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Naomi Watts: Never Say Never to Plastic Surgery

Naomi Watts is one of a shrinking number of Hollywood starlets who are known for their natural beauty. Now that’s not to say that there aren’t a lot of good looking ladies in the movie game these days, there’s just not a lot who never seem to have had any plastic surgery. In fact, there aren’t a lot of celebrities period who don’t seem to have had any place surgery; this make the ”St. Vincent” star that much more unique. However, a recent interview with ”InStyle” magazine saw Liev Schrieber’s lovely wife admit that she may eventually go under the knife. Like I said before, Watts is a great looking lady who is currently rocking her forties with nothing but grace and the good looks that god gave her. She has had a solid career that’s included Oscar nominations and work in films like ”I Heart Huckabees”, ”Birdman”, and ”Mulholland Drive”; so I know she has a pretty sizable bank account; she’s probably already using a nice chunk of change to keep herself from aging like the rest of us normal folks. She most likely has a daily skin care regiment and a really healthy, so the day where she even needs to have work done isn’t going to come anytime soon. When that day comes though, it won’t be a total surprise when she ends up getting some cosmetic procedures. In the aforementioned interview, she seems to have softened her stance on plastic surgery, as she was defensive of fake-overed starlet Renee Zelwegger, and had some interesting things to say about her own chances of going under the knife. When asked about whether she’d end up on the surgeon’s table as she gets older, she had this to say:

”It’s not easy watching yourself get older, but when I look at two women in their fifties or sixties or seventies side by side, one who’s had surgery and one who hasn’t, I think one likes themselves a lot more and one looks more dignified and graceful. And I hope I get to stay being that woman. But I would never say ‘never.’’To be honest, those sound like the words of a woman who has thought about going under the knife but isn’t ready yet. She’s basically pre-explaining herself for the day when she’s had enough of showing her age and wants to do something about it. The quote could have just read ”I’m not happy about getting older, but I can’t justify having surgery yet.” and gotten the same point across, but I applaud her honesty and her desire to not end up a hypocrite. When she finally does go through with it though, I hope that she doesn’t go overboard and end up screwing up a naturally great look. Only time will tell though folks, and when it tells me that Naomi Watts is fake, I’ll tell you all about it! Until then, plastic on!


Farrah Abraham’s Lips Go To Hell And And Back Again

Well folks, it happened a whole lot faster than I thought it would, but my worries about Farrah Abraham’s plastic surgery habits were well founded, because she now has her first official botch! The former ”Teen Mom”, ”Celebrity Rehab”, and adult film star is no stranger to the plastic surgeon’s table and scalpel, as she’s undergone at least one breast augmentation (a boob job that took her from borderline flat to a c-cup, and possibly a second one that made her chest even larger), lip injections, and a nose job (a rhinoplasty that made her nose smaller and changed the entire look of her face). However,  despite being young and already having a ton of work done, she’s yet to show any signs of slowing down, and that has lead a lot of people (myself included) to worry that she’s going to cross the line and end up a plastic disaster. I figured it would take at least a decade though,  I never thought it would happen so fast. At least she’s being honest about it though.Breaking the story herself by posting post-procedure pictures to Instagram, the reality television celebrity recently revealed that her latest round of lip injections had gone horribly wrong. At first I wasn’t sure whether it was a burst blood vessel of some sort or a bad batch of Juvederm or Restylane, but her lips looked less bee stung and more dragon attacked. They were hard to describe, so I’m glad that there’s pictures to do them justice.  It turned out that the ultra-pout was a result of a really bad allergic reaction to the local anesthetic that was used on her kissers, so it was reversible. Rumor has it that famed botch-fixer, and reality star himself, Terry Dubrow was interested in tackling her swollen smile for the new season of his show ”Botched”, so at least she would’ve been in good hands had the swelling not gone down. Luckily for her though, Farrah wasn’t stuck with an extremely swollen upper lip; just her first set of plastic surgery regrets. So does Farrahs swollen smile mean that she’s done playing the plastic game? Unfortunately…no, she’s probably going to go back to the surgeon’s office and have more work done to keep herself in the tabloid pages. In fact, she’s already talking about getting butt implants and finding a more permanent solution to her under-inflated lips.  You see, with someone like Farrah Abraham, you never know whether she’s addicted to plastic, or addicted to fame; eithet way, there’s more surgery in her future. I’ll tell you all about it when it happens, but until then, plastic on folks.

