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Christina Fulton: Cage’s Ex Looks A Little Cagey

“Why is Christina Fulton a celebrity?” That’s the first question most of you will probably ask when you first come across this article. Well the answer is two-fold: if you’ve ever even heard of her it’s because she was an actress and a singer who appeared in “Snake Eyes” and had a song called “Thank You” (it was apparently on an episode of “Jersey Shore” or because she used to date and later sued Nicolas Cage. It’s most likely the latter of the two, seeing as how she is the mother of his son and she made a ton of money taking him to court after his inability to pay taxes allegedly lost her over a million bucks.  It’s also most likely that used that money to fund some of her plastic surgery, because she’s had a good amount of it. Let’s take a look at what she’s had done…Looking at her before and after photos, it’s pretty obvious that she’ spent a good amount of time in the plastic surgeon’s and dermatologist’s offices. For starters, she’s had a ton of Botox injections, which have left her with a frozen face, a veiny forehead, and an overall “too smooth” look. She’s also very clearly had cheek implants that have left her cheeks looking way too plump and have taken out the natural contours of her face in the eye region. Speaking of her eyes, she also seems to have undergone an eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) that didn’t really go too well, because her left eye looks a but whacky and both look smaller and more almond shaped than they did when she was younger. It looks like she’s had some work done on the bridge of her nose too, as it looks a bit “sleeker” than it did back in the day. We also wouldn’t be shocked if she’s had some sort of breast augmentation, because her chest still looks pretty perky despite the facts that she’s had a child and is getting up in age. We can’t guarantee that last one, but considering the other work that she’s had done, we think that it’d be dumb to rule it out.Overall, Christina Fulton looks a bit rough these days, especially when you consider how naturally pretty she once was. She’s by no means “ugly”, but she’s a classic case of someone getting plastic surgery when they don’t need it and it making them look worse than before. We really hope she quits now before it gets worse, because we don’t want a full fledged disaster on our hands.


Korea Loves Plastic Surgery!

Look, it’s no secret that American celebrities love to go under the knife, but our famous folks have nothing on even the average person in South Korea. Yup, it’s true, one in five women in Seoul (the nation’s capital) have undergone some type of cosmetic procedure, and it’s such a popular practice that no one even tries to hide it anymore. Where as in the United States people usually make an effort to avoid admitting when they’ve had work done, it’s just part of your run of the mill conversation over in that part of Asia. It’s even encouraged in young women, who are often told to have work done while they’re teenagers so that they have more time to grow into their new features. Now we’re not trying to tell you that every single person in the country has gone under the knife, but double eyelid surgeries (double blepharoplasty is used to create a more wide eyed look) and nose jobs (rhinoplasty is done in order to make the nose more long and thin) are now so common that they’re referred to as “the basics”. That’s a little too common for our liking, but that’s not all…

Without sounding too dramatic…no one is safe from the plastic surgery bug in South Korea. We already mentioned that teenagers are having surgery pushed on them (even by some parents, who see beauty as the norm and consider having plastic surgery to be part of the grand competition of life), but men are also being courted by cosmetic surgeons. Men in the United States have work done, but it’s usually considered to be less than masculine and is often frowned upon, but men in South Korea are getting just as into it as women are! Ads for surgery clinics like “Man & Nature” brag that men will find a wife and get hired for a job if they have surgery to change their eyes, nose, and jaws. Oh yeah, did we forget to mention the crazy dangerous surgical procedure that some South Koreans are undergoing now? Yeah, let’s talk about that…

Double jaw surgery is a procedure that was originally developed to create a better quality of life for people born with major deformities. We’ve talked about it on this website before, and we can’t help but point out again that the surgery was created to help people who suffered from constant drooling, inability to chew food, and near constant pain. It’s a big procedure that involves the complete destruction and complete reconstruction of both the jaw and the pallet, so it comes with some major risks that include facial paralysis and major nerve damage. When you compare that to things like breast augmentations (boob jobs are very low risk) and liposuction (also low risk), it seems kind of crazy to go through with it just to look different. It’s a pretty out there procedure.

South Korea is setting a pretty bad example for their future generations, and we worry that they’re headed towards a creepy Sci-Fi future where everyone has had work done and ultra-modification is the new normal. Maybe we’re being a little too dramatic (again), and we have no problem with South Korea (it’s a great country), but there’s a show over there called “Let Me In” that involves people telling sob stories so that a panel of judges can decide which parts of them to fix. Yeah, it’s like that show “The Swan” that only lasted a few weeks on U.S. television, but it’s popular over there…really popular. That’s terrible…really terrible.

