really commit to that theory. We don’t know if she’s had anything done from the neck down, but we wouldn’t be surprised. The results give you a woman who doesn’t look her age, but also doesn’t look that great. The cheek area is her biggest problem, and without that she probably wouldn’t really look all that bad for 81. However, she has way too much done in the area and it gives her a sort of “puppet face”. We hate to pile on such an accomplished and cool woman, but we have to be honest. Now does she look as bad as mainstream media is saying? No, she’s no cat-woman, but she doesn’t look her best either, and that’s a shame.

Katie Cassidy: Hit With Scalpel Instead Of Arrow?

There’s not much negative to be said about the looks of “Arrow”s Katie Cassidy, unless “she’s too good looking” is a valid insult in your book. If it’s not, then we’re not sure what to tell you, because she’s about as good looking as they’re legally allowed to make people. Funny phrasing right? Did they make her? Or was she just born that way? There’s been a lot more debate than we ever thought that there would be, because she generally has a very natural look to her. However, some searching around the rest of the interwebs turned up quite a bit of speculation about Katie Cassidy getting plastic surgery, so as always, we think that our opinion matters and you should hear it! “What’s that opinion?” you ask, well we quite unfortunately think that she hasn’t had any work done. We know, we hate when that happens too.

So the two most common rumors out there involve the daughter of former Monkee David Cassidy’s nose and chin; we disagree with both. We admit that she looks a bit different now than she did when she was younger, but we don’t think that a plastic surgeon was involved in her transformation. In regards to her nose, we recognize that it looks a little thinner than it did when she was younger, but think that the change is more a result of her getting a little older than it is from a cosmetic procedure. It’s also possible that she started having her make-up done differently as her career progressed, resulting in her showing up with altered features on camera. The former “Melrose Place” and “Gossip Girl” star most likely wanted a more mature look for her role as a lawyer on “Arrow”, so a make-up overhauls was obviously going to happen. Her chin on the other hand, has less to do with make-up and more to do with weight loss. A lot of people think that she had her jaw shaved down between seasons of her hit CW show, but we think that she just dropped a bunch of weigh as her role got more physical. Her face thinned out overall (causing her chin to appear more pointed and sharper), and even her chest seemed to get smaller. So in the end, we don’t think that Katie Cassidy has had a nose job (rhinoplasty) or any sort of chin procedure; we just think she’s been dieting too hard and growing up too fast. She’s going to get certified “100% celebrity plastic surgery free”!

Rita WIlson Ages Well Enough To Grow New Boobs

Rita Wilson is one of those people in Hollywood who it’s hard not to like. Sure, she kind of stole long time husband Tom Hanks away from his ex-wife, but the two have now been happily and quite frankly adorably married for over twenty-five years, so it’s not like she was some floozy out for a fling. During those twenty-five plus years Rita has stood by Tom as he won two Academy Awards and as he made amazing movies like “Apollo 13″, “Saving Private Ryan” and “Captain Phillips”; she’s also found the time to have an impressive career in his own right, popping up in flicks like “Jingle All The Way” and “Sleepless in Seattle” and producing hits like “My Big Fat Geek Wedding”. She also crammed in being what appears to be a great mom to her kids (the whole “Chet Haze” thing isn’t her fault…Tom Hanks son is a crappy rapper, that’s the whole story), and what we’re going to guess was at least one breast augmentation procedure. See that folks, see how we casually drop the old celebrity plastic surgery accusation in at the end of a paragraph about how lovely a human Rita Wilson is? It’s easy to hate us, but isn’t it just as easy to love us? So yeah, anyway….When you take a look back at Rita in the late eighties, she looked like she was pretty much flat chested, with breasts that were no bigger than an A-cup; she looked great, she just wasn’t very well endowed in the chest area. Looking at her now, as she approaches sixty, she looks to have at least a C-cup strapped to her front-side. She turned heads with her cleavage at a recent charity event, and it made us take notice. There’s a couple of different ways it could’ve gone: she either got straight up breast implants at some point in the last few years, or put some weight on during her pregnancies and used it to her advantage. She was very skinny back in the day, so the extra weight actually looks good on her, and the new…uhhhhh… chest meat that came with the extra pounds was lifted up during some type of augmentation procedure to give her some awesome new parts made up of her old parts. We think the lift theory is the most likely to be true, and we’re proud of her for it. She’s kept it natural otherwise and has done a great job at not just staying young, but at living a good life, so we’re nothing but proud of her for getting herself a bigger bust! We don’t see much more work in her future; at most some Botox someday, but she seems to be in no danger of becoming a plastic surgery nightmare. Rita, you’re aces in our book!

