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Miley Cyrus Gets Her Grill Worked On

miley-cyrus-teeth-pulledMiley Cyrus had more work done! Okay…she didn’t really have any work done, but she did have surgery; it’s not plastic, but it’s surgery! The “Party In The USA” singer recently had her wisdom teeth pulled, and although it can only really mildly affect her jawline at the most, it still might make her look a little different. More importantly than that, her post-surgery pain pills and inability to deal with discomfort lead to the existence of the above photo. This isn’t the first time we’ve written about Miley, and it’s not the first time that she’s had dental work done either. She’s had cosmetic dentistry in the past, getting veneers over all of her teeth in order to fix her previously rough smile. Her new smile is actually pretty nice,  it’s just usually attached to her making a goofy face after doing something annoying. Well, nobody’s perfect; good luck with your surgery Miley!


Surgery Round-Up: Farrah Reps Bruce And Aubrey’s Most Plastic Pic

farrah-abraham-bruce-jenner-supportFarrah Abraham  sure does know how to stay famous. The girl who originally gained fame for getting knocked up before gaining more fame for doing porn before getting more famous for deciding to become a plastic surgeon herself recently voiced support for former Olympian-turned-pre-op-transexual Bruce Jenner. That was a terrible sentence, I know, but her sentiment was nice. When asked about Bruce’s upcoming sex change, the “Teen Mom” starlet said ““I feel like if somebody wants to do that and change themselves…that’s his own choice and there’s nothing wrong with it.” Those are some nice words for ole’ Bruce…farrah-abraham-bruce-jenner-support-pics…who is looking more and more like someone’s grandma every day. If he’s happy though, than we’re all happy for him. No one is happy for Aubrey O’Day though, as the Pussycat Doll recently stepped out for an evening and had her definitive plastic surgery picture snapped…EXCLUSIVE Aubrey O'Day with strange looking boobs at ColonyYeah, it looks like her implant is trying to migrate to her back; she should probably get that checked out. She’s going to need another boob job soon, we’ll let you know when she gets it.

Iggy Azalea Admits To Boob Job

iggy-azalea-breast-implants So uhhhhhh…yeah, the headline kind of says it…and I kind of definitely said it already back in January (Boom! Score one for the good guys!), but Iggy Azalea has for sure undergone a breast augmentation. We know this because in a recent interview  with “Vogue” magazine; she was asked if there’s anything that she’d change about herself and she said: ““I did change something: Four months ago, I got bigger boobs! I’d thought about it my entire life.” Doesn’t get much more out there than that; she flat out has said that she’s had a boob job. She still seems to be plastic free otherwise, and now that her proportions are in order (she said that she underwent the plastic surgery in order to even out her curves) I doubt that she’ll be having anything done any time soon. Congrats on the new chest Iggy!

iggy-azalea-admits-breast-implants-after iggy-azalea-breast-implants-before

Lacey Wildd: 37th Time Getting Plastic Surgery is a Charm


Well folks, this lady loves plastic surgery; so much so that I’m surprised I’ve never heard of her before. It’s never too late though, so I’m sitting here writing about Lacey Wildd, a woman who has spent a ton of money on what is far 36 plastic surgery procedures in order to look more like Barbie…the doll, not some other human. Lacey has been featured on “My Strange Addiction” because of her laundry list of cosmetic procedures; a list which includes 12 boob jobs, liposuction, nose and chin augmentation and butt enhancement. She’s currently planning her 37th surgery, a 13th boob job that will enhance breasts to an insane QQQ. She’s spent over a quarter of a million dollars on surgery, and it looks like she’s trying to make up for it by cutting her food budget. She recently dropped twenty pounds by ingesting only an apple, lemon juice, and water every day for the last six weeks. Yes folks, this lady is a character, but she seems proud of herself and she has a family, so good for her. Rock on lady…I guess.