The Bella Twins: Still Bella, No Longer Twins

I’ll tell you folks, if there’s one place other than the Bravo Network that I can always rely on for providing me with celebrities to write about, it’s World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE); that place is like a plastic paradise! The wrestling company has always prided itself of it’s larger than life athletes, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that it’s lady warriors have some larger than life and too good to be true assets of their own. Today’s article is a double whammy too, as I’m discussing the plastic portfolios of Brie and Nikkie Bella, The Bella Twins, real life sisters who find themselves sitting atop the WWE Diva’s Division and sitting next to two of its top male stars at the dinner table (Brie is married to Daniel Bryan, while Nikki is in a long-term relationship with John Cena). They’re a strange case too, as they were born pretty much identical twins, but seem to have gained almost completely different looks through plastic surgery. Let’s take a look…The elephants in the room are obviously strapped to Nikki’s chest, as the she had a very obvious boob job (breast augmentation) done a few years ago. She went from an A-cup to a D-cup and left her sister shopping in the small bra section. That’s not the first time one of the “Total Divas” stars (the sisters are the focus of a female-wrestler themed reality show on the E! Channel) has had work done…actually it was the first time that only one of them went under the knife though, as it seems that they both had surgery done in the past…Yup, that’s The Bellas and their real names in their High School year book; that’s also The Bellas and their real noses. It appears to me that the two underwent nose jobs (that’s one rhinoplasty each) at some point after the 12th grade, because they had different sniffers when they showed up in the WWE years later. The facial procedures changed each girl’s look too, making them look far less like twins than they once did and changing each of their facial structures. They each carry their weight differently too, Brie has a more slight figure than Nikki, a fact that also contributes to the difference in their looks.Overall, both Bellas still look great, and since I’m not a twin, I can’t poo-poo on the idea of undergoing cosmetic procedures to look different from someone who essentially has the same exact face as you. Everyone has their reasons for their work, some are better than others I guess. I hope that neither sister goes back under the knife though, as they don’t need anything done and any further plastic surgery would just be really unnecessary.  You’ve got different looks now sisters, so quit while you’re ahead!

Athletes Have Work Done Too

Celebrities love to have work done; whether it’s the star of a popular reality show, or the DJ from a local radio station, the moment someone gets some money and some time in the spotlight, it seems like they just go running to the plastic surgeon or the cosmetic dermatologist’s office. This even applies to athletes. Although there’s probably a much a lower instance of famous sports competitors going under the knife for plastic surgery than there are let’s say real housewives who go see the surgeon, there’s still famed sportsmen and women who choose to have cosmetic procedures. Even the the tough ones sometimes go to the plastic side…Just ask Wayne Rooney, the famed soccer tough guys and Manchester United star betrayed the bald community a few years ago when he underwent a hair transplant procedure. He was really honest about it and has made no efforts to hide how happy he is with the results. To be honest, we think he looks a little weird with his new hair, but if it makes him happy, who are we to argue?.Another soccer star who went under the knife is United States Women’s team member Sydney Leroux, who had a very obvious breast augmentation a bit ago. She went from an A-cup to probably a C-cup, and she looks good even if the boob job is very obvious (the cleavage spacing is off). She also might have had a nose job (rhinoplasty) to reduce the bump on the bridge of her nose, but that change in her look could just be a product of her changing her make-up. Rebecca Adlington didn’t  change her make-up…well she might have, but that’s not why her nose looks so different. The Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion swimmer very clearly had her nose operated on. She had the bump in her bridge reduced and effectively changed the entire shape of her nose in the process. If we’re being honest, she looks better now than she did before, so good for her!Julio Ceasar Chavez’s nose job didn’t go nearly as well. The former multi-time and multi-year professional boxing World Champion looks to have gone under the knife for a rhinoplasty that aimed to correct the many broken noses he suffered during his illustrious career. However, the surgery froze up the top half of his face and makes him look like he’s wearing one of those masks they give basketball players when they break their beak. He’s by far not the worst athletic offender though, that honor obviously belongs to…Bruce Jenner of course! The Gold Medal winning Olympic Decathlete and former “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star has had all the work done…all of it. He’s had a facelift, eyelid surgery (blephaorplasty), a nose job, a neck lift, and Botox injections out the wazoo. He’s changed his entire look, and not for the better. He bears no resemblance to the rugged superstar that he once was, and that’s a darn shame.No celebrity is safe folks, not even your Olympic heroes. The plastic surgery bug bites without discrimination and bites hard, so watch out, you could be next! Well, that’s of course if you randomly get rich and famous…but if that happens, then watch your back! Or your face, either one.

