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Transgender Celebrities: Male Or Female, They’re Still Famous!

When someone is transgender, they have a condition known as “gender dysphoria” in which they are basically equipped with all of the feelings, emotions, and instincts of a member of the opposite sex. They’re basically trapped inside the wrong gender, and they often must make the difficult decision to live life as they are, or undergo the process of gender reassignment. During this process, one goes though hormone treatments, breast augmentations (adding or taking away), and in some cases, a full reassignment in which they have their sex organs switched over. Being born a man and knowing that deep down you’re a woman, or being born a girl and always having the mind of a boy can’t be easy. Doing so in the public eye must be even more hard to handle, but that’s where celebrities live, so that’s where they often undergo their transformation, or at least that’s where they spend their lives as members of the no-longer opposite sex. It’s a rough road that is taken by some tough celebrities who are unafraid of being judged by the world around them, so let’s talk about some of the more famous transgender people in the fame game and give them the credit that they deserve!We can’t have a list of transgender celebrities and not start it with Chaz Bono, son of Cher and Sonny Bono, and the “Dancing With The Stars” contestant formerly known as “Chastity”. Chaz went from female to male with a total gender reassignment and hasn’t looked back. We’ve been a little hard on Chaz’s style choices in the past, but make no mistake about it, what she did was a big deal and she. should be commended for living life out loud.Known for the documentary “Mr. Angel”, Buck Angel is an adult film performer and writer who was born a woman but became quite a man’s man. He’s a big time activist in the LBGT community and is basically just an all around awesome person to be around.  As far as we know, he hasn’t undergone a full reassignment as of yet. Former “Surreal Life” star Alexis Arquette has made no efforts to hide the way she feels and has spent years in the spotlight as a transgender individual. Her pride in who she is inside has served as an inspiration to countless trans people across the globe.If you’re part of the LBGT community in New York City, you know who Amanda Lepore is, if you’re not, than here’s the deal: She’s a big deal.“People” Magazine’s Janet Mock is also a big deal, as an editor, and she recently revealed to the world that she’s been living a transgender life; she had a lot of people “fooled”.Jenna Talackova made waves when Canada kicked her out of their Miss Universe qualifier, but she fought her way back into the competition and set a great example of pride for trans girls everywhere. She’s now an icon in the community. Lana Wachowski is a little weird, but no more weird than leather-loving Larry ever was. The “Matrix” creator underwent a full transformation from male to female and is still as creative as ever. We’re proud of her for changing in the public eye…her choice of hair style isn’t our favorite though. She closes out our list because she’s probably the most prolific and accomplished person on it, but as society softens their views and begins to better understand transgender life, we’re sure that they’ll be people whose careers dwarf hers (no easy task) representing the trans community.


Cheryl Cole: Girl Aloud Isn’t Plastic Proud

Cheryl Cole first became a celebrity when she entered into a reality competition and won herself a place in the group “Girls Aloud”, a group that dominated British pop charts for a whole decade before splitting up. From her time in the group sprung a successful solo career and a gig as a judge on “The X-Factor”, but as always is the case when a good looking woman becomes a celebrity, plastic surgery rumors followed. Cole has gone on record before as saying that she doesn’t have anything against cosmetic surgery, but also has stated that she herself hasn’t had any work done and wouldn’t hide it if she did. There’s one problem with those statements though folks: she’s clearly had a done of work done. Despite admitting to having problems with self esteem, Cheryl has managed to stake a claim as one of the world’s preeminent lookers,and she deserves it because of her natural good looks and the way in which she carries herself. However, her natural good looks have clearly been assisted by some unnatural elements. For starters, her breasts are very clearly fake, as they have the blended cleavage look that fake breasts often have, and also have some slight rippling that can be seen in the first image on this page. Her surgeon did a good job and they look great, but those things aren’t natural by any stretch of the imagination. She’s also had work done to her face, as her nose seems to have gotten smaller and less bulbous since she entered the spotlight. This is the result of a nose job (rhinoplasty) that most likely reduced the amount of cartilage in the bridge and shrunk the tip a bit. That’s not all though, as rumors abound in regards to how she gets her lips to look so full and pouty, most critics tend to think that she’s had injections of either Juvederm or Restylane to achieve her lip looks. Finally there’s her teeth, which one look at our “before and after” photos will tell you are the result of some fine cosmetic dentistry. She most likely has had veneers and whitening procedures done. Even before she decided to go under the knife, in front of the needle, and to the dentists office, Cheryl Cole was a great looking girl. Her surgeries, although unnecessary, have made her look all the better. We hope that she calls it quits on plastic surgery while she’s so far ahead though, we’d hate to see her ruin her looks by going under the knife one time too many. Good job so far Cheryl, but let’s retire on top! Also, maybe consider admitting that you’ve had work done, because you’re not fooling anyone…or at least stop going out of your way to deny it.

