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George Clooney Jumps On Anti-Plastic Surgery Bandwagon

george clooney plastic surgeryWe’ve told you in the past that George Clooney looks young for his age. Other than some veneers, he seems to be free of plastic surgery too. Why is he aging so well? Probably because he looked kind of older even when he was young…george clooney young…also: Money. It’s easier to fight off aging when you can afford the best in life. However, despite being able to afford it all, the member of the Hollywood royal class won’t be getting any plastic surgery. In fact, he’s against it for all men. In a recent interview, George stated that he feels like plastic surgery makes men actually look older. He went on to state that he rather look good for his age than try to look a different age altogether. George Clooney is a class act folks, and a plastic free one at that. No cosmetic surgery for George! Ever!

Butt Implants Are Big!

butt implants explainedButt implants are often forgotten during conversations about plastic surgery. However, some new stats are showing that butt implants might be the new hotness in cosmetic procedures. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nicole “Coco” Austin have long been rumored to have undergone butt augmentations. Now regular folk are joining in on the fad. kim kardashian butt implantAccording to search stats, people are looking for “butt implants” on the internet almost twice as much in 2015 as they did in 2014. This is kind of surprising when you think about it. The gluteal area can be improved through hard work more than just about any other body part. It also can be an extremely expensive plastic surgery, as some people have paid upwards of $35 thousand on their bums. That makes the procedure seem kind of unneeded. Also, like all surgeries, it can go really wrong…butt implants gone wrongStill though, women are flocking to surgeons to have their butts done. With that said, look for us to be throwing out more articles about celebrity butt implants in the future.

Kim Zolciak Has More Work Done?

kim zolciak butt implants“Don’t Be Tardy” star Kim Zolciak is no stranger to plastic surgery. The reality television star has had a breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, a nose job, and more Botox injections than a migraine sufferer. With all that though, she apparently still isn’t done. She recently went back to the plastic surgeon’s office to have more work done.kim zolciak before butt implantsAt least it looks like she’s been back to the plastic surgeon. If you look at Kim’s backside, something is definitely going one. The “before” photos above show a woman who had a flat butt even while pregnant. While the “after” picture below shows a woman with a ton of backside. This leads me to believe that Kim Zolciak went and got butt implants! Yes folks, Kroy Biermann’s wife has had a butt augmentation. Will this be the end of her plastic surgery career? We’ll keep you posted!kim zolciak after butt implants

Melissa Gorga Gets Her Implants Rotated

melissa gorga boob jobEverything in this world has a shelf life folks. Breast Implants are no exception, just ask Melissa Gorga. The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star recently went in for a new breast augmentation at the urging of her plastic surgeon. She’s showing off the results in the photo below.melissa gorga breast implants Her original boob job was about thirteen years ago, so it was only a matter of time before she had to…have the tires rotated. Her new chest looks a lot like her old chest, which is pictured below. melissa-gorga-boob-jobGorga is in her late thirties at this point, so we should all expect to be hearing a lot more about her around here. Reality stars tend to start having a ton of work done right about the time that they hit the big 4-0. We’ll keep you posted.

Tim McGraw’s Body Sure Has Changed!

tim-mcgraw-in-shapeWhat a difference seven years makes! The picture above is country music star and actor Tim McGraw  looking ripped! This is a vast difference from the look her rocked in the mid 2000s. He was chubby and had a drinking problem…tim mcgraw fatHowever, his love for wife Faith Hill and their daughters led Tim to change his life. Taking up Crossfit and adopting a more natural diet, “The Blind Side” star has lost over forty pounds since 2008! tim mcgraw bodyOf course, it’s also possible that at almost fifty years old, McGraw is on some sort of testosterone replacement therapy. We’re not saying that Tim McGraw is on steroids. We’re also not saying that he doesn’t break his butt and eat really clean. We’re just saying that a man might need a little help from his doctor when he wants to get that ripped that late in life. Whatever he did, he did it well. Tim McGraw looks great, and he’s proof that hard work pays off. Great job Tim!