Joan Rivers: Queen Of Comedy Not Doing Well

Well this sucks. Look folks, making fun of celebrities for having too much plastic surgery is kind of our main gig around here, but there’s nothing funny about today’s story. Joan Rivers has been called a lot of things on this site that are somewhere in the grey area; we’ve called her plastic surgery royalty and we’ve had some less than stellar opinions about her numerous cosmetic procedures. However, the one thing we probably haven’t mentioned enough is how beloved she is. Despite having a ton of work done over the years, Joan will someday be remembered not for her life in plastic, but for her life on stage, and for her life as a mother and friend. It’s a shame that we’re not saying these things under better circumstance though folks, because of the writing of this article, Joan is in very poor health, and she has plastic surgery to blame…Since getting her first bits of work done almost half a century ago, Joan has built a plastic portfolio that includes multiple face lifts, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), a boob job (breast augmentation), multiple nose jobs (rhinoplasties), chemical peels, brow lifts, cheek lifts, tons of dermal injections (Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, etc.), and who knows how many other procedures. It’s safe to say that Joan has been somewhat of an addict for a long time, but she’s always managed to stay classy and stay funny. She’s always made light of her love of cosmetic enhancement, and she’s used that lighthearted nature to keep herself in the spotlight a fashion and style critic working red carpets with her daughter Melissa and staring in shows like “Fashion Police” alongside Kelly Osbourne. She’s also stayed relevant by being friggin’ hilarious; her stand-up shows still sell out to this day, and she has made zero efforts to slow down, booking herself year ’round for appearances on stage. Unfortunately that “never slow down” attitude also applies to her booking of procedures, and Joan has been going under the knife in her senior years with the same frequency that she did when she was a younger woman. Even more unfortunately, it seems like it’s finally caught up to her, as her most recent procedure (it appears to have been a neck lift) resulted in her going into cardiac arrest. As of this writing, she is in the process of being brought out of a medically induced coma, and doctors fear that she won’t be the same if and when she awakens. It’s very possible that the complications from her surgery will leave her with a loss of motor function and a fraction of the vibrance that she so recently still had. We often joke about “plastic surgery disasters” around here, but if things don’t improve for the comedy Queen, this may end up being the first time that the term isn’t an overstatement. Since her health turned, countless celebrities have taken to social media to voice their support for her and to make sure that the world truly understands how many lives she’s touched. Just hours before going in for this procedure, Joan joked with a New York audience about her age (81) and “how close she is to death”; because that’s the kind of lady that Joan has always been. You make fun of her plastic surgery, she makes fun of herself. She realizes her own mortality, she just laughs at it. Joan Rivers is a true legend, and our thoughts and prayers are with her in this rough time. We hope that she comes out of all of this okay.

Celebrity Lips: Who Has The Worst?

Lip injections, like all dermal filler injections they’re basically plastic surgery’s version of a gateway drug. Getting lip injections is often the first step towards a full plastic surgery portfolio, and sometimes is a nasty step. Not nasty pain wise, lip injections tend not to hurt too bad, but nasty from an aesthetic perspective, because sometimes those things go wrong…way wrong. However, before we show you some of the worst lip injections in the celebrity plastic surgery game, let’s talk about what they are. Lip injections almost always are done from syringes of Juverderm or Restylane (both are synthetic versions of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring lubricant in the human body), and they’re done for the purpose of making one’s lips seems appear larger and/or less wrinkled. They typically cost between $500 and $750 per treatment and last about 6-9 months before they have to be done again. Now that we’ve got all the nerd speak out of the way, let’s make fun of some famous people!Former “Melrose Place” star Lisa Rinna has become legendary for her overinflated smackers. She originally had very nice lips, but went to the cosmetic dermatologist one too many times and has ended up with way too much going on in the mouth region. At this point, her lips are also wrinkled, so the whole thing  is off the rails. Of course, she’s not as bad off as Nikki Cox…The former “Las Vegas” star began her career as one of the most naturally gorgeous women to ever grace television screens, but in her efforts to stay ahead of her hot-girl competitors, she had some bad lip work done. Some people think that she’s had implants put in, but regardless of what she has now, it was definitely injections that got her started on her road to looking like…Melanie Griffith! Remember when she was known for being a gorgeous actress? Now she’s becoming more famous for her bad plastic surgery and cosmetic procedure past. A past that includes some really bad lip work.Speaking of bad pasts, Lindsay Lohan included bad lip injections on her checklist when she started her journey from teen star to adult mess. She used to have thin but pretty lips, and now she’s got lips so bad that they make her whole smile appear crooked. It’s a real shame, because she’s a nice looking girl naturally. She’s too young to look as bad as she sometimes does, but she appears to be on the road to recovery, so maybe she’ll stay away from having further lip work done. Farrah Abraham should do that same, because she’s also too young to look like this…She doesn’t get two photos because it doesn’t matter how she looked before, she looks terrible now. No one needs lips like that. She’s what happens when you jump into the plastic pool with both feet and don’t think of the consequences. Her lips look rough, and she seems to just keep having work done, so we expect them to only get worse. She’s last on our list because she’s just such a darn shame. The “Teen Mom” star was pretty and could’ve used her reality TV money to improve her life, but instead she inflated her face.  Look, celebrities love excess and sometimes that’s fine, but when it comes to lip injections, more is definitely not better!