Did Victoria Beckham Get Her Boobs Back?

beckham-plastic-surgery-2015In the past, we’ve spoken at length about how bad Victoria Beckham’s breast implants used to be. In fact, there’s never been a “worst boob jobs” list made around here that didn’t star the former Spice Girl. Don’t believe me? Too lazy to click this link? Just take a look…victoria-beckham-new-boob-job-oldThose things defined the term “Bolt-ons”, and she finally got tired of the ridicule that they brought, so she got them removed. By then she had already scored a marriage to David Beckham, a successful career, and a lifetime’s worth of celebrity, so what did she care? She cared so little about her breast size that she vowed to never have them done again. Well it looks like she might’ve fibbed a little bit, because some recent photos make it seem like the old girls are back! Yes folks, Victoria Beckham looks like she went back and got another bad breast augmentation…


Wow, those are some bad implants? Or are they? Maybe just a faulty push-up bra? You be the judge folks!

Did Kim Kardashian Steal Her Style?

kim-kardashian-new-look-stolen-jelenaIf you just looked at the above picture and said “Wow, I wonder what has Kim Kardashian so deep in thought?”; then I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news: One, Kanye West’s wife doesn’t have deep thoughts. Two, that’s not her; it’s Serbian pop star Jelena Karleusa. Apparently, Kim has taken a bit of inspiration (*cough* She stole it! *cough*) for her new blonde look from the European pop princess. Kim recently debuted an entirely new (to her) style that included blonde hair and a very dark way of dressing, and it makes her a dead ringer for the singer. This has critics, myself included, saying that Kim most likely took her look from the less famous, but still a celebrity in her country, woman. Jelena and Kim also have similar body types (right down to the plastic surgery enhanced breasts), which lends to the resemblance. Go ahead and take a look at the two, see if you can tell the difference…



Katherine Webb: Real Or Fake?

Katherine Webb is more famous for being the ultra-hot girlfriend and now wife of former Alabama Crimson Tide and current Cincinnati Bengals’ Quarterback AJ McCarron than she is for being a beauty queen, but she’s famous regardless, so it becomes my job to ask: Has Katherine Webb has any plastic surgery? Well from the looks of it, the young model and former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue star has only had one procedure: a breast augmentation. The boob job didn’t make her chest huge, as she still seems to be a B-cup, but it definitely happened. You can tell from the roundness and lack of bounce in her chest that she has implants. Also, the fact that when she raises her arms they don’t go anywhere says a lot about her breasts. Her surgeon did a nice job, but the implants are obvious. Like I said before, other than having had her boobs done, Katherine Webb doesn’t seem to have had any more work done as of yet. If that changes I’ll let you know, but until then, plastic on folks!

Nicole Scherzinger Goes From Fox To Cat

I’ve told you my theories on Nicole Scherzinger’s plastic surgery in the past; she’s most likely undergone a breast augmentation (a boob job that took her up a couple of cups sizes), but nothing else as of yet. That’s not what we’re here to talk about today though folks, today we’re taking a look at a different kind of cosmetic procedure that the Pussycat Dolls lead singer recently went through on a nightly basis. The singing starlet did a critically acclaimed stint on stage as “Grizabella” in “Cats”, and she was nice enough to share the process that she went through before every show to turn her from Pussycat Doll to straight up pussycat. It started with the expert application of some make-up…Then some more makeup…Then even more makeup…Then don’t forget to tack on some ears…And boom…Cat Lady! It was a long and painstaking process, but the singer says that she has no regrets about it, and if the reviews were true, then no one regretted forking over the money to see her in full cat-mode. I’ll see you next time she goes under the knife; until then, plastic on folks!

