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Victoria Silvstedt: Former Playmate Playing With Plastic

victoria silvstedt plastic surgeryVictoria Silvstedt, for those who are too young and/or respectable to know, is most famous for being “Playboys” Playmate of the Year back in the 1990s. These days, she’s recognizable for her part in snowboard flick “Out Cold”, and for showing up in the tabloids all the time. She’s been the subject of prostitution rumors for years, but she mostly shows up just hanging out on the beach looking pretty, so she’s not exactly hooking on the street corner. Anyhow, on her most recent beach experience we all got a great look at how she’s looking now that she’s in her forties, and the view was awesome. Of course, it looks like she’s had some work done, but not as much as you’d think. victoria silvstedt plastic pictures

She’s most likely had some lip injections, but since she’s always had a large pout it’s also possible that they’re natural. It’s also possible that she’s had some liposuction, because her stomach looks a little too smooth without showing a ton of muscle tone. However, the only obvious plastic surgery is her breast augmentation, because no one looks like that without a boob job. Regardless, she looks great, so good for her and good for us for having seen her looking great!victoria silvstedt boob job

Stassi Schroeder: Is She Artificially Vander-Pumped Up?

Stass Vanderpump plastic surgeryWhat a difference a chin makes! These days, Stassi Schroeder is known for her gig on reality show “Vanderpump Rules”, her fashion design, and her modeling; but she used to be known as the awkward daughter in a team of contestants on “The Amazing Race”. Yep, hot Stassi used to be a goth looking little teenager just like the rest of us..some of the rest of us…a few of the rest of us…okay, me. Anyhow, since those days on the CBS hit, but before her time on the Bravo hit, Stassi received some plastic surgery as a gift from her parents; a chin implant to be exact. The implant, which she admits to loving, changed the whole shape of her face; streamlining it and making it way more proportional overall. She looks great now, and when you combine her store-bought chin implant and skincare with her gym-earned body; you have yourself a model. I never really root for reality stars because they’re generally even worse people than me, but it’s nice to see a girl who used a little bit of plastic surgery to set herself up and then backed off of it; it leads to a more natural look. Good job Stassi…now pronounce your name differently, it bothers me.stassi before and afterstassi chin

Kim Jong-un Fan Gets Plastic Surgery

kim jong un surgeryWhen you hear that someone has undergone plastic surgery to look like North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, you assume it’s a body guard. It’s not uncommon for the super villains of the world to have their security go under the knife to look more like them. This makes them more likely to take a bullet. However, the gentleman above underwent plastic surgery just because he’s a fan.kim jong un plastic surgery

Chinese citizen Wang Lei is such a big fan of Kim Jong-un that he went under the knife to look more like him. We don’t know the exact procedures, but we know that he had work done. After all, he met his girlfriend at a cosmetic surgery clinic. If we had to guess, he had his eyes and ears done to attain the look of a Korean man and to mimic the dictator’s particular head shape. To each their own folks. kim jong un fan surgery pics

Snooki’s Lip Injections

snooki lip injection doctorThe above picture is of former “Jersey Shore” star Snooki with her “lip guy”. At least that’s what I’m assuming she called the doctor who did her recent lip injections. snooki before lip injectionsYes folks, reality star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi went in front of the needle recently in order to plump up her lips. She admitted as much in a recent interview. She said that she always wanted to fix her “thin lips”, and she did so with class, because they look great now. Yes, I know, “Snooki” and “class” don’t always go together, but she had some fine work done on her lips. Next up for the young starlet may be a breast augmentation. Now that she’s got the cosmetic procedure bug, she may go under the knife to lift and fill her post-baby boobs. She’s said she doesn’t like them in the past, so don’t be surprised if her shirts all get tighter.  We’ll be there to discuss it when they do too! snooki after lip injections

Kevin Smith: Silent Bob Loses Weight

kevin smith weight lossSome of you love him for movies like “Clerks”, “Mallrats”, and “Tusk”. Others hate him for movies like…well… “Clerks”, “Mallrats”, and “Tusk”. However, whether you like him or not, you have to admit that director Kevin Smith did a great job dropping some major weight.kevin smith before weight lossThe writer, director, and creator of everything from the View Askewiverse and all that is “Smod” famously got himself kicked off of a plane for being too heavy back in 2010. Since then, he’s been a yo-yo dieter, but he now plans on really keeping off the 85 pounds he dropped recently. He lost the weight by altering his diet and taking long walks with his dogs up and down the hills near his home, and he plans on possibly seeing a personal trainer in the future to help drop even more weight.  Do I think that he’s lean towards plastic surgery in the future? Maybe get a lap band procedure? Nope, he doesn’t seem like the type. However, we’ll keep an eye on him anyway. For now, congratulations Kevin!kevin smith after weight loss