Yet Another Man Becomes A Ken Doll

Remember the name “Celso Santebanes” folks, because aside from the fact that he sounds like a stock name from a ninth grade Spanish textbook, he’s also the newest person to try and make himself into a living doll; he might end up being the richest too. How’s he going to make enough money to recoup and make a profit off of the fifty thousand bucks that he spent plastic surgery? By getting his own line of “Celso Dolls” of course! Yes, this is a story about a man who goes off the deep end with an addiction to plastic surgery and an admitted addiction to staring into the mirror…and is rewarded for it by having dolls made in honor of his becoming a doll. Yes, it makes my head hurt too; and yes, I’m going to write more about this guy…

Twenty year old Celso, a Brazilian model who actually mimics puppet movements in his everyday life, began his transformation after winning a modeling contest at the age of sixteen, and says that people have always told him that he “looked like a doll”. This begs the question: what if they had said he looks like a dragon? Anyhow, Celso has so far had multiple nose jobs (rhinoplasty), chin work, jaw work, and even had a breast augmentation (he had pectoral implants, most likely because being a twenty year old Brazilian man with good genetics makes it just too darn hard to work out and get results), but says that he’s not done yet. He currently gets around fifteen thousand bucks per appearance, so he should have plenty of money to keep having work done. His next move though is to head to Los Angeles to oversee production of his dolls. Once he hits the “big time” and gets his own reality show, he hopes to hook up with the Human Barbie Doll and become creepy royalty of some sort. That’s if she doesn’t choose the other Human Ken Doll over him. Anyone else feel really uncomfortable now? Yeah, me too, I’m going to stop writing this now before I stare too deep into the abyss.

Transgender Celebrities: Male Or Female, They’re Still Famous!

When someone is transgender, they have a condition known as “gender dysphoria” in which they are basically equipped with all of the feelings, emotions, and instincts of a member of the opposite sex. They’re basically trapped inside the wrong gender, and they often must make the difficult decision to live life as they are, or undergo the process of gender reassignment. During this process, one goes though hormone treatments, breast augmentations (adding or taking away), and in some cases, a full reassignment in which they have their sex organs switched over. Being born a man and knowing that deep down you’re a woman, or being born a girl and always having the mind of a boy can’t be easy. Doing so in the public eye must be even more hard to handle, but that’s where celebrities live, so that’s where they often undergo their transformation, or at least that’s where they spend their lives as members of the no-longer opposite sex. It’s a rough road that is taken by some tough celebrities who are unafraid of being judged by the world around them, so let’s talk about some of the more famous transgender people in the fame game and give them the credit that they deserve!We can’t have a list of transgender celebrities and not start it with Chaz Bono, son of Cher and Sonny Bono, and the “Dancing With The Stars” contestant formerly known as “Chastity”. Chaz went from female to male with a total gender reassignment and hasn’t looked back. We’ve been a little hard on Chaz’s style choices in the past, but make no mistake about it, what SHE did was a big deal and HE should be commended for living life out loud.Known for the documentary “Mr. Angel”, Buck Angel is an adult film performer and writer who was born a woman but became quite a man’s man. He’s a big time activist in the LBGT community and is basically just an all around awesome person to be around.  As far as we know, he hasn’t undergone a full reassignment as of yet. Former “Surreal Life” star Alexis Arquette has made no efforts to hide the way she feels and has spent years in the spotlight as a transgender individual. Her pride in who she is inside has served as an inspiration to countless trans people across the globe.If you’re part of the LBGT community in New York City, you know who Amanda Lepore is, if you’re not, than here’s the deal: She’s a big deal.“People” Magazine’s Janet Mock is also a big deal, as an editor, and she recently revealed to the world that she’s been living a transgender life; she had a lot of people “fooled”.Jenna Talackova made waves when Canada kicked her out of their Miss Universe qualifier, but she fought her way back into the competition and set a great example of pride for trans girls everywhere. She’s now an icon in the community. Lana Wachowski is a little weird, but no more weird than leather-loving Larry ever was. The “Matrix” creator underwent a full transformation from male to female and is still as creative as ever. We’re proud of her for changing in the public eye…her choice of hair style isn’t our favorite though. She closes out our list because she’s probably the most prolific and accomplished person on it, but as society softens their views and begins to better understand transgender life, we’re sure that they’ll be people whose careers dwarf hers (no easy task) representing the trans community.