Cheri Oteri: Funny Faces To Plastic Faces

Some of you might be saying right now “Is Cheri Oteri still famous enough to be considered a celebrity?”. Well the answer folks is a resounding “Yes!”, because she’s still getting consistent work as an actress. Yes yes, we know that a lot of you only know her as one of the cheerleaders from those old “Saturday Night Live”, but the truth of the matter is she’s a very successful actress who has had roles in things like “Liar, Liar”, “Grown Ups 2″, and “Hot In Cleveland”, and who has shown up as a voice actress in “Shrek The 3rd” and “The Any Bully”. However, you may no longer recognize her because of all the work that she’s had done. Yup, she’s had plenty of plastic surgery, so lets discuss it folks!For starters, she’s clearly had a facelift in the last few years, because her skin looks just a little too fresh for a woman her age, and it’s more smooth than it was when she was younger. She’s also apparently had a nose job (rhinoplasty) procedure done at some point in the last decade, because the shape of her nose has drastically changed. It went from a little crooked and kind of stubby to very straight and fairly pointy. Her eyes also changed significantly, as they’ve become more bright and more symmetrical; this is a clear sign that she’s undergone a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) that corrected some problems she had with the look of her eyes. It’s also been said that she’s undergone a breast augmentation because of how perky her chest still is, but we really don’t see her as having had a boob job; it’s more likely that she’s taken good care of her body and that she buys good bras. That’s three different procedures though folks, that’s still a lot of plastic!Overall, Cheri Oteri actually looks a lot better now than she used to. It’s not like she was a bad looking woman when she was younger, she’s just had some very well done surgeries and they’ve helped her look that much better. Sometimes celebrities have a ton of plastic surgery and end up looking like freak shows, but sometimes someone goes under the knife and visits the surgeon a bunch of times and it turns out for the better. Cheri made the right choices so far, but she better stop now before she takes it too far. If and when she does, we’ll be there to report on it!


Celebrity Nose Jobs: Some Of The Worst

Hey folks, we’re here today to talk about some of the worst celebrity nose jobs we’ve ever seen. Some of the most rhino-like rhinoplasty that we’ve ever dealt with, and some of the most face-altering beak work that’s ever gone down on the surgeon’s table. These plastic surgery results don’t really have to be hideous to be terrible though, some of them just did too much to change the look of the celebrity, and that makes them bad in our book. We’re obviously going to start with Michael Jackson, because he’s the king of bad snout work on famous faces…A legend in the celebrity plastic surgery game, Michael Jackson’s never-ending series of nose surgeries were a big part of the terrible plastic portfolio that changed him from a handsome black man into a creepy-looking white guy. It’s a shame really, because his original “ethnic” nose gave his face a very strong look, and he basically just kept having cartilage taken out of the bridge until he had a tiny and terrible skull-nose. He’s always going to be The King of Pop, but he’s also always going to be the king of bad celebrity rhinoplasty, and he never even needed to have work done in the first place!Another person who has gained a reputation as showbiz royalty, Joan Rivers has had a ton of plastic surgery. However, her worst bit of work is smack in the center of her face. Her old nose was actually quite nice, but her new facial centerpiece looks like it was drawn by a five year old, it’s just two lines down the side and a squiggly in the middle.  She has almost no bridge at all at this point, and it makes her whole face look a bit more off than it needs to. Speaking of royalty, we have no idea what made World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) legend Jerry “The King” Lawler decide to go and have work done. He’s a professional wrestler who happens to be in his sixties, there’s zero reason to try and fix anything on his face. Even is his nose had been broken a bunch of times in his career, who cares? He’s supposed to look beat up! Now he just looks botched!Speaking of botched, we’re not sure what the plastic surgeon’s plan was for designer Donatella Versace, but she started off as a somewhat harsh albeit respectable looking woman, and now she looks like the girl Muppet from the band. Her nose is significantly larger than it was before, and looks…just…so bad.Ashley Tisdale also should’ve stayed away from the plastic surgeon’s office, because she was perfectly cute the was she before she went under the knife. She had a nice girl next door look to her before, and her nose was part of it, but now she has no bridge and looks like every other plastic princess in the fame game. Normal is the new different, and she decided to fit in rather than further her career. While we’re on the subject of stars who went under the knife and lost their signature look, let’s talk about our final celebrity of the day…Remember how cute-yet-sexy Jennifer Grey was in “Dirty Dancing” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”? Well she must’ve forgotten that people liked her because she was imperfect, because she underwent a nose job that completely changed her look and basically tanked her career as a result. Her nose doesn’t looks bad, but she went from being someone that young women can relate to, to looking like a rich middle-aged woman, and now you can’t pick her out of a line-up and she can’t get herself cast in one. Jennifer Grey didn’t have to be ugly to be the worst celebrity nose job on out list, she just had to serve as proof that sometime drastic plastic is a tragedy.