Tiger Woods Missing Tooth

Okay folks, it’s honesty time: this isn’t really an article about Tiger Woods undergoing plastic surgery, it’s more an article about him having a tooth replaced that I’m using as an excuse to put up a picture of “Toother Woods”. That’s what I call Tiger with a missing tooth…hey, it’s in the work-shopping phase, let it grow on you. Anyhow, for those of you who have been living under a rock for the last two decades, Tiger Woods is the second or third best golfer in history. He sits behind only Jack Nicklaus in Major Tournament wins, behind only Sam Snead for overall wins on the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) Tour, and is one of the top money winners in tour history. He’s also a notoriously bad husband, as he was caught a few years back having like nine thousand different affairs behind his now ex-wife’s back. I find it important to mention that last part because there’s something mildly ironic about Tiger trying to be a good boyfriend to his current partner Lindsey Vonn and having it end with him in the oral surgeon’s chair. Tiger recently took a trip to Italy to secretly support his World Class Skier girlfriend; donning the Affliction shirt of facial covering (the skull half-mask) to conceal his identity. Well it didn’t work, because before he could finish cheering on the Olympic superstar, he was whacked in the face by a cameraman and bleeding from the mouth for everyone to see. The toothless photo was taken shortly after his accident, and some weird reason I love it. It’s like a view to an alternate reality where he became a redneck ski instructor instead of a famous golfer; it’s majestic. Unfortunately, like all things majestic, it wasn’t meant to last. Tiger got back stateside, and prior to one the worst showings that he’s ever had on a golf course, he had some cosmetic dentistry done. The surgeon replaced his missing tooth with an implant and capped the chip that he had received in the one next to it, effectively restoring his smile back to its old glory. I of course hate it, because it means the end of Billy “The Tiger” Woods, Bear Peak Mountain Ski Resort’s instructor of the year for 2002, 2003, and 2005 (like I said, “Toother” was just something I was work-shopping), but nothing great lasts forever. I’m sure his lady digs his new-old smile though, and that’s all that matters; great job to oral surgeon too, as his new grill looks perfectly natural. You’d never know that he lost a tooth…but you do…and I do…and I miss it already. Plastic on folks.

Did Paris Hilton Finally Get Her Boobs Done?


Since the dawn of time, since man was drawing lady parts on the walls of caves, since…at least a few years ago; everyone who has ever seen a reality show or checked out a gossip site has known the name “Paris Hilton”. Not that anyone has ever really wanted to know the name of the hotel heiress, but they’ve all heard it ad nauseum since the early 2000s; now it’s just part of the lexicon. For almost as long as her name has existed in our hearts and minds…and uhhhh…other parts of most men, we’ve all wondered how much plastic surgery she’s had. Well the answer as always been the same: not much, but definitely some. It’s been clear since day one that she underwent a nose job (rhinoplasty) early on in her “career” (She’s famous for being famous, then doing a “home movie”, then doing a reality show, then…being a DJ? My head hurts), as her nose shrunk significantly in her late teens/early twenties. So the nose job is her most obvious procedure, her breasts have always been a different story though.