Biggest Loser Lost Too Much?

Look folks, it’s no secret that we here at celebrity plastic surgery aren’t huge fans of reality television. Yes, of course we watch it religiously, but that’s only because we have no friends and refuse to pay for a good cable package. Of course, we hate some shows more than others, and just have straight up mixed feelings about some some; one such show is “The Biggest Loser”, a weight loss competition show of which we like the idea, but don’t buy the execution (the contestants often don’t keep the weight off, and are more forced into losing weight than they are taught a proper healthy lifestyle…we have more complaints, but we’ll skip them for today). As luck would have it, this particular brand of network reality slop is big in the news this day, and although we’re not sure that it really falls in our scope of reporting, one of their contestants has undergone such a massive weight loss that we could almost call it “body modification”.As is the tradition on the show, at some point before the season finale the contestants in the weight loss competition head home to train and take care of themselves before their final weigh in. Obviously, this opens the door for people to crash diet to win, or crash their diet and lose. Rachel Frederickson chose to do the former, and recently won the competition by weighing in at 105 pounds…155 pounds below her starting weight! She lost a full sized person! Not a tiny one either, one that’s big enough to win a lightweight fighting title! Now this may sound great to some of you, like you’d love to drop that kind of weight, but that’s over half her original body mass in a fairly short amount of time! A loss like that could harm her heart, her kidneys, her hormones, and has left her looking a little too twiggy for our liking. Now how’d she do it? Did she get liposuction? Did she get lap band surgery? Did she have any sort of cosmetic weight loss procedure? Nope, probably not, but we’ve wasted your time talking about Miley Cyrus’ haircut before, so why not talk about this gal. The former champion swimmer claims that she ate about 1600 calories a day, a fine amount for your average active woman, but that she worked out like a an absolute mad woman. There’s various theories about how much exercise is healthy (some say 90 minutes, others say 60 minutes, so say 45), but we can pretty much guarantee that she exceeded all of those amounts by a good amount. Basically what we’re saying folks, is that judging by the excessive thinning in her face and the general tone of the show, she probably lost the weight the wrong way. Celebrity trainers and “Biggest Loser” coach Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper didn’t seem too psyched about her weight loss either, and refused to comment on it in social media. However, she won a quarter of a million dollars, so assuming she wakes up and puts 10 -15 pounds back on, good for her.

Jackie Stallone Has Gone Too Far

So it’s no secret that the Stallones don’t like to age,they just don’t. Sylvester is on every steroid in the history of steroids (we’re not hating on him, he looks great for his age), Frank is doing whatever it is that Frank is famous for (Singing? Hot Dogs?) just like he always has, and Jackie…well…she’s 92 years old and still trying to fight off wrinkles the only way she knows how: with copious amounts of plastic surgery! It may not have been the best idea though, because after literally decades of having cosmetic procedures done, Jackie Stallone looks a lot like someone wearing a novelty Jackie Stallone mask. It’s not her fault though; well, it’s her fault, but we can’t really give her too much guff for being what pretty much anyone would consider the picture of “too much plastic surgery”. She’s really just a victim of longevity folks.

During her time in the spotlight, Stallone is rumored to have gotten a facelift, a breast augmentation, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and enough Botox to choke a cow…that’s a lot Botox…we know these things, we go to weird parties. Anyhow, her overly puffy face, one that Jackie herself has said reminds her of a chipmunk, wouldn’t be so bad if had just stopped trying to fix it twenty years ago. You see, she never looked that bad to begin with, she was just aging and didn’t like it, so she had some work done, and then some more, and then she realized that she looked less than perfect, so she tried to fix it…and failed, then tried to fix that failure…and failed again. You see where this is going? Jackie has just kept trying to make up for her plastic surgery mistakes for the last few decades and has done nothing but make things worse for herself. She’s lived a long life, and the only unfortunate side effect of being awesomely old is that you have plenty of time to compound mistakes upon each other. She’s shown no real signs of stopping either, as rumor has it that she had work done as recently as around her 90th birthday! It’s kind of sad really, that she’s created a surgery addiction trying to fix the results of her surgery addiction. We can keep going around in this circle all day folks, so let’s just end it at this: Jackie Needs to stop now; she’s almost 100 years old, nothing is going to make her look young, it’s just going to put her in more danger and make things worse. Stop Jackie.