Catherine Hicks: Plastic Heaven?

For those of you who love really bad television shows that had no business staying on the air for over a decade, Catherine Hicks must be a goddess. The star of the ultra-bland series “7th Heaven”, Hicks spent over ten seasons as the matriarch of an overly dramatic family, and while she did a great job in her role, the show’s only real contribution to culture was Jessica Biel. The all-time hottie and wife of megastar Justin Timberlake got her start on the family drama, so is it possible that her sheer gorgeousness drove her older co-star into the arms and table of a plastic surgeon? If we’re being honest…not likely. Hicks is a great looking woman i her own right, so we doubt she felt threatened by someone who was a child at the time. We also doubt that she’s had the crazy amount of work that some critics say she’s had (she’s the subject of liposuction, lip injection, and face lift rumors), but she seems to have gone under the knife at least once, so let’s talk plastic surgery… Catherine Hicks is on the left in the above photo ladies and gentlemen, she was not born as a cat. To our knowledge, there’s no cosmetic surgery procedure that can turn someone from a feline into a lady. Not one that works well at least…but you never know. Anyhow, Hicks hasn’t changed that much as she’s started to approach life as a senior citizen, but one thing that has changed, or rather two things that have changed are her eyes. From the looks of the are around her peepers, it’s pretty safe to say that Catherine underwent a blepharoplasty at some point in the last few years. This eyelid surgery was most likely to reduce the signs of aging, and while it went well, it still left some tell-tale crinkly skin around her eyelids. Other than that, we can’t really see her having anything else done. Maybe…maybe she’s had some dermal injections of Botox to keep her skin looking smooth, but we’re more inclined to believe that she’s just doing her makeup a little differently now to cover her wrinkles. Catherine Hicks is still a very nice looking lady, and she always has been. So long as she stays away from going under the knife anymore, she should keep looking good well into her seventies. We look forward to watching her age gracefully, but if she doesn’t, we’ll be here to talk about it!

Criminals Use Plastic Surgery For Evil!

John Used Plastic Surgery To Hide From The Cops

You ever see that movie “Face/Off”? The one where John Travolta and Nicholas Cage have the fancy surgeries to literally switch their faces because one of them is a criminal and the other one wants to pretend to be that criminal because he’s a government agent and wants to infiltrate a crime syndicate? But then the one that’s actually a criminal also has his face changed to look like the other guy so that he can have the ultimate new identity once he destroys all evidence of the ultra-secret plastic surgery that they both underwent? Wow, that movie was amazing…-ly mediocre; that was unfortunate. What’s also unfortunate is that this article isn’t about that sci-fi surgery becoming a reality. Well that’s fortunate for society actually, but it’s a shame in regards to how interesting this article is going to be. Anyway, now that I’ve got you nice and excited about a cosmetic procedure that doesn’t exist, let’s talk about some that do exist, because they’re being used by criminals to pull one over on the rest of us.