Idiots like me have been speculating about Paris Hilton’s breasts forever(I keep mentioning how long she’s been around because it literally feels like she’s been around since the dinosaurs at this point; I just can’t remember a world without her…ugh), going back and forth about whether the constantly changing size of her chest is the result of a breast augmentation done by a really good plastic surgeon, or just the work of Victoria and all of her many secrets. The photo at the head of this article looks like it resolved all of our arguments, because there is no way that those things are real. This also proves that she hadn’t actually undergone the surgery that we all thought she had back in the day, but at least now we have a definitive answer on the issue. The photo was posted by Hilton herself to her Instagram, and shows a woman with two very large and very perky breasts, a sharp contrast to the girl that was posting photos just a few months before. Overall, Paris is still a good looking lady, and her new boobs actually  look great on her, but they’re definitely store-bought. There’s nothing wrong with this, it would just be nice if she’d just admit it and prove me right after all these years. It’s probably not going to happen that way, and she won’t admit that she’s had any work done until her third round of botched Botox Injectons when she’s in her sixties. Until then though, plastic on folks!

J-Lo: Is She Jenny From The Botox?

Okay folks, I’ve got to be careful with this one, because J-Lo’s responded to plastic surgery rumors in the past and I don’t want to have to…who am I kidding? There’s zero chance of Jennifer Lopez ever reading this article, so I could basically say whatever I want. I could write that she’s having a unicorn horn implanted into her forehead and the best I’d get is a guy named “LopezFan4Life” asking if it was a winged unicorn (A “pegacorn” if you want to be technical) or if it was flightless while trying to tell the rest of the comments section how his cousin made $18.56/hour working from home. So with that said, let’s see if the “American Idol” star has had any work done!There have been plenty of rumors of cosmetic surgery surrounding the “The Boy Next Door” starlet in the past. However, according to the woman herself, J-Lo has no plastic portfolio, as she once said in an interview “If people want to get enhancements here and there and little shots or whatever… I don’t do it, but I don’t want to judge because I don’t know how I’ll feel when I’m 40 or 50 and if that is something I would do,”. That statement says means two things: she’s denying having had plastic surgery, and she is covering her butt in case that ever changes. She’s also tweeted denials at doctors in the past when they’ve made claims that she’s gone under the knife. Do I believe her? Maybe.

Jennifer Lopez has a very natural look, let me say that before I say anything else, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that look was the result of a couple of really well done procedures. If I was forced to stick to one answer, I’d say that she’s had some Botox injections to make her skin stay smooth and make her eyes pop more as she’s gotten older. If I were to speculate further though, I’d say that it’s possible that she’s also undergone a nose job (rhinoplasty) in the past that reduced the bridge of her nose. Both of my observations could also be chalked up to having a good makeup artist, and if Jennifer is the diva that we’ve all heard that she is, she most definitely has a master working on her face before any public appearance. Basically folks, I can’t commit to an answer; I can however say with some confidence that she eventually will end up going under the knife when she gets a little older. She’s very into her looks and has a huge bank account; that only adds up to one thing: plastic surgery. When it happens I will let you all know, but until then, plastic on folks!

Uma Thurman’s Brand New Face

The official explanation is “makeup”, but I’m not totally sure that I buy it, and until I see her again I’m not gong to fully believe that Uma Thurman hasn’t had some work done; because the way she looked in a recent appearance screams “plastic surgery”. For years, the “Kill Bill” and “Pulp Fiction” star has been known as one of Hollywood’s great natural beauties, playing all sorts of gorgeous fem-fatales on the big screen and serving as muse to Academy Award winning screenwriter and famed director Quentin Tarentino. However, the picture above makes the “Nymphomaniac” starlet look anything but natural. Her skin looks overly smooth, like she’s had some sort of Botox injections or a facelift, and there’s a certain stiffness to her face that also points to some type of cosmetic procedure. The new look came as a shock to everyone in my business and made all sorts of gossip headlines, as critics have said the look is the result of everything from the aforementioned surgery/needle combination to just a rapid bout of aging. Like I said before though, the official explanation is that she had her makeup done differently. After the initial stir that was created by her new appearance, Uma’s longtime cosmetologist Troy Surratt went on record saying that the differences in her skin and eyes were the result of his changing her normal cosmetic concoction. He went from the usual warm blush and dark mascara combination to something with a “stronger brow and bold lip” in order to achieve a more French-inspired look. The results were less than favorable and took away from her normally gorgeous features, and that’s if we even believe that it’s the makeup and not a Botox-botch.  So the jury is still out on Uma’s face, no one knows if it’s the result of a scalpel, a needle, or a brush, but everyone can agree on one thing: no one likes it. Uma is a great looking woman, but this new look is doing no favors for her, so I hope she changes it back to the way it used to be before people start to forget how great looking she really is. Until then though, plastic on folks!