tim mcgraw before and after

Plastic Surgery Isn’t A Drag For RuPaul

rupaul plastic surgeryRuPaul has been a celebrity since around 1992; almost twenty-five years. Over the course of that time he’s been a singer, a model, a host, an author, and a style icon. It’s that resume that’s landed him a hosting gig on plastic surgery television show “Good Work”. In recent interviews, RuPaul has shown a great amount of respect for those who go under the knife for cosmetic surgery. She has referred to the entire process as “beautiful”, and has praised the awareness of ones vanity that it takes to have work done. Has she had work done herself though? It looks like the answer is no.rupaul plastic surgery showLooking at Ru, and considering how much time he puts into his personal wellness, it’s safe to say that he’ hasn’t had plastic surgery. Close-ups of his skin reveal a natural look of graceful aging, and his body is kept in shape by a strict training regime. So no Botox, no silicone, no tucks, and no lifts; RuPaul is plastic free! He may support it, but the queen of drag had never needed it!rupaul skin close up

Kiana Tom: Part Hard Work, Part Plastic

kiana tom plastic surgeryMake no mistake about it, Kiana Tom earned her looks. The fitness model and health guru has worked her butt off in the gym for years. However, it looks like she’s had a little help from a plastic surgeon in the last few years when it comes to her overall look. kiana tom before plastic surgeryLooking at older pictures of Kiana; some things are very clear. For starters, she’s always had breast implants; she got a boob job long before any of us ever knew who she was. Secondly, she’s had at least an eyelid procedure (blepharoplasty) since the old days. Her eyes are much rounder now than they used to be, and far less “ethnic”. She also appears to have had a good amount of Botox injected into her face, causing it to be a little too smooth and kind of “frozen”. kiana tom after plastic surgeryThe end result is a woman who doesn’t look her age (fifty), but also doesn’t look like she hasn’t had plastic surgery. Kiana Tom may look solid, but she also looks like she’s had work done. We’ll let you know if she ends up having more cosmetic procedures in the future!

More Caitlyn Jenner Plastic Surgery News

caitlyn jenner plastic surgeonWelcome to celebrity plastic surgery & Caitlyn Jenner news! That’s the new name that I’m considering for this website, because it seems that we’re talking about her every day. Today in Caitlyn: we have the photo above, which is of the former Bruce Jenner presenting the surgeon who did her facial feminization surgery with a signed copy of her “Vanity Fair” cover. Caitlyn rightfully wanted to thank Dr. Harrison Lee for his hard work; after all, he did a great job. We also have news that Caitlyn recently admitted to having a near panic attack after her procedures. The reality star and Arthur Ashe Award winner had some second thoughts after her surgeries, but put them to bed quickly. Realizing that she’d have regretted it forever if she didn’t become herself, she decided that she had made the right choice. Finally, we have this…miley cyrus caitlyn jenner artThat’s art done by Miley Cyrus using Caitlyn magazine cover…it’s part of a series…yeah. Way to steal someone’s thunder Miley. Anyhow, we’ll keep you posted on all the newest Caitlyn Jenner news. Stay tuned!

Christina Aguilera’s Butt Implants?

christina aguilera before & after butt implants“The Voice” s Christina Aguilera is no stranger to this site. She’s been the subject of plenty of plastic surgery rumors in the past. From her breasts to her nose to her tummy, she’s been speculated on for years. Now people are wondering if her butt is the product of a cosmetic procedure too! christina aguilera butt liftRecent photos of the “Genie In A Bottle” singer and reality competition judge show her with a larger backside than usual. This has lead critics and plastic surgeons to speculate as the whether she’s had one of two procedures done. A lot of people out there think that she’s either had a Brazilian butt- lift or straight up butt implants. christina aguilera plastic surgeryThe speculation stems from the recent jump in size, fullness, and roundness of her backside. I’m going to be honest folks, it looks like the rumors might be true on this one. Then again, maybe she’s just doing more squats and eating steak. She’s never going to admit it, so we may never know.

Caitlyn Jenner: It Costs Money To Look That Good

caitlyn jenner before and afterThe hottest story in celebrity plastic surgery these days is the Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner transition. The Olympic hero recently became a woman, undergoing various cosmetic procedures to aide in her gender transition. Those procedures weren’t cheap though folks, and Caitlyn paid the price for beauty. How much was that price? A lot.caitlyn jenner plastic surgeryAccording to experts, Caitlyn most likely has a nose job (rhinoplasty), boob job (breast augmentation), cheek implants, facial rejuvenation surgery, Adam’s apple shaving, and plenty of Botox. The various facial and body feminization procedures most likely cost the former “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star upwards of $70 thousand. That’s a ton of money folks, but if it makes her happy and lets her live as the person she wants to be; good for her. Congrats on the new parts Caitlyn!caitlyn jenner boob job

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