Nicolas Cage isn't a criminal mastermind, but he's just as crazy

First an foremost on this little list of evil activities, we have the most obvious bit of cosmetic procedure with criminal intent: the ole’ fingertip removal trick. Back in the day when men like John Dillinger did it, the removal of one’s fingerprints was accomplished by slowly burning the skin off with acid; this was done by either a plastic surgeon or in some sort of creepy back alley setting. More recently though, the end result of becoming unidentifiable through standard fingerprinting has been accomplished through skin graft procedures in which skin from other parts of the patient’s body is used to cover his or her prints. The is also being done by illegal immigrants in order to avoid deportation; people like Yissel Sosa Nunez of the Dominican Republic have paid upwards of $2 thousand for the procedure. That’s not all though, way more complex procedures are being done by criminals to avoid being identified. Yes folks, we’re talking about full fledged plastic surgery.

Daniel Barrera Tried To Hide Behind Plastic

Also utilized by famed bank robber John Dillinger, the idea of having ones entire face redone through major facial reconstructive surgery isn’t old and isn’t going anywhere. People like terrorist Abu Nidal and drug lord Daniel Barrera have gone through procedures such as nose jobs (rhinoplasty) mole removal (to remove key tell tale marks), eye lid surgeries (blepharoplasty), chin augmentations, facial implants (adding features can change your appearance as much as taking the away can), dimple removal (again, getting rid of tell tale traits), and all sorts of dermal filler injections (Botox, Juvederm, etc). Some have even gone through laser skin peels just to make their complexion lighter! Basically, some people are willing to become entirely different people just to avoid getting caught for their crimes.

So did this idiot...

Strangely enough, most criminals who undergo plastic surgery eventually get caught anyway. So they end up with new faces, but the same old rap sheet and the same trial that they should’ve had from the beginning. They say that justice is blind folks, so it doesn’t care what your new face looks like, it just wants your old butt in behind bars!

The Mount Rushmore Of Plastic Singers

I’ve never been to Mount Rushmore; it’s a long flight from the east coast and I’ve heard that there’s no bar. However, I respect the hell out of the idea of immortalizing the nation’s fore-fathers with a giant carving in the side of a friggin’ mountain. Sometimes legends just flat out deserve to be carved into stuff, but what about people who are legends of being carved into? Specifically, what about singers who have become almost as famous for having plastic surgery as they are for their work in the music industry? Do they deserve their own “Mount Rushmore”? A ‘Mount Cuts-More” if you will. Well that’s a debate for another time, but for now, let’s take a look at who would be on that big ole’ mountain sculpture if we here at Celebrity Plastic Surgery were to commission it.First up we have the original plastic pop princess: Cher. The “Moonstruck” star and “If I Could Turn Back Time” singer has had a ton of work done since her days alongside Sonny Bono; including a boob job (she said that she needed the breast augmentation after giving birth to the dude formerly known as Chastity Bono), a nose job (she said that seeing herself on screen made her self conscious of her nose and led to the rhinoplasty), a facelift, and dental work. There’s also rumors that she’s had work done to her eyelids, legs, and even that she had a rib removed to enhance the look of her stomach! In short, Cher is a legend in the cosmetic procedure game, and she looks great; looking not so great though is our next plastic singing legend.Lil’ Kim started her rap career as a prime hottie (feel free to make fun of that tarm), but after a ton of surgery, she’s not looking too great. With a plastic portfolio that includes a nose job (it made her nose way too thin and pinched), chin implants (ugh), multiple boob jobs (those things are way too big), a possible facelift, and what appears to be skin bleaching, she took herself from sex symbol to uhhhhh…not a sex symbol. However, her crusade to be as fake as possible earns her a pot on the monument, where she can rub figurative elbows with another legendary diva.Janet Jackson is one of the more normal members of the Jackson family, and she’s had a great career, but she’s not good at having work done. The music legend got her first work done when she was just a teen (a nose job that gave her the official Jackson family tiny snout), and followed that up with reportedly having a rib removed (to make her waist appear smaller), and with a boob job that did not go well at all (those things looked terrible, with a ton of rippling).  Overall, she’s still a nice looking lady, but the Grammy winner would have been fine without having anything done; her overkill earns her a spot on The Mount. It wouldn’t be all pop music up there though, as two of country music’s all-time greats have also had tons of work done.Kenny Rogers (The friggin’ Gambler!) and Dolly Parton are two of Nashville’s greatest exports, but they’ve imported a bit too much plastic between them. Dolly has had a breast augmentation (a “lift” that she got after losing weight and losing some of her trademark cleavage along with it), a facelift, a browlift, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and a ton of Botox. She still looks pretty great for her age, but she’s fake as they come. She considers plastic surgery part of her grooming process, so she gets prime placement on The Mount, right next to Kenny. He’s had his share of work done too, counting a facelift and eyelid surgery amongst his times on the surgeon’s table. He hasn’t had as much work done as his musical mate, but his results were terrible, and make him notable just for how botched his procedures were.We all want to be famous for something folks, so I guess it’s kind of cool that this group of singers and songwriters get to be famous for two things…even if one of those things is plastic surgery celebrity status.