Erin McNaught Drops Baby Weight In Near Record Time!

She had to know people were going to give her crap right? Erin McNaught is a model, musician, actress, and television presenter whose career is mostly contained on the Australian continent, but she’s now finding her fame jumping across the big pond as a recent Instagram picture has her making headlines all over the world. The picture in question isn’t anything risque or truly controversial (she actually already had a topless photo scandal way back when she was competing in the Miss Universe Pageant), but instead is one of her showing off her body in a bikini just a month after having given birth to her son. In the picture, she looks pretty much exactly like she did before she was pregnant with her son Evander (whom she conceived with her husband, English rapper Elliot “Example” Gleave)), and she obviously and admittedly posted it in order to show her pride in how quickly her body has rebounded from the pregnancy. As always in these situations, the internet got angry.To my knowledge, there has yet to be a time in the history of social media when a celebrity posted a post-pregnancy weight loss photo and hasn’t gotten a rash of haters on their back, so she shouldn’t be surprised that she’s getting heat. Tons of commenters from every site that has run with this picture have had things to say along the lines of “Must be nice to be a model instead of a mom.”, “Normal women can’t do that, it’s unfair to the rest of us for you to set this example.”, and “You must need attention.”. She of course has also had some supporters, but there’s far more people claiming that she must have had plastic surgery and/or she’s creating an unfair standard for post-pregnancy weight loss. So not it’s my turn to have an opinion right?Let’s put this as bluntly as possible: She hasn’t had any plastic surgery, and she deserves to be proud of herself. She didn’t get into shape because she’s naturally thin or because she’s rich, she got back into shape so quickly because she didn’t do what most women do when they’re carrying a person in their tummy. She didn’t eat hotdogs covered in chocolate and stop all physical activity; she ate a healthy diet and continued to workout. She only put on about sixteen pounds over the course of her nine months, and she jumped back into physical activity as soon as she could after having her baby. The unfortunate truth is that a lot of people can’t look as good as her after having a baby because a lot of people don’t work as hard as her before even being pregnant. I don’t like when anyone brags about gym gains, but that’s the world we live in, so she has every right to be proud of what she’s done with her body! Good job Erin!

Kim Zolciak Fights Aging with More Plastic Surgery

Look, I’ve never seen Kim Zolciak up close, so it’s entirely possible that she’s a mess of frozen features, overly smooth skin, and parts so hard you can break bricks with them; but from the comfort of my living room, she looks like her plastic surgeries are going pretty well for her. In her past, she’s gone under the knife a whole bunch of times, as she’s had multiple breast augmentations (at least two boob job; one when she was younger in order to even out her build, and another after she popped out her first couple of kids), a nose job (a rhinoplasty back in the day that shrunk her snout a bit), a couple of post-pregnancy tummy tucks, and a whole ton of Botox injections. Like I said before, she’s made it this far without becoming a freak show; she looks very fake, but she doesn’t look at all bad. Now she’s had even more work done,  so the question has to be asked: did she finally cross the line and have too much work done? Did Kroy Biermann’s wife go to the well one too many times and get  scary? Let’s take a look…well the first picture gave you a look already, but I’m trash with segues. To answer my previous question, Kim Zolciak of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Don’t Be Tardy” fame has obviously gone back to the plastic surgery well once again, as she recently admitted to having had a tummy tuck in 2014, and she still looks pretty solid. From the looks of it, she’s had both liposuction and a tummy tuck, and it’s left her midsection looking pretty manufactured, but not bad really. She’s a classic case of taste; if you like all natural looks, she’s going to turn you off big time, but if you’re cool with someone looking plastic, she’s a rock star. It also might help your opinions of her to know that she’s not just relying on her surgeon to get her looking right; she’s also hitting the gym hard and is on some sort of shake-based diet to help her keep her baby-weight off. She basically the reality show version of the ultimate marriage of surgical technology and sports science; that’s meant to be a compliment. Overall, Kim Zolciak-Biermann is doing a solid job of fighting off age through both plastic surgery and personal wellness; she may not look natural, but she doesn’t look like a mess either. Her look being good or bad is sheerly a matter of preference, and so long as she and her husband prefer plastic, she’s looking great!