Cheryl Cole: Girl Aloud Isn’t Plastic Proud

Cheryl Cole first became a celebrity when she entered into a reality competition and won herself a place in the group “Girls Aloud”, a group that dominated British pop charts for a whole decade before splitting up. From her time in the group sprung a successful solo career and a gig as a judge on “The X-Factor”, but as always is the case when a good looking woman becomes a celebrity, plastic surgery rumors followed. Cole has gone on record before as saying that she doesn’t have anything against cosmetic surgery, but also has stated that she herself hasn’t had any work done and wouldn’t hide it if she did. There’s one problem with those statements though folks: she’s clearly had a done of work done. Despite admitting to having problems with self esteem, Cheryl has managed to stake a claim as one of the world’s preeminent lookers,and she deserves it because of her natural good looks and the way in which she carries herself. However, her natural good looks have clearly been assisted by some unnatural elements. For starters, her breasts are very clearly fake, as they have the blended cleavage look that fake breasts often have, and also have some slight rippling that can be seen in the first image on this page. Her surgeon did a good job and they look great, but those things aren’t natural by any stretch of the imagination. She’s also had work done to her face, as her nose seems to have gotten smaller and less bulbous since she entered the spotlight. This is the result of a nose job (rhinoplasty) that most likely reduced the amount of cartilage in the bridge and shrunk the tip a bit. That’s not all though, as rumors abound in regards to how she gets her lips to look so full and pouty, most critics tend to think that she’s had injections of either Juvederm or Restylane to achieve her lip looks. Finally there’s her teeth, which one look at our “before and after” photos will tell you are the result of some fine cosmetic dentistry. She most likely has had veneers and whitening procedures done. Even before she decided to go under the knife, in front of the needle, and to the dentists office, Cheryl Cole was a great looking girl. Her surgeries, although unnecessary, have made her look all the better. We hope that she calls it quits on plastic surgery while she’s so far ahead though, we’d hate to see her ruin her looks by going under the knife one time too many. Good job so far Cheryl, but let’s retire on top! Also, maybe consider admitting that you’ve had work done, because you’re not fooling anyone…or at least stop going out of your way to deny it.

Cheri Oteri: Funny Faces To Plastic Faces

Some of you might be saying right now “Is Cheri Oteri still famous enough to be considered a celebrity?”. Well the answer folks is a resounding “Yes!”, because she’s still getting consistent work as an actress. Yes yes, we know that a lot of you only know her as one of the cheerleaders from those old “Saturday Night Live”, but the truth of the matter is she’s a very successful actress who has had roles in things like “Liar, Liar”, “Grown Ups 2″, and “Hot In Cleveland”, and who has shown up as a voice actress in “Shrek The 3rd” and “The Any Bully”. However, you may no longer recognize her because of all the work that she’s had done. Yup, she’s had plenty of plastic surgery, so lets discuss it folks!For starters, she’s clearly had a facelift in the last few years, because her skin looks just a little too fresh for a woman her age, and it’s more smooth than it was when she was younger. She’s also apparently had a nose job (rhinoplasty) procedure done at some point in the last decade, because the shape of her nose has drastically changed. It went from a little crooked and kind of stubby to very straight and fairly pointy. Her eyes also changed significantly, as they’ve become more bright and more symmetrical; this is a clear sign that she’s undergone a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) that corrected some problems she had with the look of her eyes. It’s also been said that she’s undergone a breast augmentation because of how perky her chest still is, but we really don’t see her as having had a boob job; it’s more likely that she’s taken good care of her body and that she buys good bras. That’s three different procedures though folks, that’s still a lot of plastic!Overall, Cheri Oteri actually looks a lot better now than she used to. It’s not like she was a bad looking woman when she was younger, she’s just had some very well done surgeries and they’ve helped her look that much better. Sometimes celebrities have a ton of plastic surgery and end up looking like freak shows, but sometimes someone goes under the knife and visits the surgeon a bunch of times and it turns out for the better. Cheri made the right choices so far, but she better stop now before she takes it too far. If and when she does, we’ll be there to report on it!