Ariana Grande’s Nose Is One Less Problem

The latest in the long line of actress/singers to be pumped out by the teen television machine, former Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande has one huge advantage over her peers: she’s actually pretty talented. Making her name in main roles on “Victorious” and “Sam & Cat”, Grande broke out from the bonds of teen stardom with huge hits songs like “Problem”, “The Way”, and “Right There”, and is showing no signs of looking back. She’s also showing no signs of her old nose. Did she have plastic surgery? Or did she just grow up? Let’s take a look… Oh yeah, that’s probably a nose job. Okay, maybe it’s not that cut and dry, but it’s very possible that she went under the knife and had a rhinoplasty a few years ago. Her nose if far more thin now than it was before, and her eyes even appear closer together than before (this would be because of the change in her nasal cartilage), it really changes to whole appearance of her face. It really looks like she had work done, but we’re also aware that she lost a good amount of weight around the same time that the change in her facial features could first be observed. This makes it possible that the young starlet lost some baby fat and matured into her new face. We’re of course still on board with our nose job theory because she’s admitted in the past to having some confidence issues and perhaps her nose had something to do with her unwarranted self-doubt. There’s also rumors that she’s had her lips injected with Juvederm or Restylane, but we’re not buying those. She most likely just changed the way that she does her make-up. Regardless of her Ariana achieved her current look, she looks great. However, if she did get there by taking a detour through the plastic surgeon’s office, than we hope that she ends her plastic portfolio right there. She’s a gorgeous and talented girl, and she shouldn’t keep on messing with herself. She was pretty before she was plastic, she’s pretty with the plastic, and she’ll stay pretty without anymore of it!

Celebrity Hairstyles: 10 Of The Worst

A list of “The Worst Celebrity Hairstyles” doesn’t need a ton of introduction, so let’s just say that this list is in no particular order and is based on our opinions. If we miss someone it’s either because we’re stupid, or because we have a weird respect for their bad haircut (we’re looking at you Conan O’brien and Don King); we obviously didn’t miss Phil Spector. To be honest, he’s wearing a wig, so we almost didn’t include his “I’m doing this to help with an insanity plea” afro that he rocked during his murder trial. However, no list of bad hairstyles would be complete without mentioning the famed record producer. Also, he killed somebody, so any chance to poo on Phil is a chance we’ll take! While we’re on the subject of famously bad hair and bald people, let’s talk Spears! Remember when Britney Spears went crazy? We do, and we’ll never forget how she looked midway through shaving her own head. The “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and “Circus” singer finished the job eventually and left the salon with a bald head, but this picture taken mid-shave is the ultimate in bad celebrity hair. So yeah, Britney went crazy, but apparently so did her main competitor….