Is Amber Rose Faking it with Plastic Surgery?

Full disclosure folks: I actually had to consult Wikipedia to find out exactly what Amber Rose is famous for. That’s not to say that I had no idea who Amber Rose is; she’s the girl with the shaved head who used to be married to rapper Wiz Khalifa (they were divorced in 2014 when she found out that he had cheated on numerous times, including at least once with twin sisters…ew) and used to date Kanye West. She’s also had an unsuccessful hip-hop career and has a clothing line, both of which I knew about, but I had no idea what she did to receive all of these opportunities in life. Well according to the good ole’ Wiki, Amber Rose got her start as a model and music video “actress”…and also used to be a stripper…and also  has a mother who was born in Cape Verde…and Cape Verde is off the coast of West Africa…and Lagos is one of the largest cities in West Af-, sorry, I got caught in a rabbit hole. Anyhow, because of her physical assets, Amber Rose has spent her entire time in the spotlight as the subject of plastic surgery rumors; now it’s time to put those rumors to rest…or give them some validity. Looking at older photos of Rose, there’s not much of a difference between her looks in her mid-twenties and her looks in her early thirties, which is a bit of a “plastic free” smoking gun. Furthermore, if you want to go out on a limb and say that she had work done before she was famous, then you’d probably be wrong too, as nothing about her looks to be fake; except her hair, that’s an obvious and admitted dye-job. Her boobs have the cleavage and hang of natural large breasts, and her famously large butt looks to be the product of her thicker build rather than any sort of implants. Her face also looks homegrown, as her nose has a natural contour and her lips are large but not unnatural looking in any way. So that’s a big “NO” on a breast augmentation, butt implants, and a nose job (rhinoplasty); but that’s not going to  stop other critics from waving the plastic flag at Amber Rose; and she knows it as she’s addressed the rumors before.When asked about her possible plastic past, Amber said “I’m all natural. I don’t have fake boobs or a fake butt.”; so that’s a pretty accurate and blatant denial on her part. Amber makes her living on her good looks though, so it’s always possible that she’ll have work done in the future. As a new mother fresh off of a failed marriage, Amber could go two ways: she could sit back on her money and lay low, never getting any work done and allowing herself to live a normal domestic existence; or she could get scared of losing her place in the spotlight in a few years and end up getting a buttload of cosmetic procedures. Only time will tell which direction she takes things, but I’ll be there to gossip about it either way. Until then, I remain Tommy Tuck, plastic on folks!

Man Transforms Himself into Captain America Villain The Red Skull

37-year-old Henry Damon of Venezuela has taken being a superfan to a whole new level. Damon has what you could say is an obsession with the Marvel comics villain The Red Skull from the Captain America movie. As you can see from the pictures he decided to transform himself into the Red Skull by having his nose surgically removed, inserting implants under his forehead and tattooing his face. You might be asking yourself what surgeon would even approve of this surgery? The answer would be… none. Damon had a former medical student who is now a body modification artist do the procedure.