Jenny Puts The “Wow” Back In “Jwoww”

Did you know that “Jersey Shore” began airing in 2009? That’s over half a decade of dudes with expensive Dragon Ball haircuts jumping around in overly tight t-shirts and yelling about being from a state that no one else wants to be from! That’s Amazing! That’s crazy! That’s…kind of depressing, makes me feel really old, and makes me sad that we live in a society where people like that get their own shows while dudes with borderline legitimate writing skills have to make ends meet by writing rambling blog posts about the guys and girls from those same shows! What? I’m not bitter, you’re bitter. Anyhow, one of the few bright spots of the whole “Jersey Shore” craze has been the career of Jenni “JWoww” Farley; by “bright spot” I mean “she stopped embarrassing herself pretty early in her career and seems to have a nice marriage.”, but hey, you take what you can get. JWoww, has been on television consistently since “The Shore” debuted, getting roles on shows like “One Life To Live” and getting a reality spin-off with one of her old cast-mates by way of “Snooki And JWoww”; the whole time she’s had some pretty impressive plastic on display. Well now she has more of it, and it’s my job to talk about it, so read on…Well, she always said that she could make anyone say “Wow!”. Those are some serious breasts folks, and they’re the result of her being unhappy with her old breast implants after she gave birth to her daughter.  She had originally undergone plastic surgery to improve her bust-line before she was famous, and as you can see below, her chest looked very fake; an obvious breast augmentation if I’d ever seen one. However, her new implants look like they might be silicon, because they look pretty real in the top she’s wearing above. It could be the type of implant, but it could also be her carrying a little more weight than she used to; more weight means more actual tissue to surround the implants and a more realistic look. She’s being very open about the procedure too, as she admitted it on television already. This officially puts to bed any theories we had about her plastic past from the neck up.She admitted to her original implants, and she’s been nothing but proud of the second set, so all my theories that she had had more work done to her face are probably false. She still almost definitely has had some Botox injections, but any other major work is out of the question. She’s the type who likes to be honest about her cosmetic work, so I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that if she didn’t admit it, it didn’t happen. She’s bound to go back under the knife someday though, and when that day comes I will tell you all about it. Until then, plastic on folks!

Charlotte Mckinney: Is the Carl’s Jr. Girl all Natural?

“The Next Kate Upton”, “The Carl’s Jr. Girl”, or “The Model With The Huge Chest”; whatever you’ve decided to call Charlotte Mckinney, you can always call her one thing: well endowed in the chest area. You could also call her one of the modelling industry’s fastest rising stars, as she’s finding herself popping up in Guess! Jeans ad campaigns, movies like “Joe Dirt 2″, and the truest sign that you’ve made it, a creepy photo shoot with Terry Richardson. Okay, so the photo shoot was just a normal one, but that dude still gives me the willies. Anyhow, the most important reason that we’re here today isn’t to discuss whether or not that dude in the flannel and glasses makes mys crawl (That’s hard to do by the way, have you seen what I do for a living? I’m literally the worst!), it’s to ask the question that’s been on everyone’s mind at least since the Super Bowl premiere of her burger commercial: Are they real? To happily quote two episode’s of “Sienfeld”: “They’re real and they’re fabulous!”…at least that’s what they seem to be. To all the men who love her, I’m happy to tell you that there are in fact women who naturally end up with Charlotte’s body; to all the women who hate, sorry that you can’t say that she’s had plastic surgery anymore. Looking at some pictures of Charlotte in which she isn’t wearing a push-up bra,  and doing some listening to some of her interviews, I think it’s safe to declare her plastic free. Take the pictures above and below as examples of the difference in the fake-ness of her chest when wearing different undergarments. In the above photo, it looks like she’s undergone a boob job (breast augmentation), but then you gander at the picture below and have to realize that she just has a naturally large chest. In that photo, her large breasts have a very natural hang, and don’t have the overly round shape or lift off the sternum that implants have. Adding to my confidence that her boobs are a gift from the universe is the fact that she’s said in interviews that she was picked on in high school by other girls because of her large parts. She says that she was called “fake” during her teens and seemed genuinely upset about it; so while I’m hard pressed to take up the plight of the hot girl, I do believe that she got boobs early and often. Aside from her hotly debated chest, I see no other proof that Charlotte Mckinney has had work done on any other parts of her body either. This leads me to happily give her my “plastic free” seal of approval (picture an actual seal clapping in approval please). I promise to let you know when and if she finally breaks our trust, but until then, plastic on folks!

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