Not content with just being really pretty, really talented, and winning Grammys, Christina Aguilera once decided that this monstrosity was a good idea. She looks like she ran out of Halloween costume ideas and made something up on the spot. Like if you met her at a party she’d be all “Oh me? I’m a hippie Troll Doll. Duh!”. Duh indeed Christina…duh indeed. We’re definitely not the first people to say this, but Donald Trump should say “You’re fired.” to whoever tells him that his hair looks good that way. We’re over his comb over and we weren’t under that wave to begin with.  He should just get his hair organized like he does his stocks, just like Justin Timberlake did… Correction, no one should ever do what J.T. Did. Look it’s not such a bad thing to fall in love with the man behind “The 20/20 Experience” , but white dudes need to stop falling in love with cornrows. We don’t care how crazy and curly you’re hair is without them, they’re never a good idea…ever. Speaking of bad ideas, whose bright idea was it to make Kate Gosselin famous? We admit, we’ve made it worse by reporting on this mess, but jeez, we should’ve left her where we found her. Guess we’re lucky though, because without her, we wouldn’t have a forty year old woman with the same haircut as the bass player from your local teen pop/punk band to laugh at. She eventually got rid of whatever that is, but it was gloriously bad while it lasted. Oh hey Miley Cyrus, thanks for the performance with Robin Thicke, it was truly inspired…by what, we don’t know, but we’re sure it was the same thing that inspired you to shave most of your head and form the remaining hair into little horns. Yeah, great stuff kiddo…real cool. “Did someone say Coolio?” No. No one said “Coolio”…ever. Next! Okay honestly, Pink seems like a really cool lady and she’s crazy talented, so whoever stood next to her holding a cartoonishly huge vacuum to her hair while his/her friend took a picture should be arrested. She’s a national treasure, how dare you! We’re finishing this list with the guy from Flock Of Seagulls. Why? Because his haircut was so bad that he no longer has a name and is only referred to by his band name and his hairstyle. It ruined the lives of a ton of dudes in the 1980s who thought it was a good idea to emulate him, so this thing had far reaching effects. Seriously folks, it’s so bad that it defined a decade. That’s powerfully bad, and that’s why we think it’s the worst celebrity hairstyle this world has ever seen. With that said, watch your hair folks, you don’t need bad plastic surgery to embarrass yourself.

Ann Coulter Joins Cult Of Plastic

Look, I can’t really guarantee that Ann Coulter maters anymore. I’m too dumb to really understand why she’s famous, and too apathetic to even kind of care what some middle aged angry lady whom I’ve never even met has to complain about. I don’t do politics, and I don’t usually care to do stories about seemingly hateful people…but it looks like the famed political commentator has breast implants, so…uhhh…yeah, time to talk Coulter!Known for her staunch and many times angry stances on every political issue ever, Ann Coulter isn’t the first person most of us think of when they think about the cosmetic surgery game. After all, how many political commentators do you know that have had plastic surgery? It’s not like James Carvill is out there getting hair transplants and tummy tucks and whatnot. Basically, talking politics isn’t a looks game, so the idea of one of the most famous women in the business having work done is very surprising to even people like me, but I’ll be damned if ole’ Ann doesn’t have some fake as fake can be breasts bolted to her chest. Yup, she’s apparently had a breast augmentation, and if you don’t believe me, just look at her before and after pictures. Ann didn’t undergo the most drastic change ever, as she only went from probably a B-cup to what looks like a C-cup, but the change in her cup size that happened a few years back is very obvious. It happened right around the same time as her famous appearance on the cover of “Playboy” magazine, and some people think that her boob job was actually just the work of airbrushing for her adult magazine debut. However, her breast appear bigger even in normal photos, so I’m sticking to my guns and saying that even if she was airbrushed, her fake breasts were real.In more recent years, other rumors have floated around that Ann has had other cosmetic procedures; things like Botox injections and a facelift to keep her looking young while she’s looking angry. I don’t really see it though, and I think that her youthful look and smooth skin is more a result of good facial care and possibly some laser skin peels than anything majorly invasive or any sort of injection.  So other than the boob job, I’m going to have to say that Ann Coulter is basically natural. I still think that she’s probably a very annoying person to have lunch with…but I don’t think that she’s got a deep plastic portfolio. Of course, she could always lose her gig as a politico and end up on a reality show, then she’d be all up in the plastic surgery game, but until then, she’s at least fairly real.