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Lara Flynn Boyle: Too Much Botox?

lara flynn boyle botoxIt’s been a while since we last took a look at former “Twin Peaks” star Lara Flynn Boyle. Unfortunately things have gotten worse the actress in the way of plastic surgery. She used to only have Botox…but she also “used to” look like this…Lara flynn boyle plastic surgeryYeah folks, plastic surgery has changed her a lot. By experts opinions, she’s had a nose job (rhinoplasty), a brow lift, a full face lift, and a ton more filler injections in recent years. The result is the ultra-puffy face that you see in the picture below.lara flynn boyle before and afterLara Flynn Boyle was once one of young Hollywood’s freshest faces. Unfortunately, she tried too hard to use cosmetic surgery to keep her youth. Now she looks pretty rough and it’s actually kind of sad. We all hope that she quits with the cosmetic procedures before she makes things even worse for herself. If she doesn’t though, we’ll be here to gossip about it.

What Kind Of Plastic Surgery Has Tracey Edmonds Had?

tracey edmonds breast implantsTracey Edmonds is most famous for her role on “Extra”. She’s also well known for her relationships with Eddie Murphy, Babyface, and Deion Sanders. A very successful woman; she’s an actress, a producer, and a businesswoman; but she’s also a plastic surgery patient.  tracey-edmonds-plastic-surgery-implantsHer most obvious surgery is her boob job (breast augmentation) that drastically enhanced her bust line. She looks great after it, but she clearly has breast implants. It’s also possible that she’s had at least one nose job (rhinoplasty). Pictures of her from when she was a youngster, and even pictures of her from a few years ago, show different noses. When she was a teen, she had a wider bridge; very different from the thinned and pinched-at-the-tip look that she has today.tracy edmonds plastic surgeryRegardless of cosmetic procedures, Tracey looks great. Any work that she’s had done has gone very well. I hope she quits while she’s ahead though. She’s almost fifty; It would be a shame to see her become a plastic surgery disaster now.

Candice Bergen Comes Clean About Plastic Surgery

candice-bergen-plastic-surgery-afterCandice Bergen has been famous for a long time. Like all long term celebrities, she’s always followed by plastic surgery rumors.  Well, she’s my favorite kind of celebrity now, because she recently addressed those rumors with honesty. candice-bergen-plastic-surgery-beforeWhile giving interview in advance of her memoir “A Fine Romance”, Candice was very up front about her plastic surgery past.  She revealed that she had her eyelids done (blepharoplasty) before she started on “Murphy Brown”, and that she later had her neck done in her early forties. She said that that’s all that she’s had done, but I’m not totally sure that she didn’t leave something out. It looks an awful lot like she’s also had some Botox injections in recent years. Regardless, She looks pretty solid for a senior citizen. Overall, she’s done a good job aging. Plastic surgery has helped her, but she’s also taken care of herself and that’s impressive. candice-bergen-before-and-after

Kelly Lynch: Did She Get Botox and a Nose Job?

kelly-lynch-plastic-surgeryKelly Lynch is one of those starlets that I’m kind of hard-pressed to write about. She still looks so darn great in her fifties…but she’s clearly had some work done. It’s hard to sit here and say that she’s had plastic surgery without sounding like I’m poo-pooing on it, but that’s what I’m doing folks, because the “Drugstore Cowboy”, “Roadhouse”, and “Magic City” star looks pretty amazing for a woman who is almost sixty.

kelly-lynch-before-nose-jobThe surgery in question appears to be a nose job (rhinoplasty) that thinned her nose out at the bridge and kind of altered the center of her face overall. It doesn’t look bad though, it just looks different. That is to say that she doesn’t look better or worse, or younger or older because of her cosmetic work; she just looks like a slightly different great-looking fifty-something year old woman. Other than the nose, she’s maybe had some Botox injections, but overall Kelly Lynch is doing a great job of aging and I’m impressed. Good job Kelly!

Did Bruce Jenner Get Breast Implants?

did bruce jenner get breast implants?This is not an April Fools joke folks; it seems that Bruce Jenner has gotten breast implants. This new plastic surgery appears to be the latest step towards becoming a woman for the former Olympian. The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star has been quietly undergoing a sex change for a while now, so the breast augmentation makes sense.

bruce jenner breast implantsIf the rumors are true, then Jenner got small implants in order to not draw too much attention to the cosmetic procedure.  He looks to have gotten a very small A-cup, as they’re barely noticeable without a comparison photo.

bruce jenner boob job picturesA source close to Bruce told reporters “Bruce had silicone breast implants put in a few weeks ago. He went with a smaller implant because he didn’t want to look ridiculous.”. So, looks like he’s really going through with this folks, we’ll keep you posted on his further plastic surgeries.