Brielle Biermann Gets Implants

brielle biermann plastic surgeryBrielle Biermann may not be admitting it, but it looks like she’s followed in her mom’s footsteps. From the looks of recent pictures, the “Don’t Be Tardy” star has gotten herself breast implants. She appears to be an entirely different bra size than she was in her younger days, so that usually points to a boob job.brielle biermann breast implantsThe young reality star has already addressed the rumors. In a post to her Instagram account, Biermann blamed her bigger boobs on better bras. She claims that she hasn’t undergone any plastic surgery, but we’re not sure that we believe her. We’ll keep an eye on her and let you know if she ends up admitting to having her boobs done or if she publicly goes under the knife in the future.  Until then though folks, keep on loving plastic!brielle beirmann breast implants plastic surgery

K Michelle Is Honest About Plastic Surgery

 “Love And Hip Hop” star K Michelle has some very obvious plastic surgery folks. However, unlike most reality stars, the singer is very honest about the work that she has had done. In interviews, Michelle has admitted to having undergone a breast augmentation (her breast implants are very obvious), a butt implant procedure (again, obvious), liposuction, and some work on her cheeks (the face ones). Overall, the results are pretty solid. She looks very fake, but fake looks good on her. Sometimes “too much plastic surgery” is actually the right amount. She’s accomplished her plastic look and seems proud of it. So…good job K Michelle!k michelle butt implantsk michelle breast implants

Marg Helgenberger: Under The Dome; Under The Knife?

marg helgenberger plastic surgeryMarg Helgenberger truly rose to fame during her time on”CSI”. Her character was a time crime scene investigator. However, it wouldn’t take any sort of detective to tell that since her time on that show, Marg has had work done. From the looks of it, the “Under The Dome” star may have had both plastic surgery, and injections done.marge helgenberger lipsIn the way of surgery, it’s very possible that she’s had some kind of breast lift, because her chest looks a little too perky for a woman pushing sixty. Injection wise, it’s very clear that she’s had a tone of Juvederm pumped into her lips. They look completely different than they used to. There’s also rumors that she’s had a lot of Botox and possible eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), but I’m not buying those. Overall, she doesn’t look bad, but her lips are a little bit much. If she’s still getting work though, the audience must not mind. So, good job Marg!merg helgenberger plastic surgery chest

Who Do Patients Ask Dr. Nassif To Look Like?

kim kardashian plastic surgery“Botched” and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Dr. Paul Nassif is one of the world’s most famous plastic surgeons.  As such, we find ourselves all wondering which plastic surgery procedures he gets the most requests for. Well in a recent interview, he revealed the answer. It turns out that the most requested surgeries in his office are those set to give someone a celebrity’s body parts. His most popular celebrity surgery requests are Kim Kardashian’s butt, Olivia Munn’s eyes, Kate Bosworth’s chin, Kate Middleton’s nose, and Scarlet Johansson’s lips. Those are the celebrity body parts that people want the most from Paul Nassif! So what parts do you want folks?olivia munn plastic surgeryscarjo plastic surgerykate middleton plastic surgerykate bosworth chin plastic surgery

What’s Up With Liam Neeson?

liam neeson oldLiam Neeson is huge action star so late into his career thanks to the “Taken” films. It looks like he’s taken a few too many meals off though. The Academy Award nominee was recently photographed looking a bit too thin for our liking. These photos of a gaunt and “sucked out” looking Neeson have lead many to believe that the action star has fallen ill. However, according to the man himself, he’s never been healthier. Neeson recently admitted that he feels old as he goes through his sixties, but maintains that he’s doing well. It’s also being claimed that he isn’t dropping weight for a film role. I’m not quite sure that I believe that; maybe he’s got a secret role in the new “Star Wars” or something. Regardless, the weight loss appears drastic, and we all hope that he reverses it soon. liam neeson thinliam neeson too thin

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