Farrah Abraham’s Supports Bruce Jenner’s Plastic Surgery Choices

farrah-abraham-bruce-jenner-supportFarrah Abraham  sure does know how to stay famous. The girl who originally gained fame for getting knocked up before gaining more fame for doing porn before getting more famous for deciding to become a plastic surgeon herself recently voiced support for former Olympian-turned-pre-op-transexual Bruce Jenner. That was a terrible sentence, I know, but her sentiment was nice. When asked about Bruce’s upcoming sex change, the “Teen Mom” starlet said ““I feel like if somebody wants to do that and change themselves…that’s his own choice and there’s nothing wrong with it.” Those are some nice words for ole’ Bruce…farrah-abraham-bruce-jenner-support-pics…who is looking more and more like someone’s grandma every day. If he’s happy though, than we’re all happy for him. No one is happy for Aubrey O’Day though, as the Pussycat Doll recently stepped out for an evening and had her definitive plastic surgery picture snapped…EXCLUSIVE Aubrey O'Day with strange looking boobs at ColonyYeah, it looks like her implant is trying to migrate to her back; she should probably get that checked out. She’s going to need another boob job soon, we’ll let you know when she gets it.

Miley Cyrus Gets Her Grill Worked On

miley-cyrus-teeth-pulledMiley Cyrus had more work done! Okay…she didn’t really have any work done, but she did have surgery; it’s not plastic, but it’s surgery! The “Party In The USA” singer recently had her wisdom teeth pulled, and although it can only really mildly affect her jawline at the most, it still might make her look a little different. More importantly than that, her post-surgery pain pills and inability to deal with discomfort lead to the existence of the above photo. This isn’t the first time we’ve written about Miley, and it’s not the first time that she’s had dental work done either. She’s had cosmetic dentistry in the past, getting veneers over all of her teeth in order to fix her previously rough smile. Her new smile is actually pretty nice,  it’s just usually attached to her making a goofy face after doing something annoying. Well, nobody’s perfect; good luck with your surgery Miley!


Iggy Azalea Admits To Boob Job

iggy-azalea-breast-implants So uhhhhhh…yeah, the headline kind of says it…and I kind of definitely said it already back in January (Boom! Score one for the good guys!), but Iggy Azalea has for sure undergone a breast augmentation. We know this because in a recent interview  with “Vogue” magazine; she was asked if there’s anything that she’d change about herself and she said: ““I did change something: Four months ago, I got bigger boobs! I’d thought about it my entire life.” Doesn’t get much more out there than that; she flat out has said that she’s had a boob job. She still seems to be plastic free otherwise, and now that her proportions are in order (she said that she underwent the plastic surgery in order to even out her curves) I doubt that she’ll be having anything done any time soon. Congrats on the new chest Iggy!

iggy-azalea-admits-breast-implants-after iggy-azalea-breast-implants-before

Lacey Wildd: 37th Time Getting Plastic Surgery is a Charm


Well folks, this lady loves plastic surgery; so much so that I’m surprised I’ve never heard of her before. It’s never too late though, so I’m sitting here writing about Lacey Wildd, a woman who has spent a ton of money on what is far 36 plastic surgery procedures in order to look more like Barbie…the doll, not some other human. Lacey has been featured on “My Strange Addiction” because of her laundry list of cosmetic procedures; a list which includes 12 boob jobs, liposuction, nose and chin augmentation and butt enhancement. She’s currently planning her 37th surgery, a 13th boob job that will enhance breasts to an insane QQQ. She’s spent over a quarter of a million dollars on surgery, and it looks like she’s trying to make up for it by cutting her food budget. She recently dropped twenty pounds by ingesting only an apple, lemon juice, and water every day for the last six weeks. Yes folks, this lady is a character, but she seems proud of herself and she has a family, so good for her. Rock on lady…I guess.




Did Victoria Beckham Get Her Boobs Back?

beckham-plastic-surgery-2015In the past, we’ve spoken at length about how bad Victoria Beckham’s breast implants used to be. In fact, there’s never been a “worst boob jobs” list made around here that didn’t star the former Spice Girl. Don’t believe me? Too lazy to click this link? Just take a look…victoria-beckham-new-boob-job-oldThose things defined the term “Bolt-ons”, and she finally got tired of the ridicule that they brought, so she got them removed. By then she had already scored a marriage to David Beckham, a successful career, and a lifetime’s worth of celebrity, so what did she care? She cared so little about her breast size that she vowed to never have them done again. Well it looks like she might’ve fibbed a little bit, because some recent photos make it seem like the old girls are back! Yes folks, Victoria Beckham looks like she went back and got another bad breast augmentation…


Wow, those are some bad implants? Or are they? Maybe just a faulty push-up bra? You be the judge folks!

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